Understand the 'Big Picture' of Cross-Cultural Learning Initiatives

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Structuring, designing, and delivering training across cultures is challenging, and an array of factors need to be taken into consideration. To ensure success of a cross-cultural learning program, it's necessary to understand the "big picture" by analyzing all the external and internal obstacles that could impact the initiative.

How to Build an Effective Coaching Culture


According to research , people feel more valued in their work when their organization has a clearly articulated and lived culture. This holistic approach is part of what makes developing a coaching culture a valuable strategy. Define Your Coaching Culture. Blog company culture


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Creating a Culture of Leadership

Your Training Edge

Many organizational managers assume that by adding leadership training or a leadership development program that they are able to create a culture that accepts leadership. The move from non-existent leadership to a leadership culture takes time – and a few steps in between. Let’s look at how you can create a culture of leadership. If you choose too widely, you’ll end up with a picture of a leader who doesn’t exist.

eLearning for Culture Change

Integrated Learnings

I’m currently working on an eLearning module intended to support an organizational culture change initiative. The goal of the cultural shift is for employees to respond to certain types of situations in a particular way. Many eLearning modules designed to support a culture shift end up largely informational and philosophical. Paint a picture of “tomorrow’s” workplace. How will the work environment look and feel different as a result of the culture change?

Return on Learning from Every Angle: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Lonna Jobson, Instructional Design Team Lead, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

Accurately reporting the Return on Learning for an eLearning program is more complex than a traditional ROI calculation can convey. To get a full picture that goes beyond financial gains, you need to incorporate the perspectives of the Triple Bottom Line of Learning (TBLL) and what is important to each party involved: the C-suite, the learning team, and the learners. Join Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist at Inno-Versity, and Lonna Jobson, Instructional Design Team Lead of Inno-Versity, as they conclude this series by highlighting key strategies and techniques to help you compile a TBLL Report for your next learning initiative.

ASTD TechKnowledge Wrap Up in Pictures #ASTDTK12

Learning Visions

Here are some other highlights of the conference, in pictures: Talking authoring tools and HTML5 at TK Chat with Dave Anderson of Articulate, Patrick Krekelberg of Allen Interactions, Thomas Toth and Judy Unrein. With over 70% of Facebook employees born since 1979, they’ve got some different cultural challenges than a lot of orgs. Perhaps a picture of the way things will be?

Company Culture Video: How to Show Potential Employees Your Work Environment

simpleshow video maker

If a picture can paint a thousand words, then the videos speak volumes. Instead of offering a snapshot to the prospects, you can show them a company culture video. Plan the company culture video. Producing the company culture video.

How to Identify a Culture of Accountability

Infopro Learning

You have the distinction of understanding “big picture” vision, goals and strategies and also the myriad actions both large and small that must be taken to turn that vision into reality. In other words, how can you spot an invigorating culture of accountability? If you want to create a culture of accountability in your organization, we have customized leadership training and strategies to help!

Changing Culture: Scaling Up Excellence

Clark Quinn

I’ve found myself picking up books about how to change culture, as it seems to be the big barrier to a successful revolution. I’ve finished a quick read of Scaling Up Excellence , am in the midst of Change the Culture, Change the Game , and have Reinventing Organizations and Organize for Complexity (the latter two recommended by my colleague Harold Jarche ) on deck.

Create a Collaborative Company Culture with an LMS


Some companies have a culture that is richly collaborative. Does your company host this type of culture? The game plan for creating a collaborative company culture is so simple that it’s easy to miss, and it involves implementing an LMS, or an eLearning system. There are numerous ways an employer or business owner can use an LMS to create a collaborative learning culture. In 1915, Edward C. Register said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

LinkedIn Learning (2017), ‘How to Overcome Top Challenges to Advance your Learning Culture’ 3 Quick, Accurate Auto-Captioning. Google AI Blog (2014), ‘A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images’ 4 Give Your Video. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Sony Pictures’ Martin Lowery

CLO Magazine

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Lowery has brought traditional and experiential development initiatives to bear in a creative industry that is largely unfamiliar with many of the players in learning. “A great deal of our energy within Sony Pictures Entertainment is to look more broadly — for example, Google, Amazon, Netflix are great partners for the studios, but they are also creating content, so are potentially competitors, too.

5 ways to create a learning culture in your organization


It’s time to start building a learning culture that will see every employee thrive and your business succeed. What is a learning culture? A learning culture puts continuous development of knowledge and competence at the heart of everything your organization does.

5 Ways to Work with a Challenging Workplace Culture


Having difficulties with a new workplace culture is not only uncomfortable. So, what can you do to make a challenging workplace culture work for you? 5 tips for dealing with a difficult workplace culture. Rather than jumping to find flaws in your workplace culture to validate your discomfort, give the organization a fair chance to prove you wrong. Take time to objectively observe the existing culture.

Why Company Culture Matters


What does the word “culture” mean in terms of the workplace? The Employers Resource Council defines workplace culture as “the character and personality of an organization that makes it unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors and attitudes.” Workplace culture can make or break an organization, and can undermine your best efforts no matter how business savvy the company is and what strategies for success it employs.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

picture of the costs of. you have a complete picture. Begin with the big picture. developing the big picture—or what. picture of the learning journey and how the pieces will. envision the big picture journey. You have the big picture and now it’s.

The 4 Rs of creating a culture of engagement


The 4 Rs of creating a culture of engagement. I call this “the 4 Rs of creating a culture of engagement”: Recognize individual contributions. The post The 4 Rs of creating a culture of engagement appeared first on MATRIX Blog.

How Visa Created a Learning Culture for 20,000+ People


The nuance captured in that short phrase gets to the heart of what it means to have a worker-driven learning culture. That’s where Degreed came into the picture.”. Launched at Visa in March 2020, Degreed helped to drive a learning culture that tied it all together, Trujillo said.

Becoming a Social Business -- Beyond Culture Change

ID Reflections

The usual culprits are the hapless organizational culture closely followed by hierarchy and leadership lethargy. We have become accustomed to blaming the culture of an organization for the failure of any initiative, and more so when the change calls for redefining and re-imagining how people work and interact. I only want to say these do not invoke the complete picture.

Change 102

Creating a knowledge-sharing culture in your organization

Learning Pool

So, why not apply that way of learning to the workplace and create a learning and knowledge-sharing culture in your organization? L&D has to take the lead in building a sustainable learning culture. Articulating the culture .

Building a learning culture: How to manage stakeholders

Learning Pool

To be effective, any learning culture or training strategy requires the buy-in of key stakeholders. The picture is of training being a hermetically-sealed and self-perpetuating process. Use line managers as the main influencers in establishing and fostering a learning culture.

Your Culture Needs More CX Training


If not, it’s time to take a hard look at how you incorporate customer experience (CX) training into your overall culture. . The best customer experiences are delivered by engaged employees who have the training, reinforcement and culture to support their efforts. Providing ongoing customer experience training is required for an engaged culture. Do you have a culture that values customer experience training and engagement?

The Key to an Ethical Company Culture: Learner-Centered Training

Interactive Services

Every company wants to have an ethical culture. But, while having an ethical culture is a competitive advantage, getting there – and staying there – can be challenging. After all, there is huge commercial advantage in having a workforce that thinks and behaves in an ethical way.

The Benefits of Creating a Learning Culture


The Benefits of Creating a Learning Culture. If you want to take training and staff development in your organisation to a new level, creating a learning culture is the best approach. In terms of practical tools that create the conditions for a learning culture to exist, e-learning is high on the list. What is a learning culture, though, and what are the benefits to your business? What is a Learning Culture? 15 Benefits of Creating a Learning Culture.

Economic Catastrophe (& more culture)

Clark Quinn

The other is an “Inconvenient Truth&# on the larger economic picture here in the US. I’ve already talked about investing in culture , and I want to reiterate and elaborate on that message. I listened to a free webinar the other day via the Institute for Corporate Productivity , where they’d done a survey on companies and asked about their culture. The important issue is to become aware that culture matters, and take positive steps to improve the situation.

The Picture Is Bigger Than It Appears

CLO Magazine

” One of the most influential and shrewd statesmen of the 20th century, Der Alte — the old one, as he was nicknamed — was what we today would call a big-picture thinker. Systems thinking encourages people to step back and see the whole picture, rather than focusing on just its parts. This big-picture perspective was critical to opening up new horizons and seizing new opportunities for the country.

Representing corporate culture in elearning induction

Sponge UK

When your new starters are moving from candidate to employee, it’s your chance to make sure they are aware of the culture of your organisation and how they fit into it. What is corporate culture? Erika Anderson defines corporate culture as: “Patterns of accepted behaviour, and the beliefs and values that promote and reinforce them.” There’s no chance you’re going to be surprised by the culture when you turn up on Day One at Disney. Improving impact culture

What Colors Mean in Different Cultures

eLearning Brothers

Here is a great charts that helps us know what various colors mean in different cultures. Add pictures of people to your eLearning courses. I like to have color themes for my courses. I carry the colors into my images, course skin, backgrounds, and marketing communications. At times we need to create courses for an international market. Colors have different meanings across the world. Thanks Globalization Group !).



As a practitioner who has vast experience using design thinking methodology to drive learning through cultural transformation, what does your experience say about the changing nature of workplace learning based on the science behind design thinking?

How to Create an eLearning Culture


No longer do we picture smoky conference rooms and men walking around in suits as in the days of Mad Men. Immediate access to information is in-synch with our modern office culture. Along with the modern office culture and quick access to information comes higher employer expectations. Create an elearning culture in your office so employees can get consistent, quality information and training that managers can keep track of.

How to Foster a Personalized Learning Culture in Classrooms?


Personalized learning refers to different types of learning experiences, instructional approaches, and educational programs that are intended to address the specific learning requirements, interests, cultural backgrounds, or aspirations of individual students. Data provides a robust, timely picture of where students are, their progress over time, where they need to grow, and their strengths. The post How to Foster a Personalized Learning Culture in Classrooms?

6 Best Practices For Building A Culture Of Learning In Your Organization

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Successfully Build A Culture Of Learning. The current times demand continuous learning and creating a culture and environment to support it, rather than one single long course or classroom workshop that employees need to undergo.

CLO 52

Who "owns" your organization's culture?

Mark Oehlert

Yep, culture. Often it''s like a specter hanging over failed projects - "the culture wasn''t prepared to accept that technology." We talk about it''s importance and about having the right one and about disruptive ones and innovation ones but I think we need to be a bit more basic up front. . The first thing you need to understand about organizational culture is that you already have one. Want a culture that makes people at all levels feel that they have input?

What is a Learning culture and Why do You Need One?

Growth Engineering

If you want your training to have a high impact, it needs to be supported by a solid culture of learning. What is a learning culture? If your organisation doesn’t have a strong learning culture, then you probably won’t know what a learning culture is. Let me paint the picture for you: You start work at 9 in the morning, but before you even get off the train, you log onto your LMS on your mobile. This is what a strong learning culture looks like.

Altering Your Corporate DNA: Creating a Culture of Mentorship


Integrating mentoring into your organization’s culture is one way to provide opportunities for learning and development. At these companies, mentorship is ingrained in the culture and has become a selling point for top recruits. To develop a mentoring culture in your organization, it is critical to integrate both formal and informal opportunities for your employees to build relationships. Particularly at the outset of a cultural transition, people need a push to take action.

#OnboardingSOS Part 4: Skip the Show ‘n Tell – Immerse New Employees in Your Culture


Company history and culture. Every organization promotes the importance of cultural fit when recruiting and training new employees. But, if you’d like a data point, Liz Pellet from Johns Hopkins University conducted research that found 95% of candidates prioritized culture over compensation. Culture is a critical component of workplace effectiveness. Culture is how it feels to work in a place. You can't distill down your company culture into a 30 min.

What Colors Mean in Different Cultures

eLearning Brothers

Here is a great charts that helps us know what various colors mean in different cultures. Add pictures of people to your eLearning courses. I like to have color themes for my courses. I carry the colors into my images, course skin, backgrounds, and marketing communications. At times we need to create courses for an international market. Colors have different meanings across the world. Thanks Globalization Group !).

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

Charles Jennings

The part that formal, directed learning plays in overall organisational capability may be important at times, but organisations aspiring towards Peter Senge’s ‘learning organization’ – in other words, creating a culture of continuous learning - need to reach beyond simply improving structured training. The 52 Weeks program initially started as a way to communicate company culture and values to new employees. Most people get it.

Internet culture

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Now you need to learn the big picture, not the little details. Chief Learning Officer magazine , Effectiveness, April 2009. by Jay Cross. The Internet is so pervasive that Internet values are blowing back into real life. For example, I have no qualms about walking out of a boring presentation, even if I’ve been sitting in the front row. The Web trained me to click past unrewarding pages and spend my time where it will do me the most good.

Why Companies Should Nurture a Learning Culture to Improve their Top and Bottom Line!


An effective training program will result in your employees knowing what to do and how to do it, and how their work fits into the big picture. Fostering a Learning Culture. The post Why Companies Should Nurture a Learning Culture to Improve their Top and Bottom Line!