What Exactly is a Hybrid Workplace, and Why Are Companies Moving That Direction?


Hybrid workplaces shouldn’t be confused with virtual teams or other remote work tactics that companies use from time to time. Hybrid work requires rethinking how businesses communicate, especially how leaders and managers bring their teams together.

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Why Every Industry Needs Better Soft Skills Training


For example, if you spend 15 years at a job that uses an outdated software system, you may run into problems while searching for a new job. However, let’s say your last job required you to work with people of diverse cultures.


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Remote Collaboration

Tony Karrer

My primary interest here are the methods and tools that allow us to work better as part of remote work teams. In other words - How do we collaborate together in remote work teams to be as effective or even more effective than a team that works down the hall? I cannot claim to be an expert, and I feel like this topic demands a lot of soft skills such as communication skills, team skills, handling cultural and work style issues, etc.

The accelerated transformation of corporate learning

CLO Magazine

As companies have pivoted, creating new virtual programs for thousands of colleagues, it has become clear these shifts will have profound, ongoing implications for the way we think about learning, both as learners and as learning professionals.

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10 Future Work Skills to Teach Your Members

WBT Systems

8 – Virtual Collaboration. As remote work becomes more prevalent, members must learn how to engage and motivate virtual employees, and “ share ideas and be productive despite physical separation.”. Topics for your professional development program: remote work tools and technology, processes for collaborative work cultures, and virtual team motivation and management. #9 10 – Cross-Cultural Competencies.

Free L&D webinars for April 2020

Limestone Learning

Many of us are getting a crash course in remote work as we quickly get up to speed on teleconferencing, videoconferencing and the vast array of tools and hacks for virtual teams. Already 50% of today’s employees work virtually as of 2020 and many more would like to.

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2022 Internet Etiquette Guidelines for Your Workplace


Hybrid and remote work demand increased written communication, even if you have a daily or weekly stand up call with your team. Your entire team? Do I need to update my team or supervisor on the status of a project?