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3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


Win over IT leadership when building your business case for learning technology. This means the software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted via the cloud (as opposed to an on-premise solution). Learning content can be accessed anywhere with Internet, from multiple devices and operating systems. Integrate with Google Drive to seamlessly develop, deliver and track learning content packaged as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

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How can I start my own e-learning business?


E-learning platforms are creating a revolution in the information technology era. There are several factors contributing to your business prospects when you create your own e-learning website. The answer to all three questions is “finding a trending niche and creating online courses for the target audience in that niche. Know the business registration authorities in your state and apply for the license under your preferred ownership model.


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10 Features that Make KITABOO Insight the Best Learning Platform for Remote Employees


Having a corporate online training platform that employees could use remotely would help organizations in continuing with their training and development processes. Custom Branding. KITABOO Insight is a white labelled application that you can customize to your liking.

The Various Modes of E-learning for Corporate Training

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Yes, through eLearning. the demand for eLearning to deliver training is growing at 13% every year and will continue at the same pace the next year. This type of interactive training worked wonders before the advent of the Internet. This is an obsolete training model where the training material was recorded onto compact disks and accessed on the system without Internet connection. Today, eLearning has come a long way from CD-ROM to mobile-based learning.

What is elearning? A complete guide

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Elearning has certainly evolved over the years – what started off as text-heavy web pages on the world wide web has grown into an industry worth $107 billion. In this guide, you’ll gain a complete understanding of what elearning is, how you can choose a platform, develop engaging content and even begin to sell your course. Look out for links to our resources throughout – they’re free to access and written by our elearning experts. What is elearning?

Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

eLearning Learning Posts

Best of eLearning Learning. The road ahead : I am presently developing detailed role descriptions, community guidelines, role assessment tools, and the identification of appropriate learning products and offerings. Expanding On The Nine Events Of Instruction - The eLearning Coach , April 19, 2010 The nine events of instruction are a compelling foundation for Instructional Design. Like many in e-learning, I am responsible for both design and development.