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Creating Custom Learning Programs for Online Learners

Hurix Digital

Be it schools, colleges, or universities – each one of these educational institutions has also started to design eLearning modules which make their learners feel as if they are devised just for them. As a result, bespoke courses designed for just an audience of one have begun to witness a rise! .

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Blended Learning For Better Results

Actio Learning

[updated from the original publication of February 2019} We find the challenge of designing, and engineering, effective blended learning experiences exciting and compelling. mixes various event-based activities, including face-to-face classrooms, live eLearning, and self-paced learning." ". In his view, blended learning ".

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5 Onboarding Training Challenges and 5 Opportunities Today’s Workforce Faces

Obsidian Learning

Whether your organization is transitioning to a virtual onboarding program from a face-to-face one or developing a virtual experience from scratch, virtual onboarding programs can be associated with both challenges and opportunities. Leverage existing collaboration sites to create a space for new joiners to post, comment, ask questions.