Free eBook: Developing Custom eLearning That Results In Efficient Corporate Training Delivery

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It goes without saying, that if the company you work for believes and invests in learning, then they most likely hold an edge over their competitors, who might be focused solely on productivity. Employee Engagement Custom eLearning Employee Training Free eLearning eBooks Online Training

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Make Reading Accessible To All With Our Ebook Conversion Services

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EBooks technically means digitally available books but through EPUB3 conversion, it can be changed into ‘enhanced eBooks’ also known as Interactive Digital Books. There is a plethora of eBooks online, however, interactive digital books keep you one step ahead.

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Customer Training Pricing and Packaging: What’s the Best Strategy?

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If you follow my LMS trends updates , you know that customer training is where the action is. Here’s why: When you buy a product or service, the faster you learn how it helps you achieve your goals, the more successful your customer experience will be.

How And When To Use Custom eLearning Solutions For Employee Training

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Organizations that believe and invest in learning hold an edge over their competitors, who focus solely on productivity. Corporate eLearning Custom eLearning Employee Engagement Employee Motivation Free eLearning eBooks

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

Building Customer Profiles To Focus Your Online Learning Product Plans

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How your individual learners behave and what they need along their learning paths can form natural groupings of behavior that can become the basis for building effective customer profiles. eLearning Market eLearning Market Growth eLearning Marketing Free eLearning eBooksThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Best eBook Authoring Tool: Simple Guide to Select one


An eBook authoring tool is a software application that lets you create your own eBook and enrich it with digital enhancements. The software allows publishers to create eBooks or online courses with just a few simple steps. You can not only create, but also publish and distribute your eBooks through this platform. Why Do Publishers Need an eBook Authoring Tool? You can manage the layout of the eBook, font styles, enhancements, illustrations etc.,

Is the Demo Dead? Four Sales Engineering Experts Weigh In [eBook]


After the webinar, John agreed to do an interview with us and that led to something even bigger, an eBook: Has the Demo Died? Download your free copy of the eBook here. Here are some excerpts from the eBook…. Download your free copy of the eBook here.

Is Blockchain the Future of eBook Distribution & Sales?

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Blockchain is ideal for securing eBook sales and distribution. Fueled by the popularity of phones, tablets and eReaders, millions of customers are more likely to read your books on digital screens than in hard copy. How Does Blockchain Secure eBook Sales & Distribution?

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Podcast 15: Tying Training to Customer Success – With Barry Kelly of Thought Industries

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EPISODE 15 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: I’m excited for today’s discussion because it focuses on one of my favorite topics – customer learning strategies and technologies. Customer training directly influences product adoption and ultimately, customer success.

5 Steps to Successful Product Training Onboarding for Sales Reps


Effective onboarding can lead to: Faster time to productivity: Effective onboarding decreases the amount of time your team members spend learning how to do their job and increases the amount of time spent performing. Step 1: Gather all product information needed to be successful.

Commercial eBook stores offer appealing customer experiences


Commercial eBook stores offer appealing customer experiences. The rise of the eBook format and ePublishing has enabled content owners and authors to consider a series of launch strategies that would never have been possible in years past, with low overhead and an engaged install base.

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Training – The Key To An Outstanding Customer Experience In Retail

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Providing quality customer experience in retail involves, at first, a rigorous recruitment process, but above all entails putting an effective training strategy into place to efficiently train sales staff to guarantee their expertise on products that are constantly evolving. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning Best Practices Corporate Training Free eLearning eBooks Sales Team

Product Review: BlueVolt

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Ability to offer ads for products or ads to specific sections for folks to visit – for each child (sub-portal) - yes – every child can be skinned to look a different way then the parent. While it offers some customizations, in general it typically lists.

Educating Your Customers the Mobile Way

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Unless we’re in touch with our customers, our model of the world can diverge from reality. Customer engagement plays a key role in enhancing the profitability of a company. But, how can corporate customers be engaged? Unleashing mobile learning for customer education .

Monetization, Production, Growth, and Advertising for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants with Michael Greenberg


We dive into monetization, production, growth, and advertising for course creators, coaches, and consultants with Michael Greenberg in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Oh you should have an eBook.” I can put a suit on and get a nice video production.

EBook rise still ongoing


EBook rise still ongoing. In recent years, there has been some pushback against the idea of the eBook as a conquering force in media. This may be due to the fact that after years of availability, eBooks have not completely replaced the physical books that they seemed poised to supplant.

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10 LMS Customization Options To Look For In Your Next Learning Management System

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In this article, I’ll highlight 10 LMS customization options you should consider for your new LMS. Even smaller organizations and start-ups require some level of customization. But how do you know which LMS customization options will help you achieve your objectives more effectively?

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Use PowerPoint to Create Custom Videos

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In fact, I regularly use PowerPoint to create the graphics and custom assets for my e-learning courses. Custom graphics : Here’s an example where I used PowerPoint to create the graphics for my Rise flash card interaction. Customize slide size.

Research shows surging eBook readership


Research shows surging eBook readership. If American consumers vote with their pocketbooks, they indicated their growing interest in eBooks during the 2013 holiday season. The survey found that 28 percent of Americans read an eBook in the past year.

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The evolution of interactive eBooks in education


The evolution of interactive eBooks in education. Years ago, the introduction of eBooks onto the market redefined the process of selling, purchasing and reading books. Interactive eBooks redefine the educational experience.". Benefits of interactive eBooks.

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8 E-Learning Production Tips for Your Next Gamified Course

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I reviewed their modules and want to highlight a few production tips that not only work for gamified e-learning courses, but are just as useful in other contexts. I isolated a few things that they did so that I can show some production tips and nuances of the software.

Why You Need To Invest More On Product Knowledge Training

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An entire book could be written on whether this money should be spent on leadership, customer support, onboarding, etc., Corporate eLearning Corporate Training Free eLearning eBooks Sales Team"I’ve got too much money and not enough places to spend it!" Chances are, if you are reading this article, these words have never come out of your mouth. With demand for training outreaching supply by a widening margin, this puts tremendous pressure on L&D teams to invest in the right solution.

9 Product Knowledge M-learning Delivery Formats for Sales Teams

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It is a well-known fact that products are the lifeline of companies, and sales reps need to be equipped with good knowledge of products. Salespeople, who are trained well on products, can communicate their value proposition effectively, and needless to say, close deals better.

Webinar: Future of eLearning – The Millennial Apocalypse and Modern Learning Solutions

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Bill West’s book: [link] omplimentary-ebook-seven-attri butes-highly-effective-develop ment-vendors/. com/elearning-gamification- ebook.

How to Improve Your Customer Support with an LMS


Great customer support is an essential resource every growing business wants to provide. However, with high customer expectations and an increasing demand for resources, it’s difficult to achieve. And that’s where customer training comes in. Track your customer training success.

Supermarket creates eBook club to engage patrons


Supermarket creates eBook club to engage patrons. As eBooks become more popular among consumers, businesses are exploring ways to take advantage of the technology to support their employees and enhance their brand. Even busy companies can participate in the growing eBook trend.

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How eBooks can help your business excel


How eBooks can help your business excel. When you think of eBooks, content marketing and business strategy probably aren't the first words that come to mind - but maybe they should be. Didn't think eBooks could be a part of content marketing? Offer eBooks as rewards.

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4 Driving Forces to Convert ILT to E-learning for Product Training

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With competition come different business needs such as reduction in costs and improvements in production and service quality. This gives rise to new business needs such as hiring native workforce and promoting their products and services on a bigger platform.

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How to Create Custom Layouts for Interactive Scenarios

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Key Point : it’s easy to get lost in building complex scenarios which can consume a lot of production time. I always work from the perspective of keeping production simple and as reusable as possible. There’s a lot that goes into building interactive scenarios.

Additional opportunities remain for eBook creation


Additional opportunities remain for eBook creation. With tablets, smartphones and designated eReaders on the rise among consumers, the market is growing for eBooks. In other words, customers expect to have their pick of formats and use different types for varied purposes.

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A Three-Step Process to Create Hand Drawn Custom Characters

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In today’s post we’ll look at how to create custom characters that you can use in your visual thinking activities and course design. The Case for Hand Drawn Custom Characters. You don’t have to be an artist to create custom characters.

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Imagining new possibilities with interactive eBooks


Imagining new possibilities with interactive eBooks. Hebbard described how publishers are experimenting with eBook technology to repackage and reinvent musical experiences. He explained how he used interactive eBook technology to enhance CD music.

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Marketing-focused eBooks are a great motivator


Marketing-focused eBooks are a great motivator. Knowing when to deploy each variety is a matter of understanding the industry in question and the types of customers who are likely to respond to each offering. The eBook is an outlier in terms of length and complexity.

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Free eBook giveaways: Examples and effects


Free eBook giveaways: Examples and effects. The distribution of eBooks as a marketing and reputation-building tactic carries a few advantages that other strategies may lack. In these cases, the act of downloading the eBook could be tied to a registration for a newsletter.

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