Streamlining Your E-Learning Production Process for Efficiency—Q&A

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Diane and I had the pleasure of sharing some ways we have streamlined our production process in last week’s “Best of DevLearn” Webinar presented by The eLearning Guild, which you can view here. How to map out your production process at both a macro and micro level.

The 11 Best Writing Tools to Sharpen Your eLearning Course Text


Let’s dive into some of the best writing tools we use here at LearnUpon and what we recommend our customers use to hone their course writing skills. Google Docs. For writing that needs group collaboration and editing, we’re big fans of Google Docs. Writing.

Microsoft Office: 2013 Open for Preview

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by AJ George  Last week  Microsoft announced its latest version of Microsoft Office  and opened it for  customer preview.

Everything You Need to Make a Successful User Manual

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If you’ve reached this point, we can only assume that you’ve got a great product to showcase! All great products come with a great user manual to help customers find their way around. What is your product? The two biggest types of products here are physical and digital.

Micro-learning Tutorial: how to create micro-learning in under 1 hour


It can be an email, Google Doc, video scenario, mini-scenario, short video, or even a text message. Sales or product: (New product release/update). What’s the #1 problem you’re running into with selling the [PRODUCT]? Subject: [#1 tip for handling angry customers].

SMAC and the Shift in Learning Paradigm

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Here’s how: Social Applications and Media allow businesses to reach their customers anywhere anytime, as most of these customers now use Mobile technologies to interact, communicate, search and buy products and services.

Head to Head: Collaboration vs Competition


Don''t miss eLearning Versus mLearning , Microsoft Word vs Google Docs vs LibreOffice , State vs Private Colleges , and be sure to check back for the next post! Most industries seek to provide the best possible products for their customers. Collaboration between team members promotes an environment where employees can create the higher quality products or services. This means it matters what will excite and help customers and lead to the best profit.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


The team at LearnUpon organizes eLearning projects and helps customers with course content every day. So we asked members of our development, customer support and design teams to recommend the top eLearning tools they can’t work without. Best productivity tools for eLearning.

Part 3 of Interview with Virtual Worlds 3D Pioneer Randy Hinrichs

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In fact, I think it was Chris Locke in the Cluetrain Manifesto who told us the customer would be in control of the conversation. Use Wikipedia to throw out a reference to further information, drop URLS shamelessly, play video, use Google Docs or Office365 to work office apps together, just keep it as active as any room you have to fill with people and keep interested. ” “how much production is involved to pull this off?”

Q2 update and Q3 preview

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UNI_006 Conduct Risk and Treating Customers Fairly From client feedback we have made some minor changes to the content to encompass a 'motor dealership' environment. 2019 continues to see exciting changes to our Governance Risk and Compliance suite as well as our third-party content.

5 Free Learning Management Tools to Administer Your Online Training

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Some of the distinctive capabilities of this tool are: Ability to customize the user interface and deliver courses in more than 200 languages. Integrate easily with other Blackboard products. Facility to integrate with Google Docs in a hassle-free manner.

How to Find a Profitable Course Topic


It is the subject that friends, family, colleagues or even your current customers come to you for advice. Office Productivity: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Data Modeling, Data Visualization, Mac Basics, SAP, Google Sheets, Google Docs , Project Planning etc.

The Top 5 Free Learning Management Platforms

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Most developers of free learning management platforms offer their products free of charge to companies who don’t use these platforms to sell courses. Some of the distinctive features of MOODLE include : Facility to deliver courses and customize the GUI in 200+ languages.



Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, which makes connecting with the customers, partners and employees seamless for the organization. It make course data synchronization much easier and makes customer data available across the entire organization.

Learning Management Systems to Look Out For in 2016


Try our LMS Demo to know more about the product. This open source LMS can be customized to a T with the help of interoperable plug-ins and the resultant project can be shared without any licensing fees.

Reflections on Web 2.0 Expo

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so I stopped by the booth for their product, Engage. Fuse seemed to be largely developing internal social media capabilities (enhancing Outlook) and some developer interfaces, but apparently also do some customer work. They were also touting a beta of accessing Microsoft Office docs collaboratively through FaceBook. Trying to counter Google Docs, I reckon, but will FaceBook appeal to the biz crowd?

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Employee Highlight: Meet TechSmithie Katie Moore

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My role consists of managing the Social Media Team, part of our Evangelism Team, our Customer Content Coordinator and Email Marketing Programs Team. so I’m doing a lot of customer interactions to pick up the slack there which I’m really enjoying.

Review Cycles: Questions to Ask and Online Collaboration

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Diane mentioned in her blog earlier this year that if you’re not careful you can spend more time in review cycles than for production in your e-learning courses. Here are some questions we ask when we are working with clients to figure out the best structure for the reviews: When do we involve external reviewers (such as business customers and subject-matter experts)? We prefer putting this type of spreadsheet in Google Docs. Some companies block Google Docs.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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Customize Your Noun Project Icons – With advanced editing features, you can now customize the color, size, rotation, orientation, background color and background shape. Picular is Google but for colors. Grab this free downloadable library of 150 Custom Color schemes for Microsoft #PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Artboard Studio in a browser-based mockup tool that combines photography and some really smart features to help you make great looking mock-ups and product shots.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


The team at LearnUpon organizes eLearning projects and helps customers with course content every day. So we asked members of our development, customer support and design teams to recommend the top eLearning tools they can’t work without. Best productivity tools for eLearning.

Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

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Social media communities can now create communities for external learners – customers, resellers, technicians. Customers are now so knowledgeable about cars using the Internet. Product Pitch for Quicklessons [link] collaborative online course creation in the cloud Lots of connection with facebook and Izzui– invite people to courses, share them, people can like them.”an These are my live blogged notes from a webinar presented by Brandon Hall on Wednesday, April 26 2011. (I

What is SCORM? Advantages of using SCORM with authoring tools such as isEazy


SCORM is neither a program nor a tool: it is a set of specifications already assumed by the e-learning industry for the production of content. With isEazy you can embed external content , such as Youtube or Vimeo videos, Slideshare or Genially presentations, Google docs or iVoox podcasts.


12 Top eLearning Project Management Tools You Need to Try


And you can customize groups, dashboards, and workflows to fit your teams’ needs. Employee onboarding, content planning, video production, these are just a few of the choices on offer that are perfect for training teams. Google Drive. Google Docs.

Top 10 Cloud myths busted, pt. 2


Installation, updates, security and backups are all taken care for them by the SaaS / Cloud vendor, enabling them to be more productive, competitive and cost efficient. Mythology. We use to think of it as something ancient societies did.

Capture Learner Data with Google Spreadsheets


Products. Custom Development Services. Custom Content Creation. Live Product Demonstrations. Customer Support. Product User Guides. Capture Learner Data with Google Spreadsheets. In the session, Lectora®, Meet Google , presented at the 2012 Lectora User Conference, Becky Goldberg shared valuable tips for capturing learner behavior without LMS integration. Why use Google Spreadsheets to collect data? Products. Forum. Logins.

Software and device producers making office tablets worthwhile


Therefore, recent announcements of advanced tablet support by some of the biggest names in the industry should have an impact on companies interested in custom content development. According to CMSWire, the real battle for Microsoft is with Google.

ASTD Keynote: “People Lie” Richard Hilleman Electronic Arts #tk10

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producer, designer, production manager, has run studios, has been a teacher. Rapid iteration cycle Lego Mindstorms – The Game: In one day create a simulation of a 4 year product/platform lifecycle (game platforms change every 4 years – e.g., playstation 3 1/2.) Google – semantic analysis – take text that you have typed and try to make sense of it. Mining your previous choices and correlating that to other customers (based on actions – not what you say).

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Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide


Whether you’re a student, in business, or a software pro, there’s little doubt that you’ve heard of Google Slides. However, while the name may ring a bell, we know that many of you won’t have had the time to delve deep into Google Slides’ functionality.

General Physics Launches Performance-driven Learning Solution for Marketing Teams by Learning Solutions Staff

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But being behind a competitor in terms of feature development, scrambling to do custom work for a large client, or doing an acquisition because you’re getting blocked out of an emerging space – whatever it is, it just feels rotten when it comes up. Here are a few examples: You’re about to lose a big customer unless you develop a bunch of custom features ASAP –> use that work as prototype to a broader deployment of the new features across your product set.

Here Are More Than 200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials

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Two-part series on creating some custom picture frames: custom fills and borders. Use crop and soft edges to create custom image. Create a custom color theme in PowerPoint. Create custom cue cards and memo pad. Create a custom player skin.

How to Validate Your Online Course and Master The Marketing Fundamentals with Justin Wise of Think Digital


Then last is the product, which is actually what you sell and how you deliver that. Then over time they can offer these products or services to others who have a similar problem. Validation for your business or product is important. Chris Badgett: Customer story.

A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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The year kicked off with lots of potential, lots of excitement in the air and lots of customers gearing up to purchase new systems, despite global economic woes. Google – including Google Maps, Google Charts, Google Docs, etc. Google Calendar.

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Being Thankful: E-Learning Thoughts

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Vendors who improved their customer service significantly including adding extensive multilingual support for their web site, products. Free widgets, plug-ins and apps for customers to use with their product(s). Incorporation of Google docs, CRM (Customer Relationship Mgt), APIs (without charging a fee). In my current RCAT directory, three vendors are offering special discounts if you purchase their product.

Google-Assisted “Search� Learning…but pls don’t say “according to Google�

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You probably just “google it” and then click the Wikipedia entry for whatever you’re “googling.&# I’m actually sick of Google. I think this general blah came from a few too many “according to Google…&# sightings. Don’t you just want to say, “Google is not a person.&# According to the Google search I just did…might be better. In the simplest form, Google is simply a search engine.

How to Win with WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Compatibility with your WordPress Learning Management System LifterLMS


It is very similar to the editors you find in Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Thomas Levy: We don’t have the ability to make it really, really simple for users to customize the way that, that structured data is output on the front end of their website.