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Compliance Training in Retail

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In 2016, the British sandwich retailer Pret a Manger suffered huge damage to its reputation, as well as compensation claims, when a teenager died after eating a baguette containing sesame, to which she was allergic. The coroner said. “I CA CT 2-HOUR MANAGER SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

How to use eLearning for IT


There’s a saying in French that the shoe-maker often has the worst shoes ― meaning that we often neglect our own needs even in the areas that we specialize in. And third, because the IT department can get even more out of an LMS. Training.

eLearning for the Chemical industry? with eFrontPro


And I mean it not in the “we are attracted to each other” sense, but in a much more literal sense: we live in a world that is densely populated with the products of the chemical industry. Training. eLearning employee training

eLearning for the aviation industry with eFrontPro


Fortunately, the Wright brothers averted this dystopian future, and aviation is now a $800 billion industry (according to IATA figures). All the above (plus a few more, like the crazy schedules for everybody involved) make eLearning a great fit for the aviation industry.

eLearning for the travel industry with eFrontPro


It’s a competitive industry, travel, and one where employees have to juggle tons of facts in order to help their clients – being able to help them find picturesque villas in South France, exciting off-road routes in the Australian Outback and cheap rooms to let in Santorini.

eLearning for the Retail Industry with eFrontPro


Whether a small business or a large chain, and regardless of the rise of e-Shopping, the retail sector remains the front face of the economy. At least that’s the ideal retail employee. Unfortunately, the reality leaves a lot to be desired. Training.

e-learning for local governments with eFrontPro


While tons of businesses and organizations of all kinds and stripes have embraced e-learning as the way forward for training their staff, there are still niche fields that have yet to join the revolution (except for a few pioneers). Training.