Best Content Authoring Tools for Flash to HTML5 Conversion

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The advent of Hypertext Markup Language 5 (HTML5) is rapidly changing the world’s digital landscape. As HTML5 technology emerges to be the preferred choice for rendering videos online, the world has slowly started bidding goodbye to Adobe Flash. Lectora Inspire Conversion Suite.

4 Reasons You Should Invest in Flash to HTML5 Conversion

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Well, you need to convert them to the HTML5 format. The primary reason you should convert your Flash-based courses into the HTML5 format is that these courses cannot be accessed on most mobile devices. However, this is not the case with HTML5. Learning Technology flash to html5

The New Adobe Captivate 7 Marches Backwards into the Future [Review]

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In fact I think that most of the new features being promoted by Adobe have been there for a while in competing products like Articulate software, namely the ability to include YouTube videos in a course, as well as embedding a browser session on a slide.

iSpring – The One-Stop Shop to Build Online Courses in PowerPoint

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That’s not all – you can include interactivities, multimedia elements, assessments, simulations, conversations, and more, to transform a staid PowerPoint presentation to a riveting online knowledge nugget, based on adult learning principles and instructional strategies.

Part II : Where Are You with Your Blended Learning Strategy?


Tactical: Flash to HTML5 conversion – turning lemons into lemon aid. Flash to HTML5 conversion – turning lemons into lemon aid. So does that mean you are stuck with a newly fixed expense of conversion that adds no value to your program – maybe? New Product learning.

Flexibility is critical for mobile content development success


Decision-makers in every industry have come to realize that only by producing robust, customized mobile content can they hope to attract new customers and retain existing ones. HTML5 is a browser-based solution, meaning it can be read by any device through an Internet browser.

E-learning Tools: A Developer’s Review of Adobe Captivate 7


For those of us in the e-learning and m-learning space, and especially for those who regularly rely on Adobe products, it is impossible to ignore Adobe Captivate. What types of products can be created using Adobe Captivate 7? Does Captivate 7 support custom programming?

HTML5 benefits outshining limitations


HTML5 benefits outshining limitations. If potential customers are greeted by a broken page or told to download an app that doesn't work on their device type, they may become frustrated with the whole process and leave the site. Seeing the light on HTML5. Adobe acknowledges HTML5.

Digital strategies should span multiple devices


To accommodate these electronic strategies, organizations need robust digital content technology that allows them to maintain an active presence and facilitate productive activity across the platforms that their customers and employees utilize.

How to optimize your mobile content


This has wide-reaching implications for businesses, which need to consider ways their workers are completing business operations and how they can best engage their customers. This means that content conversion has to encompass more than just making information fit better on smaller screens.

Mobile content must be accessible for all


As business leaders in every industry strive to produce useful, compelling mobile content for their potential and existing customers, there are many issues that they must grapple with. HTML5 is browser-based, meaning that material in this format is available to any and all mobile device types.

Video content evolving to fit the mobile mold


Mobility is not just one element of content production and distribution today, it is an organizing principle around which nearly every type of visual information will have to cohere. HTML5 conversion and development may allow the creation of impressive content within this space.

HTML5: A future without plugins?


HTML5: A future without plugins? These organizations know that they need a direct way to put information into the hands of customers and that anything that comes between them and this goal must be examined and changed.

Mobility form factors becoming more diverse


This need to deal with many screen types and content distribution methods may encourage developers and producers to use cross-platform standards such as HTML5. Mobility form factors becoming more diverse.

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