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Using Games to Improve Product Knowledge

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Product knowledge training is one of the most common types of training in many organizations. Some companies release multiple new products every month, whereas others have so many different products that getting new hires up to speed can turn into a nightmare. Customer Examples.

Create Effective Dialogue Simulations for Online Sales Training with iSpring Version 8.3

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How important is it for sales personnel to say the correct thing at the correct time to a potential customer? The best way to develop communication skills would be through dialogue simulations. The best way to provide this training is through dialogue simulations.

Training Needs Analysis: A Step-By-Step Guide To Identify Performance Gaps In Your Organization


Do you know which online training resources your employees need to boost on-the-job performance? How To Identify Performance Gaps In Your Organization: A Step-By-Step Guide To Training Needs Analysis. For example, employees participate in an online training simulation.

3 Employee-Centric Best Practices

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The ever-evolving needs of customers, market changes and leadership demands pose constant challenges for chief learning officers looking to keep large-scale workforces agile, relevant and productive. Simulate critical thinking.

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4 Ways to Assess the Product Knowledge of Your Sales Team

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According to ASTD State of Sales Training report, product training is the most frequently delivered training to sales people. A Training Industry survey also reveals that most of the sales training received by sales people is about the product. Sales Simulations. Please do share!

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Breakthrough eLearning: Simulations: Keeping It Real!

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A few years ago, one of our clients asked me to review an online training simulation and provide feedback on its effectiveness. The simulation was titled ExperienceCSR, developed by a Toronto-based company called ExperiencePoint. RN: Why does your company focus on simulations?

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


One of the main benefits of open source platforms like Moodle is that they’re free and can be highly customized. SaaS (software as a service): Software hosted in the cloud by an LMS vendor so that customers don’t need to install the system locally.

Aligning Training to Performance Objectives.We All Do This.Right?

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In other words, you've identified the performance gap that training is supposed to close. Oh, and of course, you've determined that training is in fact an appropriate way to close that gap. However, many of the training folks I know moved into training-related positions without a formal background in the field. How do performance objectives enhance accountability? This example is taken from a segment of an e-learning lesson about handling customer complaints.

Transform Unused Learning Data Into Valuable Business Predictors

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Everything we do online — from our Google searches to our Facebook posts to our online purchases — produces data. Sales: T-Mobile combines customer transaction and interaction data to predict customer fluctuations.

Are You Ready for Generation Z

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They want to know that their work provides a social purpose and mission. How do you engage them and retain them? Gen Zers know that they have to constantly be learning to stay on top of fast moving technology. With good analytics, companies can instantly see what questions players know and where there are knowledge gaps. Keeping your employees healthy is key to efficiency and production.

8 Tips To Reduce Compliance Online Training Seat Time

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This also results in lower L&D costs and improved productivity. Add Simulations And Branching Scenarios To Expedite Knowledge Transfer. It’s not about how much they know, but how well they know it and whether they can apply it on the job.

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


Each tool clearly has the core features required to create great elearning content (as do Articulate Rise, GomoLearning and others that we’ve reviewed here ). Storyline’s code is customizable, opening up full flexibility… if you have the skill to do so. Product

Virtual Reality: It’s The Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level


Companies are increasingly using VR-based solutions to deliver impactful training programs that boost employee productivity and engagement. It enables human beings to interact in a graphical environment that simulates the real-world situations.

How to Increase Digital Fluency by 172%


Before the training, less than 1/3 of their employees felt confident recommending digital products to customers. Use Game-Based Learning to Make the Basics Fun Before your employees recommend a product to customers, they need to understand how it works and why it's beneficial.

Is There A Natural Bias In Corporate Learning?


The fact is the profile of a frontline worker is vastly different from those who come to an office each day insulated from the customer. Instead of the full onboarding suite, is there a job function they can train up on the first week and start doing right away?

Applying The Goldilocks Principle To Create E-Courses- All About Delivering The Right Content


Online learning courses that fail to create the desired impact result in decreased employee engagement, productivity, retention and return on investment. It is crucial for organizations to create e-courses that cater to the customized needs of modern learners. Know the target audience.

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How XR is powering the fourth industrial revolution


The industry is at a tipping point with these technologies revamping workflow processes as we know it. These are not replacing our existing processes, they are changing the way we do them. One of the many gaps that XR is filling includes content visualisation.

Is Elucidat an alternative to Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate?


Over time, such factors can often cause a landslide of issues, resulting in a loss of productivity, poor ROI and an increase in stress. Encompassing a decent range of interactions and control over content output, alongside a vast picture library, production of simple content is achievable. Storyline’s code is customizable, opening up full flexibility… if you have the skill to do so. Overcoming the authoring skills gap. Elearning Product

2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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This is our most popular Managing eLearning post every year, and by now we know you want to see the hype curve first. Cryptocurrencies are clearly at the peak of the general-purpose (non-eLearning) hype curve – a couple of thousand percent increase in value will do that.

How to Increase Digital Fluency by 172%


Before the training, less than 1/3 of their employees felt confident recommending digital products to customers. Use Game-Based Learning to Make the Basics Fun Before your employees recommend a product to customers, they need to understand how it works and why it's beneficial.

Powerful Employee Learning for Small Businesses on a Budget

They have to fill skills gaps and onboard new people as efficiently as possible. But most training today revolves around expensive courses, simulations, or video games. So what can you do that will effectively help employees learn without killing the budget? What do they do well?

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Top 10 Sales Enablement Tools to Empower your Sales Force


There are a host of things that an enterprise must look into before investing in a sales enablement tool- the features that it offers, can it address all their training needs, will the data be safe, are customizations possible, is it multi-device friendly, and finally the cost of the software.

5 Business Cases that Call for Serious Games

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Do you really need a new gamification platform, or are you trying to follow the latest trends? Saying you need a “serious game” can mean so many things, from a simulator to a teaching game to a “meaningful game” as Marcewski puts it.

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Gamification: The Perfect Learning Solution for A Few Business Situations

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Do you follow the latest learning trends in your organization? Do you use gamification as a training platform? If yes, do you use it when it really fits the subject or do you force-fit in your training program just to be in line with the current trends?

MacGyver of Modern Learning: 8 Ingenious Ways to Re-purpose Online Training Content

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Customer Personas Become Emotionally Compelling Stories. An outdated online training resource features customer personas or profiles. However, you’re able to use them for product knowledge and compliance online training as well. Product Spec Sheets Become Video Demos.

How Online Training can Lead your Sales Team to Success


Someone who will convince you to buy a product that you probably don’t even need. The ‘gap’ between an excellent sales professional and a poor one hinges on their skills, knowledge and motivation. Online training programs for sales allow complete customization.

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Gyrus Systems Selected for’s 2016 Gamification Watch List


“These are innovative companies with a wealth of capabilities to support learning, ranging from immersive and robust games to simulations. This award means that Gyrus Systems' customers continue to benefit from product innovation.

The Best Way to Train and Onboard New Employees


Did you know it can take up to 2 years before a new hire is as productive as the person they’re replacing? A great training program can help speed the employee onboarding process up, making new hires productive faster. Example of a product simulation in Lemonade.

LMS reports: 7 Tips to track skill development with an LMS


Do they know how to use them on the job to tackle everyday tasks? But how do you know if your staff is building the skill sets their job demands? Simulation performance reports. Online training simulations require certain skills and knowledge.

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How To Improve Memory Retention In Online Training

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Or is the forgetting curve putting a strain on workplace productivity and company profits? Put Knowledge Into Practice With Online Training Simulations. Online training simulations feature realistic tools, obstacles, and characters.

The Benefits of Gamification In Business

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Doing so even makes them happy. In other words, it’s all about: Making it fun to do things that you have to do anyway. It hinges on the simple but effective thought that “If it’s fun, you’ll do it better.”

A Step by Step Guide to Creating Meaningful Online Training Experiences

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Do your employees connect with the training you provide to them? Effective online training experiences help employees bridge gaps, build necessary skill sets, and improve overall productivity. Step-01: Know your corporate learners. How engaging is your online training?

Essential Training KPIs You Should Be Measuring


How do you demonstrate beyond doubt that your online training strategy is providing tangible return on investment? So, how do you demonstrate that your online training program is delivering value for money? New product design?

The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Each of these competitors bring engaging learning experiences, several integrations, and high-level customer support. Now that you know some of the challenges, here are 10 great MindTickle alternatives. Noted customers. Provides quizzes, assessments, and software simulations.

5 Blended Learning Activities to Consider for Memorable Corporate eLearning Courses


Thus, employees can improve their skills, familiarize themselves with new tasks, and refresh their product knowledge whenever it fits into their schedules. Employees must use all of the “clues” to identify what the customer needs and how they can provide service.