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Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

So, when I sat down to talk with Dr Asheesh Choksi, technology consultant and architect, about Moodle, he gave me a 12-point program to add value to Moodle - which was quite an eye opener. A well-customized Moodle can do that. Offline capability When your learners are always on the go, in far-flung parts of the world, internet connections vary from excellent to un-reliable and even non-existent sometimes. So you need to support offline learning capability.

Totara vs. Moodle: Which LMS is Right for You?

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When evaluating eLearning solutions or Learning Management Systems (LMS) , you’ve likely come across a few open-source options. But how do you determine which open-source LMS will be the right solution to help you build and streamline your learning ecosystem?

10 Benefits of Moodle based Learning Management System (LMS)

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Product and service launches. Besides providing online features, this LMS is able to support offline learning and includes features for tracking, recording and assessing offline events along with online ones. What is an LMS?

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Start this 2019 by the hand of the Top eLearning Companies in India


The Top eLearning companies in India are ready to receive 2019 with new versions of their products and releases of new specialized services for companies that are interested in increasing their workforce and training capacity. The Boston Group creates custom online content and courseware.

Best Ways to Deliver Online Learning Courses to Employees

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Open Source : While there are several LMS packages available, it is a good idea to choose a Moodle-based LMS, which is an open source LMS, implying that it can be freely downloaded and distributed.

Confused with learning technologies? Choose your best option

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Selection of server: Software as a service: In this option application will be hosted on vendor server and administration access will be provided. Out-source: You also has an option to outsource it to an external vendor to provide support.

Make Your LMS Mobile Compatible in 4 Easy Ways

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As MOODLE is an open source LMS , it has many features. Retaining just the essential features is the best thing you can do when you want to extend the LMS service to mobile learners. Customize the Native App LMS.

Overview of different types of LMS


For example, they collect dues for additional services and features. In some cases, the learners can download the materials and complete the learning offline. The main perks of installed LMS are learners can customize every aspect of the LMS and can store the data locally. Web-based LMS also known as software as a service (SaaS) or cloud-based LMS solutions and LMS vendors host the software on their servers, which users can access online in cloud-based LMS.

The Main Types of LMS to Have in Mind

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Free (open source) vs Commercial (closed source). Often one of the first decisions that an organization has to face when choosing an LMS is whether to go for a free/open-source platform or a commercial (closed source) solution.

2019 Talented Learning Awards: Corporate Extended Enterprise Systems

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As outlined last month , we’re simplifying the way we honor the best learning systems by focusing on two key extended enterprise categories: CORPORATE EXTENDED ENTERPRISE: Business-oriented solutions targeting external audiences such as customers, channel partners, suppliers and contractors.

LMS Vendors: How to Select the Right Vendor for your Goals

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Organizations generally prefer to outsource their LMS requirements to vendors or service providers, mainly because it saves them time and money and also because they do not have an in-house IT team to design, build and maintain a custom solution.

How to build an online course website from scratch and questions to answer before that


Code From Scratch This will be a good choice if you want to build a website with custom features and expect a large number of students enrolled. Pros Customization. Everything depends on the complexity of the project you want to develop, but it was never cheap to build a custom website.

The 10 Best MindTickle Alternatives


Each of these competitors bring engaging learning experiences, several integrations, and high-level customer support. Slack, Okta, OneLogin, HRIS (Workday, Oracle and others), SCORM, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Google Analytics, Open API. Noted customers. Noted customers.

Hospitality LMS: What to Know


So it’s vital to properly train your team with a hospitality LMS so they can meet the ever-changing demands of today’s customers. Since many hospitality employees spend most of their time interacting with customers, a hospitality LMS offers individualized training. Noted customers.

A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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The year kicked off with lots of potential, lots of excitement in the air and lots of customers gearing up to purchase new systems, despite global economic woes. Web Conferencing – You would think that all these services would have a native app for tablets. Online/Offline Synch.

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2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

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Because continuing education providers often look to technology vendors for hands-on guidance, these learning solutions usually come with professional services that are much more extensive than standard implementation and administrative support.

Latest Eight #LMS #Trends

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Speaking of which, Trend 3 Online/Offline synch. People want to access their content, take courses, do assessments, and use their mobile app for a wide variety of items beyond the course capability BUT also want the ability to go offline and then when possible, go online. Trend 8 ) I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog or Linkedin E-Learning 24/7 group posting, but customer service and support is getting worse, so this is a really bad trend that has been this way for years.

Effectus LMS For effective Employee Training Management and Tracking

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Being an e-Learning and LMS service provider for almost 16 years, we understand the challenges of making an LMS that is easy to manage. The launch of “Effectus”, an LMS based on the open source LMS Moodle, has simplified the lives of administrators and users. Easy Customization.

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The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


CRM (Customer Relationship Management). A customer relationship management system manages all your company’s relationships and interactions with your current and future customers. It helps you improve your profitability and retain customers. Customer Training.

Choosing the Best LMS for your Company


Possibly the first major decision you will face while choosing the best LMS for your endeavour is, if you’d want to adapt an open-source LMS, like Moodle, or purchase a custom LMS from a vendor? Mobile and Offline Learning.

Choosing the Best LMS for your Company


Possibly the first major decision you will face while choosing the best LMS for your endeavour is, if you’d want to adapt an open-source LMS, like Moodle, or purchase a custom LMS from a vendor? Mobile and Offline Learning.

BLOG: Craig Weiss On What Makes a NextGen LMS

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Last week our own LMS, SkillsServe, was ranked top LMS for the financial services sector in Craig Weiss' 'LMS Mid Year 2014 Rankings Report', which reviewed over 600 platforms and ranked according to capabilities, features, design, support and service, and future thinking.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


Instructors can customize the learning experience to suit their specific needs, teaching style or course requirements. H5P is a free, open-source, elearning authoring tool for smaller cloud-hosted activities. Price: Free, Open-Source. Questions come in varying form, open or close type and different variations. It is a great tool to collect feedback, data and other information from your students or customers.

Video Learning Platforms

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Offline viewing. APIs – as in their (video learning platform itself) API is open. Transcription services – already in the platform. Another capability of transcription services is the ability to change the language. Custom domain. Flashback.

10 LMS features that you should in an eLearning platform


Just Google the phrase “LMS software” and you will see thousands of links to different products, services, and articles claiming to offer an eLearning platform or an LMS tool. Besides custom requirements, if any LMS , online learning and training software or an eLearning platform does not meet the following ten requirements, consider getting it done through custom development. Next, ensure if it allows you to prepare custom sequences of each module.

Ultimate eLearning terms you should know: Part 2 (M-Z)


Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment): Open source learning platform mostly implemented in education settings. One of the main benefits of open source platforms like Moodle is that they’re free and can be highly customized.

LMS Ecosystems – The next big thing

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Offers a multitude of services to customers. Some Walmarts include groceries and auto services – including oil changes and alike. If they desire to take courses through a marketplace or exchange they might be going to Open Sesame which offers the ability to buy and download courses – to use in any LMS. What they are trying to do is to offer an alternative to an open source platform which allows unlimited users.

5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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LMSs/LCMS/CMS/learning platforms in commercial and open space continued their presence. Some items stood out, others continued in an everlasting awful experience (customer and support service – as a whole). I have seen continued interest and downloads for open source AR tool kits. Augmented reality opens those doors. Custom development shops developing AR apps for customers (business, education, etc.),

Dispelling the LMS Myth

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Customized skinning – albeit in today’s market there are some vendors who charge for skins – disgusting! More robust talent management – for some clients succession planning, 360 feedback and learning development will not do – they need more -it is interesting to note that rarely do you see extensive HRIS or OD analytics as part of that additional services. Why are so many new customers entering the space and purchasing their first LMS?

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

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How open-source platforms can be optimized to inspire a culture of learning in the workplace that aligns with business objectives. How open-source Moodle and Totara offer the flexibility, scale, and functionality to provide a scalable and interoperable learning platform.

How to Become a Learning Organization (An Interview with Michelle Ockers)

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She’s a great source of information and I think you’ll really enjoy this. You know…digital disruption, technology is moving on, our customer’s expectations are shifting. And the range of services that are now being offered in real estate is quite different.

Webinar Q&A: Empowering Continuous Learning with the Experience API (xAPI)

Experience API

Answer: xAPI allows for learners to be identified by email address, Open ID or an account on some system, such as an LMS. Open Source LRS. Is there an open source LRS? Answer: There’s four different Open Source LRSs that I’m aware of: Learning Locker , ADL LRS , lxHive and TinMan. If you’re looking to get started with xAPI on a limited budget or want to do a lot of development yourself, an Open Source LRS is a good option.

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Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Tanner offers web design services at And if not done right, it can just be a source of frustration. At what point do people start being like, oh, well, you’re going to need custom development or design or whatever?

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