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LMS Review: Litmos

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Mobile responsive design for all users/roles. Many features are not available in the free trial — including custom fields, video assessments and ability to set recommended courses. Litmos prides itself on a customer-centric approach and continual innovation in the marketplace.

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An LMS for manufacturing will bring power to your workforce


We also customized and personalized the LMS to match their brand identity. They got all the default features like defined admin roles, user and course management, reports, quizzes analytics, gamification, social wall, interactive video, learning paths, among others.

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Product Review – Instilled LXP

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Tie a PPT or a PDF to the video as it runs – matching section or clip by clip. Yes, you can have the match of a PDF, PPT, etc. Again, as noted earlier, the system right now only offers video as the content (but you can have a PPT or PDF, etc.

Personalization: The Secret Ingredient of eLearning Success


Both trainers and learners favor customized learning because knowledge retention is higher when learning is more specific to an individual needs and goals. All of them play an important role in deciding how to approach eLearning personalization.

Job Aids – What you should know

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For example, a customer service executive dealing with product returns or exchanges on an online portal, could use a video tutorial to understand the steps required to fulfill a return request. Roles and Job Aids. An Author creates Job Aids that assist learners in the roles they fulfill at work. Supported formats include: PDF. The Admin is the only role that may use the reporting feature in Prime to generate a Job Aids report. What is a Job Aid?

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7 Must-See Corporate Induction And Onboarding Training Examples Featuring Strategies That Work

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Provides new team members with a quick understanding of their role and what the organization/employer expects from them. These are highly customized to suit the requirements.

A Conversation with Reuben Tozman

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And so edCetra was formed based on the notion that ‘custom’ eLearning production can use better models that allow for creative instructional design while reigning in production costs. This tool is very learner centric allowing learners to search for, retrieve, recompile and reorganize legacy content into different materials in either mobile, eLearning or PDF formats.

LMS Administrator Hiring – What you need to know to find the right 1

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The point of it all (there isn’t one, but roll with it) is that finding the right person for the right role isn’t as easy as you might think. Take the LMS, learning system administrator role. Simply, can they open a PDF, save a document as a PDF.

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