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Serious Games for Customer Success

Enable Education

Ever thought of including online games as a part of your customer education materials? However, as many product and services companies are finding, games are not only a useful tool in training internally, but are also an effective way to reach consumers. Generally speaking, treating customers as learners can build a large amount of trust, and can also maximize their usage of your products, and encourage repeat business. So, why create video games to educate customers?

Have We Forgotten What Microlearning Means?


MCAP delivers daily training bursts to more than 200 mortgage specialists, helping to support the company’s onboarding and ongoing coaching programs by reinforcing knowledge around products, policies and procedures. Let’s take a walk around the modern corporate learning ecosystem.

Your Ideal LMS. Have Your Cake And Eat It Too.


In modern business, we are afforded the ability to check and double check before selecting a product or service. Almost all LMS vendors will provide a demo or trial period for testing their product before your purchase. Take a closer look at our product.

Have We Forgotten What Microlearning Means?


The organization’s leaders knew that it was critical for their mortgage specialists, many of whom are Millennials, to not only have in-depth knowledge of the company’s products and services, but to have top-of-mind access to this information; many of their customers are people who have just made the biggest purchase of their life—a home—and quick and accurate responses are essential to assure those customers that their mortgage is in good hands.

Insights from a presentation master: Q&A with Echo Swinford


We looked at it from the perspective of if you were going to hire somebody as an entry level PowerPoint specialist and they needed to be able to clean up decks and pull them together, what would you expect them to be able to do? We’re starting out with the Certified PowerPoint Specialist exam and then we’ll add Expert and Master levels and then certifications for Prezi and Keynote and potentially other software also.

Double Your eLearning Return on Investment

eLearning Architect

Treat eLearning as a business One of the most useful tips I was given as I began implementing my first eLearning solution into a corporate environment was to ‘treat eLearning as a business and treat your learners like customers’. Increase sales of a particular product?

Who don’t we want to work smarter?

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Making a producer just a little bit more productive returns giant rewards at the bottom line, more than anything you could do to beef up what the novices are doing. Old hands may have known it all in yesterday’s world but can only remain productive by keeping up with changes.

Whose learning are you responsible for?

Jay Cross

Making a producer just a little bit more productive yields greater rewards than anything you can do with novices. Old hands may have known it all in yesterday’s world, but they can only remain productive by keeping up with changes. They are temps, specialists, consultants and service providers. It’s the logic of the supply chain: Since inefficient links get passed along to the customer, companies must optimize the performance of the chain. CLO Magazine, October 2009.

The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

ICS Learning

Download PDF. For example, your ultimate goal is to increase sales, raise the level of customer service, reduce manufacturing costs due to human error or increase employee moral and their overall wellbeing. You have many important decisions that need to be made ranging from issues related to the use of technology to required facilities to instructional design to software development and media production. Phase 3: Content Production.