10 Benefits of Converting PDF to ePUB

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And since all this is not possible with content in a PDF format, it builds the case to convert your PDF content into eBook format that is PDF to ePub. To give some context, eBooks, when they first came into being, were mainly available in the static PDF format.

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Finally! A Brain-Based Consultative Sales Program


Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) is not about testing in the traditional sense. Instead, we focus on developing sales capability and performance that is based on neuroscience and customized for your team. THE CONSULTATIVE SALES MODEL. Consultative Sales Certification is based on extensive research of top-performing sales professionals in many different industries. Consultative Sales Planner (PDF).

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Close the Sale With Quality Content


Sales leaders know that it’s vital to start with an honest conversation and be ready to improvise , rather than relying on rigid sales scripts and outdated resources during an important sales dialogue. But no matter how natural the conversation, sales teams will always need reference materials and other sales enablement resources to close the deal. Why quality sales content matters. So what does high-quality sales content look like?

How to Develop Training Materials the Right Way [Free PDF Guide]


If you decide to use a written training manual, you’ll love this guide: “How to Develop a Training Manual” is a free downloadable PDF that makes writing a training manual easy. For example, if you’re writing documentation on a sales process, you might organize it like this: Introduction. Sales Prospecting. Handing Off Customers to Implementation Team. It could be split into “Team Communication,” “Sales Techniques,” “Calling / Emailing,” and “Prospecting,” for example.

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Using Screencasts to Create High-Converting Sales Proposals

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It was so painful spending all this money on marketing, doing twice the amount of work preparing super-detailed PDF proposals, and then having my win rate slashed in half,” Chad lamented. For example: Points don’t get lost in translation because he can add extra details and visuals that he wouldn’t typically include in a PDF proposal. Because of the above reasons, Chad has seen many improvements in his sales process, including a shortened sales cycle.

Customer Training – Best Practices

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If your company, business, association and firm are one of the hundreds of thousands places out there that provide customer training, this post is for you. Not only that, but it will resolve and solve for that matter a lot of challenges, issues and even worries on the part of each and every one of them – i.e. your customer base. Some folks like to refer to customer training as customer education. The term back in the day was simply providing customer training.

4 Ways Virtual Lab Environments Can Supercharge Your Sales Strategy


Have you ever considered educating your potential customers about your IT software in a virtual lab environment ? Using virtual labs, you can benefit from shorter sales cycles, less capital investment for dedicated hardware, the ability to capture insights from clients’ demo use, and a decrease in travel costs. Below are 4 ways virtual labs can supercharge your sales strategy. LET CUSTOMERS TRY BEFORE THEY BUY. IMPROVE SALES TEAM TRAINING.

Intellectual Property Protection for Online Courses & Training [Unique Anti-Piracy Features]


Some of LearnWorlds’ unique features, such as our Interactive Video and built-in community for social learning cannot be stolen or emulated, making sure that only legitimate students and customers of your school get the full value out of the courses you offer. PDF File Downloads.

Tag It in Snagit: Improve Customer-Related Content Management in Sales

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Speed, coupled with the ability to effectively multi-task, are skills that are crucial to success when you work in Sales. . Getting behind as a result of distractions can mean lost deals, missed opportunities, irritated customers, and unnecessary stress. Speed Up Pre-Sales Research.

Publishing for the Mobile – Dos and Don’ts


Personalize the experience: Providing users with customized and personalized experiences is key to mobile publishing. Keep a close eye on the metrics: The main reason for shifting from PDF to using digital assets is the ability to keep a tab on real-time metrics.

Educating Your Customers the Mobile Way

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Unless we’re in touch with our customers, our model of the world can diverge from reality. Customer engagement plays a key role in enhancing the profitability of a company. But, how can corporate customers be engaged? Unleashing mobile learning for customer education .

Sales Funnels, Product Launches, and Paid Ads for Course Creators with Jennifer Tamborski


Learn about sales funnels, product launches, and paid ads for course creators with Jennifer Tamborski in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. There are many tools you can implement as part of your sales funnel for your online course offering.

Consider Rapid E-learning to Custom Online Training Module in Minimum Time

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What is your best option when it comes to developing a custom online training module in minimum time? Using available media: Existing PowerPoint presentations, PDF and Word documents are used to enrich the course. eLearning Design Custom eLearning

MagicBoxTM is Exhibiting at ISTE 2019


Attendees : Ang’john Ferreri , AVP, Product Sales, Hemant Gautam , Senior Consultant for Digital Strategy. Our AVP, Product Sales, Ang’john Ferreri, and Senior Consultant for Digital Strategy, Hemant Gautam, will be present at the event.

10 Ways to Unleash the Power of M-learning for Sales Training – Part 2

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In my earlier post, 10 Ways to Unleash the Power of M-learning for Sales Training – Part 1 , we have seen how podcasts, explainer videos, microlearning modules, and mobile apps can be used to impart effective training to sales reps.

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Create Effective Dialogue Simulations for Online Sales Training with iSpring Version 8.3

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How important is it for sales personnel to say the correct thing at the correct time to a potential customer? Communication or dialogue is a significant part of any sales process. Good communication skills help sales people connect well with potential clients.

Online Course Marketing and Sales is Not Really Rocket Science with Chris Bintliff


In this episode of LMScast, Chris Badgett dives into why online course marketing and sales is not really rocket science with Chris Bintliff. ” My ideal customer or client is somebody who doesn’t understand digital marketing, has struggled with it or is getting poor results.

User Onboarding with an LMS: The Complete Guide


Winning more customers helps your business grow. All that time, money and resources put into acquisition goes to waste if new users don’t turn into long-term, engaged customers. User onboarding is all about one key thing – helping your customers reach the “A-ha” moment.

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5 Tips to Teach Concepts Through E-learning

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Provide job-aids in the form of PDF files and hyperlinks. These can be in the form of PDF files, hyperlinks, course handouts, etc. eLearning Design Custom eLearning

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Learning Systems for 2018 (#25 to #16)

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I removed any vendor built 100% on free open source or open source whereas it is always 100% customized so that one could build a mega monster or build a 1995 version. The PDF is free – it is just again, I repeat, again, a listing of the vendors with a link to their web site.

LMS Proposals – It is more than saying “I do”

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However, in many cases, potential customers receive the latter and here’s why: They are excessively long. They have a Table of Contents, but it is not clickable – thus you are forced to go through the document using your forward button on your PDF viewer. It takes just a few minutes to create hyperlinks within a PDF. Wait, did I just say “customer requests” it? Tagged: learning management system , LMS , LMS Proposal , LMS Sales Proposal.

LMS Review: Litmos

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Courses can be assigned to users or teams of users, or placed in a catalog with categories and subcategories, or placed in an external catalog for sale, or shared through direct and “deep” links. Customer learning. No custom or ad-hoc reports.

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How to manage the LMS certificates feature in your Paradiso eLearning software?


The certificates feature of Paradiso LMS is a custom solution that will help you improve the learning process. How can you set up and customize your LMS certificates? Paradiso LMS creates PDF certificates/diplomas for students in a course. Add custom text.

Human-Centered Training: One L&D Trend to Rule Them All?

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Pretend for a moment that your target learner is a field sales rep named Kate. She has packed her schedule with customer visits. She also must effectively execute the company’s sales process and build meaningful rapport quickly.

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How to Develop Product Knowledge Training for your Business


Every business wants one thing – happy customers. This happens when you have the perfect combination of a great product and, importantly, a team that has the product knowledge needed to support and satisfy customers. Improves sales. Better supports your customers.

Learnnovators Wins GOLD @ Brandon Hall Excellence Awards


MPSS (or Mobile Performance Support System) is a mobile app-based performance support solution made up of byte-sized video tutorials and PDF-based Quick Reference Guides. Here’s an overview of how this solution came into existence: Customer Pain Points. A Few Words from the Customer.

Best of Training Industry's 2013 findings

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High sales department turnover produces the greatest negative impact on business. Customer Service, Sales, and Information Technology (IT) have the highest reported turnover rates. ACTION ITEM: Look for ways to retain sales people with effective onboarding programs. High Performing Sales Organizations. With approximately 81 percent reporting that their sales training programs are effective, why aren’t more companies steadily increasing sales and revenue?

Videos in eLearning: A Snack Sized Solution

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The most effective videos show a person what to do or what not to do, especially surrounding topics such as customer service and sales. According to the website fortunelords.com, YouTube is the 3 rd most visited website in the world.

Adaptive eLearning in Corporate Space – Opportunities and Challenges


With all the data that gets collated on the learning platform, it becomes difficult for any institute to move to a new platform – so there is a strong tie-in once the customer is in. For example – as a lesson or as a reference PDF link.

How to use an LMS for product training


Product training may be used to onboard new customers, demonstrate product use, update customers on product enhancements or to create certification programs. This provides a seamless, easy to access way for customers to get the information they need to succeed with your product.

Whom Should You Outsource Healthcare Product Training To?

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Sales teams are spread across the globe. In this environment, training, sales teams on every new product is a big challenge for Jason. The sales force needs to be well trained before launching a new product. Expertise in Developing Scenarios to Handle Customer Objections.

Gamification: The Perfect Learning Solution for A Few Business Situations

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Most of them dislike it when you dump lengthy courses, bland PowerPoint presentations, or PDF documents containing the organization’s rules and policies. of the product and become confident of approaching customers. Do you follow the latest learning trends in your organization?

Best of Training Industry 2013 findings

Training Industry

High sales department turnover produces the greatest negative impact on business. Customer Service, Sales, and Information Technology (IT) have the highest reported turnover rates. ACTION ITEM: Look for ways to retain sales people with effective onboarding programs. High Performing Sales Organizations. With approximately 81 percent reporting that their sales training programs are effective, why aren’t more companies steadily increasing sales and revenue?

Training Reinforcement: An Insurance Policy for Your Training

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Sales reps fly in for the national sales meeting, learn about this year’s new products… and then return to their territories to keep doing things the same way they were before. The app delivers customized daily mini-games to learners on their mobile devices.

Start an Online Academy – A Step-by-Step Guide


Website & Branding Customization. As a LearnWorlds instructor, we wish to make it easier for you to build and customize your online school. Website & Branding Customization. Being able to include your brand colours, logos, customize landing pages and more.

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Types of learning systems


With an LMS you can upload course content materials quickly and easily using the word, pdf, powerpoint, video, and audio formats and can create exams, surveys, assignments, webinars, and classroom-based training. 2.SEP(SALES ENABLEMENT PLATFORMS). SEP focuses heavily on sales training and customer service training and customers use them mostly for sales training and customer support training.

Online Training Job Aids: Critical Information Just a Click Away!

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A sales executive is about to meet a prospect. He knows that being specific about offers and the latest prices is the key to making a sales deal. At this crucial juncture, his company’s newly developed mobile sales enablement app for iPads came to his rescue.

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