Top Nine Web Conferencing Vendors for 2015 Plus Trends

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Per Host – My number #1 vendor goes this route, but they and a few others push ultimate options with a minimum number of hosts and I’m not even talking Enterprise yet. There a few vendors who offer a lot more, but nobody is doing like 30 or 40 extensions at this point. Add APIs – In reality those “extensions” are APIs, but separately there are vendors making mention that they can accept APIs too. I know what you are thinking.

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SAAS LMSs and Vendor Client Lists Questions

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The bottom line without getting technical or overly detailed, the solution is hosted on your vendor’s servers and not hosted on your internal servers. So in the case of a LMS/LCMS, it is hosted on your vendor’s servers and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and a browser (that they support), anywhere in the world. With a hosted solution, the vendor’s servers are able to tested to withstand scenarios like this.


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How Do E-learning Vendors Price Their Services

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You have heard about e-learning and are looking to contact vendors for a quote. But before doing that, it is a good idea to understand the typical services e-learning vendors provide and how they price those services. Services provided by e-learning vendors and how they are priced. Pricing also depends on the extent of interactivities and customization that you want for the course. Extent of customization in case of setting up a new LMS.

Three Takeaways Today

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PowerPoint is not E-Learning and shouldn’t be used as your course tool/development – For whatever reason, there are people who have been around online learning for years, who still see PPT as a means for the creation of content – i.e. courses. PPT is boring.

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New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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Vendors can move up, down or out of the rankings – after all it is on-going. Rankings are based on my directories which are updated monthly; I also keep a separate directory which will contain more vendors than listed within the visible directories – reason being it offers clients (those who hire me – buyers to have an added bonus, of course it contains much more info); that said the monthly directories provide key info and in future updates have new columns added.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry

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Bewildered on what is happening, why what is needed isn’t appearing as it should, and how is it possible that something so obvious based on where e-learning is heading, mobile is pushing and future tech is inspiring is lost among so many vendors? Confusion leads to flushed in terms of causation that some vendors in their infinite wisdom have decided it is better to jump one way than stay the course. I know of one vendor who has a review checker and it works quite well.

The Latest: Rapid Content Authoring Tool Market

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I am still surprised on how vendors who are offering assessment only tools are staying in the game. PowerPoint – Ability to integrate or use PPT in your courses. Some vendors push heavily on PPT, implying that a great WBT is really a PPT converted to Flash. The latter is slowly gaining speed, which is an advantage to LMS vendors who have a CAT in their own product – which is SCORM,PENS/IMS compliant. Vendor adoption is slow.

E-Learning Takeaways

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For the rest of us, it isn’t, unless you see the latest takeaways as examples of what is to come or more importantly what hasn’t – which is really a could be doomsday to many vendors – unless they wake up! In my newest directory, I have 138 vendors. 4 desktop authoring tool vendors work with Windows 8. I am hearing from some vendors that they are having issues with Windows 8 and that Microsoft typically makes it difficult to really make it work.

May Edition: E-Learning News and Notes

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In the past it was build it yourself (pricey) or find open source and customize it (could be pricey, but cheaper then complete build). The partner approach works this way: vendor A integrates Vendor B’s solution into their product. Some times, it is nothing more than a link – hidden from the end user – the screen shows a popup or goes to the “page” but in reality the end user is now in the other vendor’s solution.

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Latest E-Learning Insight and News

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There is a growing list of vendors, including small/mid size that are adding talent management components that match the Big Dog systems. A couple of vendors have added HRIS modules. It is interesting to note, that many of the vendors are targeting the SMB space, especially the small size (less than 500 employees) market. The challenge though is that there are customers who have no desire and zero interest to use or have a TM in their system.

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Articulate, Captivate and Lectora – Do they deserve your praise?

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The two biggest negatives IMO, is that it just isn’t robust enough for e-learning developers and its whole focus on PPT into converting to a course doesn’t help. Screen capture – more and more vendors are adding it. Just as with Captivate and Articulate, Lectora has a huge following of loyal customers and they continue to attract more customers all the time. They are going to continue to generate huge followings and very loyal customers.

It’s Demo Time

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They fail to even clearly show their product, let alone present the product sans the standard PPT intro that comes with “learn more” about the solution. Yet, for many vendors that objective, comes at a price, you have to talk to them. Regardless of the learning platform, most vendors want to know a few tidbits about you and what you are seeking before you see the product (i.e. For many vendors it is all about the phone call.

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Product Review: BlueVolt

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Many people today prefer 3rd party authoring tools and in fact, I recommend that route rather then using a vendor’s built in authoring tool. While it offers some customizations, in general it typically lists. Finding out the progress is a tad funky, because you can some customization involved – which while that may seem like a great idea – the customization does not enable a progress bar or some type of graphical interface.

Product Review: Lectora Snap! Empower

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is not the only product which has an issue with a 64 bit Windows computer but in combination with PPT 2010, I’m unaware of any other. Media RSS Feed – comes with the following- BBC, ABC, ESPN – you can also add your own “custom feed” – not sure why ESPN was selected – I guess they think everyone loves sports or ESPN. I’d rather have the ability to add multiple “custom feeds” in the dialog box, but that is not possible.

Product Review: Cornerstone OnDemand

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Customization for the front end – nothing extraordinary – pretty much the same I’ve seen on other products that offer branding/skinning and the client creating their own design. Performance – according to COD many of their customers only want this cloud. You can customize it with your own look and feel. Reports – visible only to the admins and managers (if selected) – dashboard, standard reports, custom reports.

LMS Review: Litmos

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See More Vendors in our LMS Directory. Many features are not available in the free trial — including custom fields, video assessments and ability to set recommended courses. Litmos prides itself on a customer-centric approach and continual innovation in the marketplace. Litmos is focused on executing on its customers’ vision that learning technologies should be able to be used, consumed and deployed by anyone in the organization and on any device.

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Docebo vs Cornerstone: Find out which tool is better?


There’s no scarcity of LMS vendors available, each of which offers a plethora of courses and management features. Both systems provide custom branding, unlimited storage of courses , and learner data and can support SCORM and xAPI Tin Can API standards. Introduction.

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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How do you explain why these three vendors were selected, how the process for analysis was conducted, and what are the results? Why these three vendors? From the vendors themselves and even in conducting my own research into vendor comparisons. Where do you start?

OrderYOYO, modern tech company, finds success in training excellence with EdApp

Ed App

OrderYOYO, a modern tech company that empowers independent takeaway restaurants to grow, has today announced they have selected our platform to support their rapidly growing internal teams in onboarding and customer support.

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Deriving the Best out of E-learning Outsourcing: Creating Impactful Courseware


Looking into our rich and varied experience, we bring forth some ways that the e-learning vendor can ensure content quality – considering large volumes and strict timelines. For any e-learning vendor, interaction with SMEs is often the first and most crucial step. Developing custom content through efficient Process Flow : A robust project management process ensures that all timelines will be adhered to while delivering the standards of content quality.

Top 50 Learning System Rankings (#39-#21)

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I strongly recommend that if you reach out to any of these vendors, you want to have a demo first and foremost. There are systems on FindAnLMS, where you can request a demo by a quick click of a button, regardless, go demo first when talking to any vendor. Rather than go into a lot of details, this post will list the vendors in their official ranking, with a couple of points. My Take will be with each vendor (who is in the platform and ranked), by Feb.

eLearning tips from Tom Kuhlmann


Is it possible to build an interactive (and attractive) course in PPT? . What impact has PPT-based authoring tools on the training industry? It opened the doors to organizations that needed online training but couldn’t afford custom programming or in-house Flash programmers. And for those vendors who do build courses, it’s given them a platform to show how they’re distinct from the easy-to-create page turners.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

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Yes there are vendors doing some new stuff, okay many, but a few items are not new, rather they have been around for a long time. SaaS boost – Finally more vendors are on the appropriate path for their consumers; but the big folks are not – why? Mobile Friendly – It has taken a bit of time, but go anywhere and you will see “Responsive” and “HTML5″ xAPI – Another why wasn’t this done a year ago for many vendors?

Skills for the Future

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That – the art of communication, listening, eye contact is going by the wayside and it, as in as a life skill, isn’t something normally offered in a non-corporate, let alone corporate setting – because it goes beyond customer service or communicating with your team type of stuff.

LMS Demos: The difference maker

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As such, I’ll cover some of the basics from the vendor perspective (what they should do) and from the buyer perspective (what you should require of them, prior to, during and post demo). Vendor Goals – Show me, Tell me.Let me. Here is a typical way most vendors show their product. Once you request a demo, and assuming the vendor says sure (and 99% of the time they will), they should ask you what if any areas are you specifically seeking.

Product Review – Instilled LXP

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I was planning on adding to my (the web site part of it), a new section called vendor videos, and thus seeing the video aspect on the Instilled, I saw a perfect fit. The Vendor videos section on my site, will launch in the next few weeks (an announcement will be made), where anyone can view videos by any learning system vendor in a playlist format, connect and do quite a bit, but that is for another post (right around launch time).

Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2017

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Ok, with that being done, let me list the vendors who are in the final ten and then break it all down for you. I admit the first time I saw the word, I read it out online as something else. Anyway, the tool is nice and they were the first vendor to have try voice synch with the avatars. If a PPT course tool – what can it do that others in that niche can’t? That whole adaptive learning thing you hear pitched from vendors is somewhat misleading.

State of the E-Learning Industry 2017

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Custom course/content shops (lots of them out there). As a whole, business is being generated in all areas, how much is a different story – since it varies by market and by the vendor themselves. If you were say a vendor who at one time did only video overlays, and now you are in essence a VLP (with feature sets you will find in an LMS who has solid analytical data), that should say something. More vendors entering the space then leaving it.

Free L&D webinars for October 2020

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She’ll cover a simple way to make basic branching and how to use Adobe Captivate's advanced features to create custom experiences. With business uncertainty at an all-time high, any vendor that’s not on board will get trounced by their competition.

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UpSkilling – Change the Mindset

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Regardless of the preferred term, your employees, your customers are likely working from home. Teaching your employees, Powerpoint – or how to create a deck in PPT, is the past, the new reality – teach them how to shoot video and utilize it in an effective means for delivering knowledge, insight and communication. . For example, an employee who is front-facing with a customer, should be provided content that breaks down some of the departments they may be asked upon.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


After a survey with my marketing, sales, and custom training services teams, I can identify what were most frequently identified as 2017 trends. In 2017 they will continue to grow as vendors begin to support the new trends more heavily. This hurts established players who are freaking out trying to find new ways to reach customers. eLearning tool vendors that still don’t allow publishing for mobile devices will find themselves with ever-smaller market shares.

Summer Course Authoring Tool Rankings – Top Ten

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Equation tool – I’ve seen more vendors add this thing – and unless you are in education I can’t see why you would use it. HTML5 output including a PPT converter to HTML5. Customized branding – another trend in the space and should be universal in the market. The summer is nearly upon us (or in LA it is already here) which means you can expect the following in your hometown.

Benefits of Having a 3rd Party Authoring Tool


For example, there is an LMS vendor/provider on the market that has purchased a 3 rd party Authoring Tool (one you could buy yourself), and have White Labeled and implemented that Authoring Tool in their LMS. Additionally, you can change tools based on the requirements of each particular piece of learning content you’re looking to create (PPT conversion, video based, mobile compatibility, etc). #5:

How to measure a successful LMS launch


You selected an LMS vendor from a long list of potential partners and you decided in painstaking detail on how to deliver your training to your learners. Delivering standard content such as PPT, Word documents and videos are generally straightforward for most LMSs’ to run. Additionally, maybe your LMS now gives you a chance to better use webinars to train your customers and partners? You have spent months planning your LMS launch.

The Corporate eLearning Ecosystem Explained


Module 1: PPT presentation. This type of setup is usually used by larger scale enterprise customers or those with more advanced data analysis needs (there are comprehensive reporting options in an LMS as it is). Customer Relationship Management software tracks business interactions and relationships that an organization holds. A developer can set up certain actions to take place between the two systems with the possibilities documented by the vendors.

ILT is turning WBT in2 ILT online – its not working

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A couple of years, I needed extra staff to build WBT courses for our employees and customers. A few rapid content authoring tool vendors who pitch that taking a Microsoft Word document and changing it to flash is effective learning. Books, presentations, blogs that state follow the PPT mantra. I’m tired of hearing the excuses.

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Web Conferencing: Voices from the Underground

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While you can use “WC&# for meetings – the real strength and ultimate power for you and your end users (employees, customers, both) is webinars. Thus, when looking at a “WC&# vendor, your focus must be from the webinar perspective – the training perspective and not from the meeting perspective. Other questions to ask your Vendor: Can your recording work if the trainer is talking on the telephone and not using VOIP ?

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