4 Favorite Storyline Quiz Templates

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This Quizmaker template is your standard multiple choice quiz template, but with a smooth, flattened aesthetic that creates a sleek modern feel to the quiz experience. This generic but effective drag and drop template fits that bill perfectly and is easily customized with minimal effort.

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14 eLearning Templates Too Good to Pass Up

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Pick the popular World Race Game to zip around the world with engaging multimedia, and Q & A ready to be customized. Available in HTML5, Storyline, Quizmaker, XML, Flash and other formats.

7 Microinteractions You will Love in the new Articulate Studio 13 [Review]

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Dan defines microinteractions , as the smallest details that delight customers and keep them coming back to the software, or the app, or the web page, or a particular smartphone or tablet, or even the physical appliances we use every day. Microinteractions in the new Quizmaker ’13.

5 Tips to Make Rapid E-Learning Interactive

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And from a production standpoint, it’s really easy to build and manage. Quizmaker: Branched Scenarios. Quizmaker is a rapid elearning application that is used to create quizzes. Demo: branched interaction built in Quizmaker *.

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Readers and professionals from both the private and public sector cast more than 4,000 nominations for the best-in-class solutions across 30 product categories. This year, 100 individual products and solutions are being named as finalists — up from 89 in 2014. Given the high volume of votes and the number of nominated products, every one of these solution providers should be proud to be voted as best-in-class by their customers,” adds Catherine Upton, Group Publisher, Elearning!

Creating interactive and engaging e-content: Experiences with Articulate Storyline


It is a stand-alone product but the user-interface design is very similar to MS PowerPoint. There is a variety of options available – import files from PowerPoint, MS Word, Quizmaker or any content developed with the Articulate Studio’09.

Avoid the Curse of the Frankencourse

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In fact, her product was less elearning course more Rapid E-Learning Blog museum. And they can be augmented using a series of form-based tools like Quizmaker and Engage. Or if you’re using other products you’ll add the Flash output to the PowerPoint slide. Each tool you import also exists as a standalone product. If not, you run the risk of having that cobbled look instead of a cohesive product that looks like everything belongs together.

Aligning eLearning Levels of Interactivity with Articulate 360

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Here’s why: It’s extremely easy to work with, copy and paste your content into any one of its pre-built lessons, or use its custom lesson blocks for a bit more control and variety. This post is adapted from a webinar – register here to view the recording.

10 Sure-Fire Tips for Creating Your Own Stock Photos

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It’s also a way to build some interest in the course prior to roll out since the break room will be abuzz, eagerly anticipating the final product. Here are some of the posts I’ve written so far: How to be More Productive with Narration in Presenter ‘09.

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How to convert a PowerPoint to SCORM


The end product will be your presentation with quiz questions interspersed, and in a format that an LMS can track. So much so that you still work within the Microsoft product, with the additional functionality of the authoring tool added into the user interface. .


Are You Getting the Most Value Out of Your Rapid E-Learning Tools?

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But if you can step away from what the vendor calls the product and how they present the features, you’ll learn to get more value out of the tools. For example, with an application like Quizmaker you’re inclined to focus on the quizzing because that’s what it’s designed to do.

Articulate, Captivate and Lectora – Do they deserve your praise?

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When people think authoring tools, three products typically come to mind. I’ve always found this product to be the top of the line for PowerPoint to Flash course builds. Two components are the shining stars – Presenter and Quizmaker. Articulate loves to say that Engage is used often, but from folks I have spoken with who use the product, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Engage is the only product you can edit the HTML – using a HTML Kit.

Here Are More Than 200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials

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Two-part series on creating some custom picture frames: custom fills and borders. Use crop and soft edges to create custom image. Create a custom color theme in PowerPoint. Create custom cue cards and memo pad. Create a custom player skin.

eLearn Authoring Round-Up

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For this post I tool a look at the following products: SoftChalk Articulate Lectora Captivate My Findings. With the release of Captivate 4, Lectora and Captivate have become very similar products. However, Lectora provides a bit more flexibility for customizing that Captivate. Summaries of Each Product. As my organization selects an LMS and gears up for web based training, I've been looking at a variety of authoring tools for online training.

eLearn Authoring Round-Up

Learning Developments

For this post I tool a look at the following products: SoftChalk Articulate Lectora Captivate My Findings SoftChalk and Articulate are the easiest to use and are good for basic courses. With the release of Captivate 4, Lectora and Captivate have become very similar products. However, Lectora provides a bit more flexibility for customizing that Captivate.

Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators

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iSpring Quizmaker. Quite a few options for customization and branding. Various themes to choose from and customize. The full software product must be purchased for $1,398. Quiz makers enable teachers to create assessments quickly and easily.

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First Impressions: Snap! vs. Articulate

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This morning, Trivantis announced the launch of their new product, Snap! For the most part, it’s a “me-too&# product that functions similarly to other tools in the marketplace. These products and services have just a few subtle differences, but to some folks, those differences are critical. Engage (Snap does not have an equivalent)More choices for customizing the player templateSlide view and branching in Quizmaker.

Tom Kuhlmann – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


It comprises stimulating discussions with industry experts and product evangelists on emerging trends in the learning landscape. Storyline and Quizmaker allow for the layering of content on top of video to create interactive elements. We also have Replay which is a new product to quickly and simply create video presentations and tutorials. How do you think your community is driving/ will drive innovations in your products?

Answers to Frequently Asked Rapid E-Learning Questions

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Typically, with a form-based tool, you have limited customizations outside of changing the template colors and fonts. If you use Quizmaker ‘09, make sure to take advantage of the Slide View feature. Screenr’s a great product for quick tutorials.

Why Dissecting an E-Learning Course Will Improve Your Skills

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By doing this, you learn new production techniques, think through instructional design ideas, and gain confidence in your skills. Even though you might be using PowerPoint to build both types of products, when you build an elearning course you need to think in a different way.

3 Ways to Build Remarkable E-Learning

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Below is a video of Seth explaining how to stand out with remarkable products. Instead of using the quiz form, he leveraged Quizmaker’s slide view to create a very compelling look that only enhances what you’re trying to teach.

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Buy Articulate Studio 09

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I went into this just hoping to eliminate the steps I was taking to convert my power point into a Captivate file but got more than I was expecting with Quizmaker and Engage. The community's ability to show me the potential of Articulate products and quickly help me troubleshoot an issue is what truly sold me. I've only completed a couple of projects so I feel like I am just scratching the surface with all of the customization options available.

Here’s Why PowerPoint 2007 Helps You Build Better E-Learning

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The first slide is a Flash animation and the CPR simulation was created in Quizmaker ‘09. With PowerPoint 2007, you’ll be able to increase your productivity. Built-in graphics and design features will speed up the production of many of your images and objects.

50 Practical Tips & Tricks to Build Better E-Learning

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I have pre-built scenarios that I use for Quizmaker ‘09 and something similar for scenarios I build with PowerPoint. They really speed up my production. You’ll learn to apply various formatting features, make custom edits, and create the shapes you want.