Adobe Captivate Specialist

Adobe Captivate

Power up your professional profile and stand out with the industry-leading Adobe Captivate Specialist recognition. Successfully complete the online assessment, get endorsed as a Specialist, and earn a certificate and badge for use in your professional and social networks. The Adobe Captivate Specialist is a full-day certificate classroom program, delivered by top Adobe Captivate experts. Building custom animations and interactions.

Announcing Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification

Adobe Captivate

As a first time initiative, we are pleased to announce the launch of Adobe Captivate Specialist – a certification program from Adobe, set in an intense classroom training format followed by an online assessment, delivered by top Adobe Captivate experts.

We’re Hiring! Customer Success Specialist (Dublin)


At LearnUpon we put our customer’s experience at the heart of everything we do; we always strive for the best solution (not the easy one), and we commit to producing work that we can be proud of. Onboarding new customers onto the LearnUpon Platform.

Always Choose a Specialist over a Generalist


Today there are a countless number of business and service providers in the learning industry who claim that they can do it all – but is that really provide the customer with inherent value? Generalists have their place – but if you ask me, I choose specialists 10 out of 10 times.

Starting a Customer Education Program: What You Should Know

Talented Learning

Today we feature a post by Adam Avramescu , Head of Customer Education & Training at Checkr and Co-Founder of the CELab blog/podcast. He also authored the new book, Customer Education: Why Smart Companies Profit by Making Customers Smarter. Customer satisfaction scores?

Custom 103

Interview with an Inside Sales Specialist

TechSmith Camtasia

I visited the Sales building recently and stopped by to interview Inside Sales Specialist, Kelsey Ambrosier, about a few sales related subjects that you might find of interest. Inside Sales Specialist. We try to do our best to deliver speedy and accurate responses to our customers!

The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

Talented Learning

Welcome to the Era of LMS Specialists. Let’s explore and then I’ll introduce you to some illustrative examples of how this “specialist” movement is expanding traditional LMS boundaries. LMS Specialists: Why Now? LMS Specialists: What’s So Special?

Can Customized Learning Solutions Solve Critical Business Problems

Hurix Digital

A customized learning solution poses as the perfect remedy. Customized Learning Solution- A Remedy for Critical Business Problems. A customized learning solution, as the name suggests, is one that can be made bespoke to the requirements of its end users.

Ed Tech Company Instructure Acquires Video Learning Specialist Practice

CLO Magazine

“This acquisition reflects our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with experiences that make it easy to learn and improve,” said Mitch Benson, Instructure senior vice president of product in a press release. Instructure announced on Nov.

CDSM Appointed Digital Outcomes and Specialists Approved Supplier


CDSM is pleased to announce we have been appointed a supplier on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework Agreement. There are three additional categories which suppliers can apply to join: digital specialists, research labs and user research participants.

Custom Tech Trends in 2018


Specialist LMSes. Unlike the general understanding of an LMS as a solution for training delivery, some specialist LMSes offer unique solutions that differ from these mainstream LMSes. The post Custom Tech Trends in 2018 appeared first on Abara LMS.

Customize your Training Courses to Boost Performance

Learning Wire

Customizing your training courses , sometimes even going so far as adaptive learning, means incorporating people’s actual needs, favorite learning methods, and their wishes—their thirst for knowledge! For improved customization, they need lots of data and content.

Why our Customers Love Customer Success


Customer success is a relatively new trend in the software industry. But we’ve had a customer success team since Carrie Weitzel, our amazing head of customer success, joined LearnUpon in 2015. Most LMS vendors haven’t invested in customer success.

Serious Games for Customer Success

Enable Education

Ever thought of including online games as a part of your customer education materials? Generally speaking, treating customers as learners can build a large amount of trust, and can also maximize their usage of your products, and encourage repeat business. Adding games into the mix only serves to amplify the benefits of customer education, and also makes the most of your customer service team’s time and resources. So, why create video games to educate customers?

Onboarding Sales Reps to Enable Customers

dVinci Interactive

Stacey Gardner, Senior Learning and Development Specialist, Microsoft. Today’s sales representatives need to bring value to customers. At Microsoft, the seller needs to educate the customer on how the product will solve business problems and enable opportunities.

Sales 141

2016 Training Trends: Connecting Training to Customers

dVinci Interactive

In reviewing these interviews, I see a growing emphasis on connecting training to customers. Leaders want their training to positively impact customers directly and through interactions with their knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives.

Trends 135

GETOGETHER 2017: Celebrating Customer Success!

Growth Engineering

It was Growth Engineering’s annual customer conference, The GETOGETHER 2017. Our awesome customers flew in from around the world, and truly wowed us and each other at this year’s GETOGETHER. The event celebrates everything our customers have achieved over the past year.

Gyrus ranked as a Specialist in the 2018 Aragon Research Globe™ for Corporate Learning


Analyst firm Aragon Research positioned Gyrus as a ”Specialist” in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Corporate Learning. Gyrus Systems , a leader in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) industry, proudly announced today that analyst firm Aragon Research has recognized Gyrus as a ”Specialist” in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Corporate Learning, 2018.

5 Advantages of Custom Elearning Development for In-House Learning Teams


Elearning has been around for a couple decades, and it is only the past few years that organizations have really started to understand the dynamic benefits that custom elearning development can deliver to business results. By leveraging a custom elearning approach, organizations are able to tailor elearning to their business strategy and relish in greater returns on their learning investments. The result is high-quality, true custom elearning in a short time period.

How to Promote New Features To Your Customers


Yet, it can be difficult to know how to communicate this information to your current customers. This is a problem many customer success specialists, account managers, and product marketers encounter. It’s easy to create courses for your customers with an LMS.

DiscoverLink Welcomes Three New Employees to Tackle Higher Customer Demands


Recent efforts to scale implementation capacity due to customer demands has provided the opportunity to grow the DiscoverLink family. Adeel Aslam Comes Aboard the Customer Success Team. In a newly established position, Aslam joined the Customer Success team as Project Manager.

Custom E-Learning Design

Designing Digitally

With custom E-Learning design , we help companies and government agencies create the right environments for employees to expand their skills and learn critical tasks they need to do their jobs safely.

Customers. At Unicorn we always put them first.

Unicorn Training

Everything we do is focused on one key aim – customer success. We’ve taken a look at what makes a great customer journey – and as a result created our Customer Experience Team. an existing Unicorn customer your day-to-day point of contact will remain the same.

Live Camtasia Training with the Customer Success Team

TechSmith Camtasia

We’ve heard from many of our customers that while they love our free tutorials , they’re interested in additional opportunities to learn about our products and engage with TechSmith experts at a deeper level.

Creating Custom Themes 101

DigitalChalk eLearning

Did you know that DigitalChalk allows you to create custom themes? DigitalChalk gives you the ability to create a custom theme for your organization. Let’s create a custom theme. Click the “Save” button and you have created a custom theme!

DiscoverLink Honors Loyal Customers with 2018 Client Appreciation Awards


At DiscoverLink’s client conference, LinkUp, co-founders John Poulos and Jeff Tenut recognized two of their longstanding clients with Customer Loyalty Awards. Golden Corral: DiscoverLink’s longest client, Golden Corral has been a loyal customer since January 2003.

New! Custom Landing Page Headers

DigitalChalk eLearning

During the landing page creation process you can now add custom headers. This allows you to customize your landing page even more than before! What you will need to do to upload a custom header is: Go to the ‘Manage Courses’ tab. Custom Landing Page Headers appeared first on.

Quick Tip: Creating Custom Reports

DigitalChalk eLearning

With our robust reports feature you can create custom reports to pull any kind of detailed information that you will need from your DigitalChalk organization. To create a custom report and pull the information you will want to: Go to the ‘Administration’ tab. Above the left side menu you will see a ‘Custom Reports’ option now, select it. Click the ‘Add’ button and you will be able to begin creating your custom report.

Cultivate a Culture of Customer Service

CLO Magazine

When FMC Technologies experienced rapid growth in a business sector, its customer service performance suffered. Quinn contacted Linkage, a global leadership development firm, to help the western region’s customer-facing employees become better strategic thinkers.

Back to Basics: Arrange Elements in Custom List

DigitalChalk eLearning

All it requires is a click and some dragging and your elements will be arranged in a custom order. You can also custom arrange how the courses are viewed in the users catalog – check out this blog post to see how to do that. 1 or request a live demo with a Product Specialist.

Enhanced Feature: Create Custom Certificate Numbers

DigitalChalk eLearning

DigitalChalk has added a brand new field to certificates that allow you to customize them more than ever before. DigitalChalk has added this field to allow you to create custom numbers to be generated for each student that completes the course. To do this simply hover your mouse over the number and you’ll see 2 icons an ‘x’ and a pencil – click on the pencil icon and a window will open up to allow you to customize the number to your needs. Enhanced feature alert!

How to Train Customer Care to Deal with Angry Clients Through Dialog Simulations

iSpring Solutions

We know that you know that the customer is always right. No matter what, the customer is always right. Even if they shout at the customer care specialist. They are our customers, and we do our best to calm them down and restore their trust in our company. Shared.

Podcast 18: Driving SaaS Customer Success – With Samma Hafeez of Thought Industries

Talented Learning

EPISODE 18 – TOPIC SUMMARY AND GUEST: Customer success has become an obsession among high-growth companies – especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors. But why is customer success so important? A whole new profession has emerged from the need to help customers succeed.

ROI 11

A new vision for IT customer training

Clive on Learning

A month back I had the fortune of being asked to present to CEdMA, an association of senior training managers in large IT companies who have the responsibility for training up their organisations’ customers in their various products. It was clear from their discussion that the market was changing: Customers are demanding shorter courses. Customers are demanding more online delivery. Customers are turning to lower-cost, third-party providers.

Extended Enterprise Learning: Can You Get There From Here?

Talented Learning

Are you an HR or L&D professional trying to figure out how to expand your training programs to customers, channel partners or others outside of your organization’s walls? ” As a specialist in extended enterprise learning technologies, I get it.