The Ultimate LearnDash Toolkit!


Truly, this really is the ultimate LearnDash toolkit! Created by the Toronto based elearning firm Uncanny Owl , this toolkit was originally created for use on their internal LearnDash client sites. Login Redirect – Send learners to a custom dashboard or course after they sign in.

The Unicorn SM&CR Toolkit

Unicorn Training

You can view a visual representation of the map, with the ability to add custom cards and highlight visual areas. Fitness and Propriety A key part of the Certification Regime is the requirement to certify any staff whose job can cause significant harm to the firm or its customers as Fit and Proper. Are you responsible for managing the SM&CR in your organisation? If so, read on to find out how the Unicorn LMS can support you to meet your firm's obligations. Not you?

The eLearning Beginner to Pro Toolkit


We’re sharing this exclusive step by step toolkit containing everything from what is an LMS to the need to know eLearning terms. The toolkit is free to download – no email needed! DOWNLOAD MY TOOLKIT. What you get in this toolkit. How to use this toolkit.

Build An Air-tight Business Case For A Learning Platform


Get Started with The Learning Platform Toolkit. Docebo’s Learning Platform toolkit will help you educate yourself, gather intel from reputable research firms, and share your new-found expertise across the organization in an effort to mobilize your learning project. DOWNLOAD THE TOOLKIT.

Flash To HTML5 – Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration

EI Design

In this article, I am sharing a toolkit you can use to successfully migrate from Flash to HTML5. Essential Toolkit For Successful Migration From Flash To HTML5. Adaptive designs are a good fit for multi-device custom mobile learning material for desktops, laptops, and tablets.

4 Key Benefits of Custom eLearning Solutions

Obsidian Learning

So what does my laundry have to do with custom eLearning? Why get a custom shirt? And these are the big questions when it comes to deciding whether to go the custom vs. off-the-shelf route in Learning and Development. Custom eLearning solutions allow you to: 1.

The Changing Face of Corporate L&D


A thought-provoking article (from Jay Cross) that discusses the significance for L&D to satisfy line leaders, and using the Net Promoter Score® methodology for measuring the confidence and loyalty of line leader customers.

Change 193

Toolkit: Koantic: Something Different … and Cool by Joe Ganci

Learning Solutions Magazine

customize it. Koantic is a tool of the modern video age. It is web-based as almost all modern tools are. You can import video, edit it, and. Using the Koantic mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices, you can shoot a video and instruct the app. to create a new course. You can also create courses on the Koantic site. Read all about this cool tool here! Design & Development Tools Learning Media Training Strategies

10 Reasons Why Raptivity is a Must Have Tool


Increased flexibility Raptivity interaction templates are very flexible, easily editable and can be customized as per your requirements. education software eLearning eLearning Course Creation Toolkit eLearning Software eLearning tools Interaction Templates raptivity

Toolkit: 2015 Year-End Round Up by Joe Ganci

Learning Solutions Magazine

It is custom-made to meet a client’s needs and those needs are usually. Most eLearning does not stay in use for years. immediate and prone to change quickly. Changes are happening all the time, so the shelf life of eLearning is limited. That’s a. good thing because it keeps our services in demand. Authoring tools continue to evolve too. Where do we stand at the start. of 2016? Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Training Strategies

BLP Wins 2015 Horizon Awards for Knowledge Guru Mobile and Custom Game-Based Solution

Knowledge Guru

They created a multitude of interactive modules that fit within a one-stop-shop Security Toolkit designed to help our employees access and navigate our security resources and learning portals” said Bryan Langley, Global Security Manager at Cummins, Inc.

Award Nominee Reveals His eLearning Authoring Toolkit [Guest Post]

eLearning Weekly

These apps can graphically present how long you spend at each customer location during a week or month, and track that according to that account’s current or potential sales. Maestro eLearning is a customer service company in the business of creating custom online training courses. Larry Ober has been nominated as Best eLearning Designer in the Maestro eLearning Awards , dubbed the OSCARS of the eLearning industry.

How to Attract a Loyal Learning Audience, Even on a Tight Budget

Talented Learning

We also engage in training as consumers, business customers or partners. How do you communicate with potential customers and draw them in? It’s worth the effort to create a custom teaser – even if it’s visible only temporarily before the event.

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Gamification trends for 2019


With quite a few experts around the corner for more than five years, efficient toolkits and methodologies have been introduced that are standardized and easy to use. Custom eLearning Solutions Gamification trends in 2019

Save your clients from themselves

Making Change

For example, in the Jedi Mind Tricks toolkit ( now available ), we have a practice client called Carla. Toolkit now available. These first steps with the client are the focus of the Jedi Mind Tricks toolkit. You can download these notes as a custom PDF.

Snagit Clears Confusion in Digital Forensics World

TechSmith Camtasia

He even refers students to Snagit as they build up their digital forensics “toolkit.”. Customer Stories Customer Story Higher Ed SnagitForensics has become an intensely interesting field for many people. Whether on TV shows or in the news, forensics is a part of our daily lives.

Podcast Episode 7: Modern Certification Programs – With Arleen Thomas

Talented Learning

On a regular basis, I’m interviewing some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field of extended enterprise learning – including vendor executives, consultants, customers and others. Having that designation in your toolkit opens the door to a different level of employability.

LearnDash Add-On Black Friday Deals


Track, record, and create custom reports on all Tin Can API (xAPI) data launched from GrassBlade xAPI plugin. LearnDash Toolkit PRO. Pro version of the popular Toolkit Add-on with 12 extra features to enhance your course experience. LearnDash Visual Customizer.

xapi 188

Creating a LearnDash Course Video Series


Custom Login Pages with the Uncanny Toolkit. Custom Login Pages with Theme My Login. If you are creating a course using LearnDash then it can be helpful to “look over the shoulder” and watch someone walk you through the necessary steps. The reality is that software is great but everyone will have questions at some point. Maybe it is with regards to a particular setting, or perhaps about the best way to go about configuring a course.

Video 166

The benefits of applying the 70:20:10 learning framework


It offers a checklist of items to consider when evaluating a 70:20:10 approach, as well as the features to look for when looking for a 70:20:10-oriented technology toolkit. 2x as likely to report improvement in customer satisfaction scores compared to those who do not (42% vs 18%).

Last chance! Save $50 on your Camtasia Studio 8 upgrade

TechSmith Camtasia

PCRecruiter needed to give customers and potential customers a look at the new version of their job applicant tracking software. Expand your video toolkit. News & Events Camtasia Studio Camtasia Studio 8 Customer Videos Screencasting

Reframing retail: How to solve common retail challenges


They’re elevating the customer experience. Not only are they evolving the way their physical channels operate (from a commercial and business perspective), but they are also positioning the store as an essential tool within the complex web of the customer experience.

11 Popular (Free) Plugins Used with LearnDash


LearnDash Toolkit – A popular choice for many who are looking to add some extra functionality to their LearnDash courses. Toolset Types – The more advanced LearnDash users leverage this plugin to create additional fields for the LearnDash custom post types. Every single WordPress site out there uses plugins, and usually more than one. In order for you to achieve the perfect learning environment configuration you will need to use a combination of plugins.

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BLP Wins Two 2015 Horizon Interactive Awards

Bottom-Line Performance

They created a multitude of interactive modules that fit within a one-stop-shop Security Toolkit designed to help our employees access and navigate our security resources and learning portals” said Bryan Langley, Global Security Manager at Cummins, Inc.

15 Top eLearning Guides from 2017


This free xAPI and cmi5 eBook , inspired by questions from our customers, will help you plan the future of your eLearning strategy. Whitepapers, toolkits, cheat sheets. The eLearning Beginner to Pro Toolkit. It’s been a remarkable year for businesses delivering online training.

Top 5 Training Material Development Software


This will help you stay ahead of the competition and better keep up with customer demand. Noted customers. Noted customers. Noted customers. With Raptivity companies can create courses through several templates that can be customized further. Noted customers.

GOLD Win for PulseLearning and Western Union at LearnX 2018


Western Union partners with Financial Institutions (FIs) to serve the international payment and foreign exchange (FX) needs of their customers around the world. Reduced demand for customer service support.

Healthcare LMS Vendors That Provide More Than Just Software


From data management to task automation to curriculum development support, your LMS should treat your organization like a partner enterprise, not a one-time customer. Customized data segments ought to be simple to create across all program, learner, and member data.

Using the NPS to Evaluate and Improve Employee Training


The Net Promoter Score or NPS is a loyalty metric that’s usually associated with a customer’s satisfaction with a product or a service. The NPS measures customer satisfaction and predicts business growth. These are satisfied, but not necessarily loyal customers.

Avoiding Risks of Low Cost LMS Systems for Healthcare CE


Task automation takes the burden of busywork off of your staff and enables them to focus on customer service and content creation that requires their expertise. Identify Your Essential LMS Toolkit. So what does your organization need in its LMS toolkit?

Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

Bottom-Line Performance

This meant only three or four respondents were citing these trends as tools or tactics in their talent development toolkits: Computer-based training (CD-ROMs). At the start of a new year – or the end of an old one – we love to read about trends.

Trends 328

Free eBook: Tips For Marketing Your eLearning Initiative


One of the most common frustrations we hear from prospective customers is a lack of interest from employees in training and development programs. Keeping learning top of mind and exciting for employees can be challenge, so we built a toolkit to help our community increase usage and engagement around their elearning initiatives. Often employees show high initial engagement, but either lose interest or forget about the opportunity without continued exposure.

eBook 70

How to Create Engaging Images for your eLearning Courses


They can be custom made if you’ve access to a designer, or you can get pre-made vectors to use. This point is particularly applicable when training customers or partners. Build your eLearning image toolkit. eLearning images are commonly an afterthought to course content creation.

The Complete Guide to Making Your LMS Free Trial Work For You


As one of LearnUpon’s account managers, I chat to prospective customers about how to make the most of their LMS free trial every day. Your LMS trial toolkit. You need an LMS trial toolkit. Some prospective customers are reluctant to speak to LMS vendors. There are lots of materials you should request too that make it easy for you to find the information you need about the LMS, like: Customer stories in similar industries or with similar use cases.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Rapid e-Learning, Templates, & SMEs

Learning Visions

One of our main products is creating customized templates for our clients; "empowering non-programmers to build e-learning." I understand that not all rapid e-learning tools or template tools allow for customization or extension beyond the shrink-wrapped package.

Top 10 eLearning Resources You May Not Have Thought Of

eLearning Brothers

This open source toolkit enables you to produce interactive learning materials in a productive online environment. When you need help with the creation of content for your courses, you can get it from a custom writing service like Guest post by Robert Morris.

What Is Design Thinking?

Convergence Training

You can use design thinking to help create better products, services, and experiences for your customers; to help improve workplace conditions for your employees; to improve workplace processes and procedures; or to fix other problems.