10 Customer Service Training Topics

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Identifying the most important customer service training topics is a crucial step in developing your employees, and ensuring that they are fully equipped with relevant information and vital skills in representing the business with your customers. Customer-focused mindset.

2021 Customer Service Training Guide

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Have you looked at the contents of your customer service training manual lately? That’s because the definition of “great customer service” is always evolving. Sign up for Free and Start Using The Best LMS Platform for Your Customer Service Training.


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10 Important customer service skills

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Why Improve Customer Service Skills? Customer service is an essential aspect of any business. It is this support for your customers both before and after selling them a product or service that creates an impression upon them which will guide their next purchase.

Next-Level CX: Product Knowledge Training Strategies For Customer Service Teams

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This epic guide can help you implement product knowledge training strategies when you’re pressed for time and working with limited resources. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. The clock is ticking and CX scores are slipping.

Customer Service Skills Your Employees Should Have and How E-Learning Can Help


Customer Service Skills Your Employees Should Have and How E-Learning Can Help. Customer service is a critical function in many businesses. This highlights the importance of good customer service skills. Customer Service Skills for Everyone.

How to Get Your Customer Service Team to Embrace Training


Tired of listening to your customer service team gripe about “more training?”. It's a common problem for customer service leaders, but one that is very fixable, if you change the perception of why service agents need to engage in continuous learning.

6 Tips To Improve Customer Service With Online Training


How To Improve Customer Service With Online Training. The quality of your customer service has the potential to make or break your business. A negative experience can lead to bad word of mouth, unfavorable online reviews, and high customer complaint rates. A positive experience, on the other hand, has the power to boost your sales, increase customer loyalty, and ensure the future success of your organization. Develop simulations to build service skills.

7 Unconventional Ways To Evaluate Employee Performance In Your Customer Service Online Course

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Do they give every customer a 5-star experience? In this article, I explore 7 unconventional ways to evaluate employee performance in customer service online training. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

8 Overlooked Mobile Learning Benefits For Customer Service Online Training


Is mobile learning a viable addition for your customer service online training course? 8 Mobile Learning Benefits For Customer Service Online Training You Might Ignore. We often think of customer service employees sitting at a support center fielding calls or tackling returns, exchanges, and general complaints from behind the counter. However, there is a variety of service roles that require remote access to online training materials.

De-escalate Your Angry Customers with Customer Service Training

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This statement differentiates good and bad customer service. The experience you deliver to your customers is the most important factor and it marks the success of your business. In this context, customer service training takes the center stage. Thus, implementing an effective training should be at the heart of your business strategy. In organizational parlance, it is the employee who interacts with the customer. How it benefits the customer.

7 Quick Tips To Identify Gaps In Your Current Sales Enablement Strategy

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Here are 7 simple tips to identify gaps in your current sales enablement strategy. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Sales Training Corporate Training Customer Service Training eLearning eBooks Sales Enablement Sales TeamNothing’s perfect.

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8 Steps To Develop A Winning Sales Enablement Strategy For SMBs

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In this article, I highlight 8 cost-effective steps to develop a winning sales enablement strategy with limited resources. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Sales Training Corporate Training Customer Service Training eLearning eBooks Sales Enablement Sales Team

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7 Elements That Are Probably Missing From Your Current Sales Online Training Strategy

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But there may be some elements missing from your current sales online training strategy. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Customer Service Training eLearning eBooks Online Training Strategy Sales Team

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5 Tips For Designing A Sales Training Strategy To Boost Your Revenue

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A good sales training strategy can mean more deals closed and more revenue for your company. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Training ROI Customer Service Training eLearning eBooks eLearning ROI Employee Training Sales Team

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Why And How To Use Microlearning To Train Customer-Facing Staff

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When it comes to training your customer-facing staff, think “small.” Microlearning offers bite-sized, just-in-time solutions that have big benefits for your training strategy. Learn why and how to use microlearning to make your customer service training more efficient and effective.

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

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The impression is that training is done to ensure that the customer is feel-good of the services provided. Workplace refresher training leads to improved customer services and increased employee satisfaction. In most cases, the most suitable strategy for reducing such issues is not to implement strict measures or increase supervision but to train all the workers on appropriate and safe behaviors. Customer Servicing.

ID & eLearning Links 4/7/20

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The strategy here is just to get people to try to recognize the right answer from a list of options… The second phase of boosters should be sent about two weeks after the training and at this time you should send out “generative boosters.”

7 Tips To Launch Sales Enablement Training For External Partners

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This article features 7 tips and tricks to launch a sales enablement training strategy that’s easily accessible and targeted to their needs. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Why An LMS Is Critical To Creating Impactful Online Sales Training

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Given the pace of business today, it’s never been more critical for salespeople to continuously learn in order to stay ahead of customer needs and expectations. The only way to provide access to this level of 24/7 training is to establish an LMS at the center of the learning strategy.

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It’s Our Pleasure vs You’re Welcome


The response I received sparked a thought about the true value that comes with genuine customer […]. Blog association community culture customer service e-learning elearning Learning Management System LMS online events social learning strategy virtual events webinar production webinarsThe CommPartners Approach to Onboarding Your LMS Last week, I was speaking with a colleague who had just returned from an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico.

Starting a Customer Education Program: What You Should Know

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Today we feature a post by Adam Avramescu , Head of Customer Education & Training at Checkr and Co-Founder of the CELab blog/podcast. He also authored the new book, Customer Education: Why Smart Companies Profit by Making Customers Smarter. Are you thinking about starting a customer education program? Perhaps you want to support broader customer success or marketing strategies. These are all valid reasons to offer standardized customer education.

Educate everyone

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To me, Hyundai stands out from the myriad other car makers as a leader – not only in innovation, but also in customer service. In contrast, marketing is outward focused; its specialists are charged with attracting more customers. How about combining e-learning with marketing to engage customers? With the trust and goodwill your education generates, I’d wager that plenty of prospective customers will prefer the brand that empowered them.

Benefits Of Speech Analytics For Customer Support Call Centers

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It offers many benefits, like customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, cost reduction, and more. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Sales Strategies Customer Service Training Customer Training Solution Sales Enablement Sales Team

7 Warning Signs It’s Time To Change Your Corporate Learning Strategy

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The strategy is not only a basic precondition of success in business but also one of the rare surefire ways to retain reliable workers. We guess that you already have a corporate learning strategy in place, but do you ever take time to analyze it? This is why we decided to discuss seven warning signs it is time to change your corporate learning strategy. When Is the Right Time to Upgrade a Corporate Learning Strategy?

10 Front Office Training Topics

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First impressions last – which is why we’ve put together a list of the most important front office training topics to ensure that your customer-facing department sets the right tone from the moment the customer walks in the door. You will also find some training topics that will help your front office employees master the know-how of dealing with the most difficult visitors and guarantee a positive customer experience that will inspire them to return to your business. .

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Re-designing your L&D strategy for the hybrid workplace


But, with the right strategies, you can roll out effective training and provide all your employees with a quality learning experience. 6 learning strategies for the hybrid workplace. Consider the following six learning strategies drawn from the experiences of companies making the move.

eLearning in the Workplace


Workplace learning, professional development and eLearning are phrases with increasingly blurred meanings. eLearning has become the cornerstone of education services to the mobile and the busy employee. With the positive relationship between eLearning and employee performance, more content is developed and archived regularly. In this section we discuss the major aspects of workplace trainings and the appropriate eLearning strategies.

Refresher Training

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Customer Service . Good customer service builds trust and loyalty among clients, which in return, leads to greater success and stronger brand positioning in the market. eLearning customer service training edapp feature elearning employee training

Top 10 call centre training courses

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Using online services to train canter staff has numerous advantages, such as allowing staff the flexibility of doing the training on their own time, being able to track each trainee’s progress, allowing for more engaging learning activities, and affording more cost-effective training.

The 3 Stooges, Customer Service, Lesson learned

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I wait twenty minutes watching the long line of angry customers coming and going. Larry was the older 50-something looking annoyed and trying to ignore customers so he could just do his computer work. The customer!? He couldn't care less about me or the other customers. I hope your customer-facing relationship experiences are better than my experience at the Frys Pharamacy at 20th street in Phoenix, Arizona

Our New Sexual Harassment Courses Are Live!


Both courses are now California AB 1825 Compliant, covering a wide range of topics including strategies to prevent sexual harassment, resources and reporting options for targets of sexual harassment, and elements of an effective harassment policy. Customer Education Customer Service & Support Education elearning Learn-Wise Team Learn-WiseGo New Features Site Updates Training Compliance compliance training Sexual Harassment

Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact: Three Tips for Transforming your PowerPoint Presentations to Online Modules


Hint- Publish your eLearning as SCORM 2004, 2 nd or 3 rd edition and passed/failed to ensure all of the great performance data gets sent to the Learn-WiseGo reports. . Incentivize course completions with reward points and customized certificates of completion. When you survey your training resources, do you see an abundance of PowerPoint presentations that are typically delivered in a classroom setting? If yes, you are not alone!

Customer experience training with Virtual Reality


Why do customers choose your brand? In today’s world of infinite choices, your company – and every other company – is now in the customer experience business. There are so many tools and strategies for elevating the customer experience.

4 Reasons No One is Clicking on and Using Your eLearning Content


You take the time to develop eLearning content and then send it out to employees, only to get back disappointing analytics and lackluster adoption rates. And sure, there are a number of possible reasons , but in many cases, missteps in eLearning creation might be the main culprit of bad click rates. Click To Tweet Here are 4 mistakes straight out of the marketing playbook that could be causing low engagement rates with your eLearning content.

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How to Choose A New Business Strategy


So you want to come up with a new strategy. I can’t tell you what your new strategy is going to be. Continue Until You’ve Settled On A Strategy – Eventually, inevitably, you’ll figure out what you want to do.

Does Your Sales Team Have Bad CX Habits?


We all want to deliver for our customers, starting with a sales experience that builds trust between our organization and our buyers. After all, sales sets the stage for the entire customer journey. Those promises may be made with the best of intentions, but if your sales team doesn’t have a full understanding of the entire customer journey, it’s difficult to avoid over-promising. Our customer data isn’t as rich as it could be in the sales phase.

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Choosing the Right eLearning Content Development Service Provider

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With digital footprint fast-growing in every walk of life, eLearning is taking center stage in enterprise training as well as academic learning. Naturally then, incorporating effective eLearning programs remains a key focus area for organizations across the board.

Should your corporate training strategy move to the MOOC?

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A company’s training strategy usually comprises of four aspects: Identifying measurable outcomes. It is purely based on your business goals and comprises of targets such as increased productivity, reduced attrition, improved customer service, etc. However, all other aspects in your training strategy are closely linked with the Learning and Development (L&D) methodology that you will use to execute your strategy. corporate MOOC Training strategy

5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

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For some instructional designers the accessibility standards of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act can become a source of confusion, frustration, and anxiety during eLearning course design. However, designing and developing eLearning content that is accessible to individuals with hearing, vision, cognitive, or other disabilities doesn’t have to be a scary thing. Will your course on over-the-phone customer service training be offered to deaf learners?

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eLearning Brothers Provides Customizable eLearning Courses for Bridge

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We’ve often been asked in our custom development adventures if there were some sort of off-the-shelf product that we offered for common training topics. The goal has been to give companies customizable eLearning courses and content through Bridge that lets them create job- and business-specific learning to meet their own needs. Try a new strategy or two, and bam! Company Custom Solutions eLearning News Products/Services