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Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, customer education has become a hot topic of discussion, and for a good reason. Recent research findings collected by Intellum (2019), present the importance and highlight the effectiveness of customer education on a wider spectrum.

Comparing Video Hosting, Transcribing, and Captioning Tools


As for captioning videos, many DIY tools and paid services are available to help you make your video content more accessible. Department of Education, the company’s CaptionSync service offers transcription as well as automated captioning services. Good customer service. Cons: Works well if you already have a transcript of the video, but if not, you may also need to engage the company’s transcription services (for an additional fee). It is a FREE service.


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The DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage Reveal

eLearning Brothers

Stephen and TGA have developed award-winning game-based solutions that have been used to onboard new employees for sales and product training, security, compliance, processes, customer service, and many other training topics. John was also co-founder and lead engineer at BocaSoft, a software utility creation company. John holds a BS degree in electrical engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. In this session, you will learn: How to customize a template.

Angela Brown’s Recurring Revenue Niche Membership Site Journey and Success Story


And I only expected that if I set up a customer service line, that they were only going to respond through the customer service line. Chris Badgett: I was talking to the CEO of WP Engine. Chris Badgett: How do you get customers?

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How to Teach Soft Skills in the Workplace


Customers and Clients Need Soft Skills. Customers today have almost endless options when it comes to making purchases of products or services. For consumers, customer service is a top consideration, which is where soft skills can become essential for organizations.

Teach 52

Top 10 Learning Systems for 2022

eLearning 24-7

Some of the questions regarding privacy/security and customer support were included as part of the analysis. If a vendor has been certified by me, for customer support, it will be noted. If you are going customer education/learning the last thing you want is a dated front-end.

Learning During Times of Growth

CLO Magazine

Given the company’s distinctive and engaging brand of customer service, that intense resource need means finding the right people and giving them the kind of training that ramps them up to productive levels as rapidly as possible. Our sustainable competitive edge in the coming years will result from the customer experiences delivered by our front-line crewmembers,” Barger said. “To Learning Services as an Engine of Growth.

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What to Do With a Broken LMS

CLO Magazine

• Web services or API connectors are not suited for creating dynamic, Web 2.0 In a custom learning portal project, it can be a struggle to build even basic functionality, such as search and register engines, in a way that’s simple to maintain and meaningful to all audiences. • Increased self-service registration. • Improved training customer service. Plus, EMC Education Services was not ready to replace its LMS.

Learning Management System – LMS

Ed App

To give you some ideas, it’s perfect for anything from employee onboarding to customer training, compliance training, and act as a virtual classroom to round out your holistic learning experience. What is an LMS? . LMS stands for Learning Management System.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Value of Instructional Designers

Learning Visions

They have the knowledge and that is why we should use their focussed knowledge services. The employees are good at their jobs, but management is uncomfortable with the fact that there are multiple methods employed in the field to service partner needs. Is it possible that experience or a degree in Engineering, Project Mangement, or Business could generate the same skills that you mention?