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Rather with increased digitization due to easy Internet access, the education industry around the globe is undergoing massive changes rapidly and changing in leaps and bounds. Ed-tech platforms with smart virtual tools are revolutionizing the field of education.

Compliance Training Guide

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Compliance training is a crucial pillar of every company’s training and development program. In this post, we’ll dig deeper into the concept of compliance training, its key importance to businesses, as well as some compliance training examples. And the worst part?


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What is Data Security Training and Why Do You Need It?


Many employers still don’t take data security training for employees seriously. The consequences are dangerous. million in 2021, the highest average cost in 17 years. Compromised credentials made up 20% of the total breaches. The average cost of breaches was 1.07

How to Train Remote Employees: Best Practice Guide


Many organizations have been forced to cater for employees working remotely with very little preparation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, the rise of home working has been the most significant change in the way we work in recent decades. Poor training content.

3 Strategies for Infusing Cultural Authenticity in Your eLearning Experience


As more companies expand their eLearning programs on a multinational scale, instructional designers are more frequently finding themselves in positions of having to design for learners with backgrounds and cultures very different from their own. For those of you who have designed for multinational eLearning experiences, you also are more than likely aware of how difficult it can be to recognize those visual cues. Give the learners control.

BLOG: #UTGForum updates

Unicorn Training

So we're back at King's Place for our annual Client Day and this is where you can follow all the updates from the day.Here's what's going on.Be sure to follow us on Twitter #UTGForum all day too.Right off to get some coffee.Room filling up nicely! Putting in The Abbreviations Game will get you there quicker. Philippa Grocott from FSTP to discuss the how we believe blended learning is the right approach."Do No-one is the answer! MORNING!So

10 Ways to Enhance Professional Development with an LMS


Modern employees value professional growth and development, it’s not just about the paycheck. Of course, employee turnover is not the only reason that professional development is important. Companies can see substantial advantages when they integrate a robust learning and development programs, such as, cultivation of leadership, more internal hiring ability, increase in job competency and efficiency, and happier, challenged employees.

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