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Security for WordPress Websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence Security Plugin


Learn about security for WordPress websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence security plugin in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Security is incredibly important. Website security is like an insurance plan. Definitely.

On-Premise vs Cloud LMS comparison: 7 things to consider when choosing


Either of these two options is equally effective in terms of functionality. It is essential for you to know the characteristics of each platform, the services that it offers, the capacity of its servers, the quality of the technical staff, support and, of course, the reputation of the company.

How to Make Workplace Safety Training Modules Future Ready


Future proofing means creating a software or product in such a way that future technological advances do not render it useless or less effective. Cloud is the most reliable and secure backup you can have. Must read: 7 Most Effective Ways to Deliver Training Content on Mobile.

7 Reasons Why Developing a Corporate Learning Program is Necessary for Your Business

Your Training Edge

What happens when their positive effect wears off? There’s definitely more to it. With the rapid development of technology, baby boomers need regular opportunities to acquire new technology-related skills in order to perform the job more effectively.

How Compliance Training Improves Your Time-to-Market

Enyota Learning

Information Security Training. It's about giving your employees the appropriate skills and training to manage the complexities of legislative regulations—and perform their jobs more securely and efficiently. Effective Governance.

7 Ways to Improve Your Google E-A-T Rating

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Fresh & real example content exhibits Authority & reputation of your brand. Definitely yes! Trust factor simply doesn’t refer to the genuineness of the content, but also the website security. Now Chrome is marking all HTTP pages as not secure.

HIPAA Training and Data Breaches: Are You Protected?


For employers, data breaches are costly and damaging to their reputations. Records containing Protected (or Personal) Health Information (PHI) should be kept in locked cabinets, or require secure passwords to access digitally. Although not required by HIPAA, encrypting data provides another layer of security so hackers don’t get into the system. Encrypt the data, use password protection, and store the device in a secure location. HIPAA Definitions.

Extended Enterprise Compliance: Mapping the Ecosystem

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However, contractors definitely cause more compliance headaches, safety risks and financial damage. It would solicit bids from reputable contractor companies who specialize in supplying talent on demand. Where you can source effective compliance content.

Understanding Your LMS Requirements for Corporate Training


And last, but definitely not least, you’ll want to find a provider with a reputation for security and privacy, and that will be able to backup your eLearning content and reports. You’ve got so many difficult decisions to make in a day.

LMS RFP Tips: How to Find Your Best Learning Technology Fit

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The LMS RFP has developed a bad reputation because it is easily misunderstood. However, it’s important to understand that the backbone of every RFP is a formal definition of the buyer’s requirements. By definition, every RFP should be unique.

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What’s Happening with OLIVE? Find Out.

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OLIVE is one of the only enterprise-grade, virtual world technology solutions available today that is capable of providing private, secure, persistent three-dimensional (3-D) environments behind or in front of firewalls. Definitely. Checkpoint Training in a 3D environment of OLIVE.

The Learning Portal – A Simple Idea That Made the World a Better Place

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If that sounds too sci-fi for you, maybe you’d prefer a more practical learning portal definition. It could be a microsite within an intranet or a dedicated secure learning platform. A learning portal is an online gateway to a better version of yourself.


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Most importantly – and we’ll tackle this later—it’s imperative for individuals and organizations to deal with CRZY-MKRs in a decisive way before they habituate behaviors that chip away at employees emotional security. The Dunning-Kruger Effect – 1999). Yes, they are all around you.

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

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Key features include recording through a microphone or mixer, digitizing recordings from tapes, audio editing, importing and exporting audio files, effects and quality adjustments. One way to learn and solve problems more effectively is by visualizing information.

Free L&D webinars for January 2018

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More effective communication? You’re definitely covered. Monday, January 8, 2018, 10AM – 11AM PT: 4 Keys to Enhancing Your Healthcare Culture (Free for ATD members) A healthcare company’s culture has a tremendous effect on the patient experience, and ultimately your survey scores.

Building Relationships That Work

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One of the biggest challenges to working with others effectively is being overly invested in your version of the truth. We all have a reputation whether we like it or not. What kind of reputation is it? Neither extreme is useful when building effective relationships.

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How to Avoid Technology Hassles with Your Self Hosted WordPress LMS Website with Jonathan Denwood


For many people who know WordPress and LifterLMS , it is tough to put an exact dollar figure on a fully functioning site, because so many factors contribute to the price, i.e. your theme, LMS add-ons, site hosting, security, development work, etc.

Free learning & development webinars for July 2017

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Discussion topics include: The extended enterprise landscape Trends and insights from recent research Benefits of extended enterprise learning Compliance implications Strategies Thursday, July 6, 2017, 11AM – 12PM PT: Is Your Coaching Truly Effective?