How to Get the Most out of Your LMS Demo

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To help you make the most of your time, and land at the best solution for your association, here are the “Do’s and Don’ts” for LMS demos: Do. Most LMS demos are scheduled for 1 hour. Create scenarios to help guide the demo.

Demoing Out Loud (#wolweek and #DevLearn)

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Demoing is a form of working out loud, right? So I recently was involved in a project with Learnnovators where we designed some demo elearning (on the workplace of the future), and documented the thinking behind it. Second, if you’ll be at DevLearn next week, I’ll be demoing the resulting course at the DemoFest (table 84). Of course, I encourage you to attend my workshop on elearning strategy and mythbusting session as well.

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LMS Demo Do’s and Don’ts

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. In the last two weeks as an LMS selection consultant, I have been on the receiving end of 24 hours of live LMS demos from eight different vendors. LMS Demo Do’s. Tailor the demo approach accordingly. LMS Demo Don’ts. Don’t give your standard demo.

Adobe Captivate: Video Demos and the Mouse

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Interactive eLearning that works great on mobile devices is important. Nevertheless, there's room in world for a different mode that gets little respect among Captivate aficionados: Video Demo mode.       As I mentioned above, simulations and responsive eLearning are both important. However, it takes a significant amount of time to create eLearning in either of those modes.   File > Record a New > Video Demo ).

3 Benefits of a Learning Management System Demo


Have you been thinking about trying a learning management system demo? For many people, apprehension that the demo isn’t really free of charge or will interfere with current software prevents them from trying a learning management system demo. While this might be true of some demos, it isn’t true of all of them. Before we get into the benefits of a learning management system demo, let’s clarify why your company should invest in an LMS. eLearning content library.

It’s Demo Time

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Demo Time! Because the conversation will drive what happens next, seeing the demo. demo). You might think to yourself, that the goal of this approach is to identify what you are really seeking and thus when it comes to the demo, to focus only on that, rather then the entire system itself. employee size, what you are looking for in a solution, and that you want to see a demo of the product. You want to have the demo, one on one (i.e., Finally, The Demo.

A Tour Of Articulate Storyline Demos

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Check out the Articulate Storyline demos and examples to see what you can do with this new authoring tool. Post from: The eLearning Coach A Tour Of Articulate Storyline Demos. Authoring Tools

Adobe Captivate 7: Publishing Video Demos

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  Over the past few weeks I've shown you how to trim portions of a Captivate Video Demo and how to Pan & Zoom. This week, I'm focusing on the Publishing process for Video Demos.   Publishing a Video Demo is, to put it mildly, different. by Kevin Siegel.

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Adobe Captivate: Edit Mouse Points in a Video Demo

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I was teaching a recent Adobe Captivate Advanced class how to create and edit a Video Demo using Captivate 6. One of my students agreed he could see many reasons to create a quick video of a computer process instead of using Captivate's capture other modes (Demo, Assessment, Training or Custom). In reality, once you've recorded a Video Demo, there is plenty you can do to it post-production. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearning mLearning

Agile eLearning development (3): Best practices, Demo’s, user stories and backlog

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In the previous post on agile eLearning development I wrote about culture. After every sprint there is a demo where the development team shows the result of the work of the past sprint. A demo takes 1 hour. In an eLearning project this would be the project manager and the client.

ELEARNING PRODUCTION: iOS 11 Makes Mobile Demos a Snap (or a Tap)

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Not so long ago we were tasked with creating an eLearning project that included a software demonstration of an iPhone mobile app. We used Adobe Captivate, but any eLearning tool will work including Articulate Storyline and TechSmith Camtasia. Adobe Captivate e-learning eLearning

Tin Can API & the Future of E-Learning


Tin Can Watershed : This is a fascinating demo that allows you experience a typical Learning Record Store (LRS). “One small step for e-learning technology, One giant leap for the e-learning industry.” ” ~ Rustici Software. INTRODUCTION.

Creating Interactive Videos from Really Boring Talking Heads, Lectures and Demo Videos

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Vignettes Learning Learn more about story and experience-based eLearning. e-Learning Strategy eLearning instructional design mico-scenarios micro-learning ray jimenez story-basedHow does the world of video abundance impact the way we learn?

eFrontPro demo: take the Mercedes of the eLearning world for a test-drive


And our new demo program for eFrontPro allows you to do just that. From our demo site you can create your personal demo account and evaluate eFrontPro for a whole month. News demo efrontpro

eLearning: Designing for Every Learner

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If you are demoing a process to the learner and they are NOT to interact with the content, but just watch the demo, make sure that it's clear to the learner as well.   e-learning eLearning

eLearning Example: Demo Environment Course

eLearning Brothers

This is an example eLearning course developed to demonstrate our eLearning Templates in action. eLearning Products used: Articulate Presenter Skin. eLearning Example Course Graphic Design Tips Portfolio

Agile tips that will improve your eLearning development

Challenge to Learn

You can apply the lessons learned from agile software development to eLearning development as well. This post contains some simple tips that you can apply to eLearning development. If you create eLearning for your own organization it has to be an internal client.

Agile 106

The Script as Step One: Why Your eLearning Video or Demo Must Have a Script First by Max Yoder

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Planning to include a video in your next eLearning production? Write the script first! Working from a script saves. time and. makes editing go much better, as you will learn from this article. Design Strategies Learning Media Training Strategies

eLearning Course Starters

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Elearning Course Starters are templates to help you get started on your course design. Another fantastic thing about eLearning Course Starters is we give you the source files. See what eLearning Course Starters we have in your authoring tool of choice. .

Hands-On #4: Download your Micro-Learning Flashcards Demo Source Files

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Learn more about story and experience-based eLearning. e-Learning Strategy eLearning instructional design micro-learning micro-scenarios microlearning ray jimenez small bites learning smallbites social learning stories story-based storytelling

Adobe Captivate 9 Review

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Adobe Captivate Draft Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Whats new adobe captivate 9 adobe captivate draft Captivate 9 Captivate Review Device Demo Multi-state objects rapid elearning Responsive eLearning

eLearning: When Should You Record Your Voiceover Audio?

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by Kevin Siegel      Adding voiceover audio to eLearning enhances the learner experience. I've been creating eLearning for years (and years and years).   When I create video demos with Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, or TechSmith Camtasia Studio, I tend to record my voice at the same time that I'm recording the screen. I was trying to create quick video demos to share with fellow eLearning developers.

eLearning Example: Demo Education Course

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This is an example eLearning course developed to demonstrate our eLearning Templates in action. eLearning Products used: Articulate Presenter Skin. eLearning Example Course Graphic Design Tips Portfolio

30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

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For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. The eLearning Heroes challenges are one way many people have successfully built portfolio samples.

Adobe Captivate: Removing Popups from Video Demos

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel      I'm continuing to enjoy developing eLearning using the new Adobe Captivate 8. Take video demos for instance. I use the video demo recording mode frequently (it's the mode I use for the videos I upload to YouTube).

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With eLearning Templates

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There are tons of eLearning Templates and eLearning Stock assets that enrich every member of the eLearning Template Library. But did you know that there are amazing things you can do with these eLearning assets that can be used for non-eLearning purposes?

8 Top Tips For Using Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools For eLearning Gamification


Rapid eLearning authoring tools help reduce the time and expense of your eLearning course development. However, they can also give you the power to create engaging gamified eLearning courses for a fraction of the cost. Create A Goal-Centered eLearning Storyboard.

5 eLearning Examples That Will Get You Thinking Outside the Box

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A good way to get unstuck from developing boring courses is to analyze good eLearning examples. So to help you get unstuck, here are five eLearning examples that will change the way you think, and help you get outside the box. Watch the demo here. Watch the demo here.

eLearning Meets the Needs of Small, Medium and Large Businesses


In place of classroom-style training, we are seeing a global shift to eLearning. eLearning has the ability to meet a wide variety of corporate needs. An eLearning system gives small business owners assurance that training is available to employees 24/7 in a flexible format.

Leverage eLearning Tools to Organize Business


Leveraging eLearning Tools for Business Organization. Learning management systems, also referred to as eLearning systems, offer a central location that makes it easy to access content and business communication. Request a free demo of TOPYX today. LMS & eLearning

4 Misconceptions Using eLearning Templates

eLearning Brothers

For my first blog this year I wanted to share a few misconceptions about using eLearning Templates. As a sales representative with eLearning Brothers I’ve come across four misconceptions about eLearning templates. Elearning Brothers’ templates actually increase creativity.

Webinar Roundup – Easy, Customizable and Fun! eLearning Simplified by Raptivity


Team Raptivity recently conducted a much applauded webinar on making eLearning ‘ Easy, Customizable and Fun ’. The webinar was aimed at all instructional designers, course creators and trainers who are stuck with complex eLearning methodologies.

Agile eLearning development (4): Planning and execution

Challenge to Learn

User stories will only be presented at demo when they are done. Done means that you could decide to put them in the production version of the product straight after the demo. eLearning. Agile eLearning development: business goals and road map.

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Adobe Presenter Video Express: Creating Software Demos

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Adobe Presenter Video Express e-learning eLearning by Jennie Ruby. If you've tried Adobe Presenter with Video Express , you are probably aware that you can create a video of yourself as you present your PowerPoint slides, and then display either yourself, your slides, or both in the published project.

How to Create a Leaderboard for eLearning with Google (Part 2)

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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article highlighting how you can use a Google Sheet (with some Google Apps Script) as a leaderboard in your eLearning course. So, make sure you click on the link below and read through that now: How to Create a Leaderboard for eLearning with Google (Part 1).

eLearning: How to Pick an LMS

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by Ashok Sharma    Picking a Learning Management System (LMS) to host your eLearning content is a crucial, but often overlooked, step in the eLearning development process. Which LMS fits best within your budget, your eLearning development software, your learner's technology, your training objectives, and your instructional design initiatives? Some eLearning courses use video, others use written materials.   Looking to get started with eLearning

The future of eLearning, part 2


In this series of posts we stroke our elaborate moustaches, straighten up our turbans, and look into our crystal balls to determine the future of eLearning in 10 years time. You might be wondering how come “Instructor-Led Training” is part of the future of eLearning.