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How to Start an Online Fitness Website (5-Step Process)

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

And, websites like Fitfatherproject or Gaia make for great examples. So, if you’re someone who’s looking to start an online fitness website, LearnDash LMS stands as a golden opportunity to do so without heavy investments. Step 1: Get the look and vibe of your fitness website on point.


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How to Build a Beautifully Designed Training Based Membership Website with WordPress with Melissa Love from the Marketing Fix


Learn how to build a beautifully designed training based membership website with WordPress with Melissa Love from the Marketing Fix in this LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. What has normally happened in the past is, and this might resonate with anyone who has ever built a website.

How to Set Up Your Online Course Website with LifterLMS Expert and WordPress LMS Freelancer Will Middleton


Learn how to set up your online course website with LifterLMS expert and WordPress LMS freelancer Will Middleton in this episode of the LMScast podcast from LifterLMS. ”, or sometimes people will want me to build a website and then teach them how to use it.

How To Do Marketing Automation, CRM, and More Directly From Your WordPress Website with Groundhogg Founder Adrian Tobey


Learn about how to do marketing automation, CRM, and more directly from your WordPress website with Groundhogg founder Adrian Tobey in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Groundhogg is a CRM tool for WordPress that allows you to run your email marketing through the back-end of your website. You can also find Adrian on Facebook and Twitter at @groundhoggwp, or you can reach out to Adrian by email. They can find me on Facebook.

How to Avoid Technology Hassles with Your Self Hosted WordPress LMS Website with Jonathan Denwood


We discuss how to avoid technology hassles with your self hosted WordPress LMS website with Jonathan Denwood of WP-Tonic in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett. He also specializes in some online course website services. And just to clear up some terminology here, one of the things with a WordPress-based Learning Management System, this is on a website that you own and control. It’s a very clean, fast theme if you care about website speed.

Digitec LMS Exhibition Team Heads North by Northwest

Association eLearning

Additional information about ASTD International and CME Congress can be found on the conference websites. Share this on Facebook. Content Authoring eLearning eLearning News Learning Management Systems astd international cme congress elearning conferences LCMS learning content management system learning managment system lms lms demos Representatives for the Knowledge Direct learning management system are preparing for a busy month with two international conference in May.

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How to Build an eBook Store without Breaking a Sweat


Here’s how you can build an eBook store Create your website. Most publishers will hire a website developer to build their eBook websites. Templates are a great way to build any website, including eBook stores. Subscriptions: Your website should have a subscription page.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Gin System

Learning Visions

Monday, July 02, 2007 The Gin System As Ive been trying to sort out the role of FaceBook lately, I cant help but wonder "wheres the content?" It seems to me that FaceBook is a great networking tool. I viewed the "Office" demo of The Gin System.) Pricing model (from their website): We dont charge per user or have traditional license fees. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

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Using Chatbots in eLearning

Origin Learning

From Facebook and Twitter chatbots to virtual voice assistants that are programmed to respond to basic queries; chatbots have grown in popularity. Most product-based websites now have a chatbot built into their website to respond to basic queries by product-users. Be it a sales training guide, a product demo, or a compliance safety program; Origin offers cutting-edge result-driven digital learning solutions that help enhance your organizational growth.

How to Easily Create Powerful Customer Education

Spark Your Interest

While you can do tutorials as a blog post or as a series of images on your website, a video has by far the highest engagement rates. And they are very different from Facebook or LinkedIn. Create a demo to showcase a tricky feature.

Managed WordPress Hosting Company WP Engine Meets Accelerating Need for Digital Education Experiences by Releasing LMS Site Templates in Partnership with LifterLMS


David Vogelpohl works as the VP of Growth for WP Engine , and in this episode he and Chris talk about the new WP Engine website templates you can use to build a site in much less time than it used to take. So you click on a little wizard and it loads in all the demo content.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs to be Using Video

TechSmith Camtasia

Demo products and offerings. Someone should be making demos on behalf of your company to show the product or services you are selling. These could be finely edited for your website, or they could be off-the-cuff demos that show how your solution solves specific customer problems. Apple is a company known for their demos, and they do a fantastic job.

ASAE Annual Conference 2015

Association eLearning

We invite you to stop by our booth for a demo and share your thoughts on the future of learning via Twitter using the hashtags: #thefutureoflearning and #asae2015. Learn more about the conference and register to attend by visiting the official ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition 2015 website. Share this on Facebook.

Online Course Marketing: Tips for selling more courses and increasing your revenue

Plume - e-learning & learning management systems

Generating sales for your course starts with three things; a website, a network of people and marketing. First and foremost, you need a website. Before you develop your website, it’s worth taking into consideration how people think, and what might influence their buying decision. This layout is what we call conversion lead design – by keeping everything on one page, prospects aren’t needlessly navigating back and forth across your website. Facebook.

7 Amazing Things You Can Do With eLearning Templates

eLearning Brothers

You can demo them here. Make a Training Website Using eLearning Templates. Create a Facebook Game. This idea may include intense coding, but still it’s possible using the source files to code your own Facebook game. There are tons of eLearning Templates and eLearning Stock assets that enrich every member of the eLearning Template Library.

How to Make Explainer Videos That Help Customers Understand Your Brand


YouTube being the pioneer and many platforms like Facebook, Instagram’s IGTV, and Snapchat following along those lines, videos have become a great source of branding and advertising for companies. It is not even necessary that you only make use of that video on just your website.

Virtual Bookshelf: Your All-You-Can-Read Digital Library


As social media fatigue sets in with sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., Some of the more popular virtual bookshelf websites include: Library Thing. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE. What is a virtual bookshelf?

Who has been fined recently for data breaches?


Bounty UK collects personal data from its website, apps and new mothers at hospital bedsides but they didn’t fully disclose the personal data was being shared with 3 rd part companies for direct marketing purposes. This fine currently stands as the highest ever issued by the ICO (held jointly with Facebook), however the costs could have been far higher if the breach had occurred after the GDPR implementation date. Facebook – Oct 2018. GDPR eLearning: A year on.

Sell your courses online with course management software

Arlo Training & Events Software

When you’re selling a course online, the obvious place for this transaction to happen is on your website. Love it or hate it, social media is a powerful way to promote your course and get people on your website. To sell your course online, you don’t just need any old website.

Register now for ScreencastCamp 2013!

TechSmith Camtasia

It means you, the participants, pick, lead, and share your knowledge in sessions, discussions, and demos. Find out more info and register at the ScreencastCamp website. For ScreencastCamp updates , be sure to connect with us on Twitter or Facebook. Campfires, s’mores , BBQ, tech, geek crafts, sporks and lots of screencasters. What more could you ask for over a weekend? Mark your calendars for our third ScreencastCamp on August 2 – 4, 2013 !

Learning & Development Conferences for 2020

Limestone Learning

To ensure you don’t miss out, subscribe to our blog with your RSS reader of choice or follow us on Twitter , LinkedIn , or even Facebook ! March 17–20, 2020 ATD 2020 Learning Never Peaks , Denver, Colorado Save the date for this ATD conference and watch the website for more details.

B2B Video Guide: 8 Must-Dos (and 2 Don’ts) for Success

TechSmith Camtasia

And maybe later, one for their website, etc., Use a URL builder to create a unique link, so that you can understand where traffic that you send back to your website is coming from. Or in the link you include alongside your video on Facebook. Want to start creating B2B videos?

22 Reasons Why WordPress+LearnDash is the Best for an Online School

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

In addition, the best LearnDash themes have highly engaging designs and quick-setup demos which help you take your school online in the least possible time. Ready website demos to get started. Starting an online school website can be tricky.

Do Emails help Drive Engagement in L&D?


You might notice there are certain things that drive you back to the same websites and apps day after day. These notifications provide a one-click option to visiting the site like you have probably received from sites like Amazon and Facebook. They implemented a cascading communication roll out approach – beginning with executives and their staff, then introducing it to the rest of the organization with live briefings, demos, and videos.

5 Ways to Improve Medical Continuing Education Courses


Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to your advantage. You’ve announced them on social media, medical journals, emails, and medical websites. Contact us for a free demo to learn more ! Are your medical professionals happy with your CME courses?

Mark your calendars: ScreencastCamp 2014

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It means you, the participants, pick, lead, and share your knowledge in sessions, discussions, and demos. For more information you can view pics from past ScreencastCamps , like our ScreencastCamp Facebook page , and visit the ScreencastCamp website. Every summer, from age 8 through 17, my parents would send me off to 2 weeks of summer camp in northern Michigan.

Incorporating Sponsors Into Your Live Online Events: A Win-Win!


You can also customize the features that are displayed and incorporate a sponsor section with an I-frame of their website or custom html text. . Sponsor Videos: Stream spotlight interviews or live vendor demos and allow for attendee Q&A interaction with the exhibitor representative. The vendor could also provide a recorded demo for you to play. . If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Abila on Twitter , Facebook , Google+ and Linkedin.

7 Things to avoid when selecting an LMS


If a demo of an LMS is not simple and straightforward in terms of navigation, then probably the entire LMS is overcomplicated and you might want to avoid it. Facebook is old enough to have a Facebook account. Go to your vendor's website and check the URL bar for http s instead of just http and a lock icon. If you can't find these, they don't have an SSL certificate , which means their website is not a safe place for data transfer, logins or credit card transactions.

7 Essential Skills & Training Tools For Trainers


Naturally, another effective training skill you’ll need is the ability to evaluate and validate websites as well as critically assess research papers. To check if a website you are referring to is authentic and not fake or a duplicate, is to browse through all menu items and check the “last updated” date at the footer of the webpage. and others aren’t ( looking at you, Facebook! ). Have you hired someone to develop online training programs for your organization?

LMS Review: Docebo 7

Talented Learning

Watch my video demo + review ! Here are some examples of their out-of-the-box connectors: Social Media — Use your log-on credentials from Facebook, Gmail, Google Apps, LinkedIn, Slack or Twitter to create LMS accounts and populate profile data. CMS Integrations –Tie the LMS to portals, websites and blogs built in Joomla, WordPress or Drupal. OKTA, LDAP, Google Apps, Facebook, G Suite and LinkedIn. See More Vendors in our LMS Directory.

How to take your compliance training strategy from tick-box to transformational


In our data protection demo , we use real cases taken from the Information Commissioner’s Office website to share stories of individuals (not businesses) who have drummed up huge fines with exactly that kind of simple error. . A small number of carefully-chosen, action-focused tips in the elearning, directly related to the everyday errors you’ve already described (see our data protection demo again or this risk assessment demo for examples).

Leveling Up Your Relationship with WordPress with Terri Tutich


Terri helps people with WordPress websites on a little of everything, from teaching people how to get set up to building full sites from scratch, as well as fixing and maintaining sites. Making backups of websites is a strong point of emphasis for Terri. I need a new website.

9 Ways Content Analytics Can Help Publishers and Authors


Right from Facebook to Instagram, users can see the post reach and impressions made, helping them plan a better content strategy to increase their audience base. Content analytics shows a statistical report displaying the number of impressions made so far and the number of unique visitors on the website. Social platforms are now being used as a tool to promote content and drive traffic to websites. REQUEST DEMO READ MORE.

The College Tour Right of Passage–Done Virtually

Kapp Notes

For more information or to view a demo, please visit: [link]. Company Website: [link]. Product Website: [link]. Facebook: [link]. Facebook: [link]. Well, its the time in my life where things have gone full circle. I am now touring colleges with my oldest son. I remember tour colleges myself trying to find that perfect fit. So, we pile into the car and drive all over in search of the perfect campus. Visiting college campuses was never easier.

How to Launch Your Online Course the Easy Way with Course Maker Pro, WP Engine, and LifterLMS


While hosting can be one of the complicated aspects of course building, WP Engine makes the process of getting your website set up super easy by having a simple user interface along with live technical support. Or if your email goes down, your website will still be up.

ATD ICE 2018: It’s a Wrap, Krissy Richard

Learning Rebels

BTW, people, this is how you LEARN new stuff by asking and watching demos. Krissy is a Learning Rebels supporter who engages with the Learning Rebels Facebook page. Also, for content design and free vector art, there are a bunch of free ones on this website, but there are also premium ones that come at a cost. ATD ICE 2018: It’s a WRAP! Jump to the bottom for the May ATD ICE super SWAG giveaway details). ATD ICE 2018 – Another one in the books.