Adobe Captivate: Video Demos and the Mouse

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Nevertheless, there's room in world for a different mode that gets little respect among Captivate aficionados: Video Demo mode. In my experience, you can create Video Demos  twice as fast  as either simulations or responsive projects. Sure the resulting published lesson/course won't be interactive (no quizzes, no learner interactions, no variables, no buttons, not click boxes. However, if you're trying to quickly show concepts, video demos work great.

Adobe Presenter Video Express: Creating Software Demos

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I'm creating an update lesson, not a full how-to video. by Jennie Ruby. If you've tried Adobe Presenter with Video Express , you are probably aware that you can create a video of yourself as you present your PowerPoint slides, and then display either yourself, your slides, or both in the published project.

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“Laptop Horror Story” - Record Retention Lesson Demo: A Conversion Into An Engaging Lesson (Only Available for 10 Days). - Tip #104

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Click here to preview the demo. Click here to preview the explanation demo. The demo provided here is her mini-project as a participant to the Story-Based eLearning Design workshop. The demo lesson is only available for 10 days.

6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14

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Here is a summary of six lessons we’ve learned. This lesson is a critical one. In my session: I will give Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Game Design on Wednesday, January 22nd from 1:15 – 2:15 pm.

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L&D lessons from learning games research

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For more practical tips and demonstrations of learning games visit our resources page for podcasts, case studies, guides and demos that will help you create more effective workplace learning with games. The post L&D lessons from learning games research appeared first on Sponge UK.

The Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessons from Real Implementations

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Attendees were sold on all the aspects of 3D learning and went away awed with the demos. Effective Learning 3D Learning Learning Lessons Learned Simulations Virtual Learning

Lesson 106

Kill Boring eLearning with Story-Based Lessons

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In developing a small story-based lesson, it has to be short, snappy, succinct, easy to follow and effective in engaging learners and imparting knowledge. Please preview this demo and then review the explanations below. This is only a small section of possibly several course lessons.

11 Ways to Making HR Compliance Engaging - Live Demo

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How does the traditional and lengthy PowerPoint slideshow lesson compare to the Story-Based eLearning Design shown here? Click here to see the live demo. 11 Ways to Making HR Compliance Engaging - Live Demo 1. Ask learners to reflect In the lessons, allow the learners to reflect.

Lesson design tips for e-Learning authoring tool?

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When it comes to designing lessons for your e-learning content, there are a few tips to ensure the effective transfer of information to your end user. Take advantage of demos and free trials. Many of the authoring tools you find will offer demos and free trials, so that the user can check out the software before they decide to purchase it. The post Lesson design tips for e-Learning authoring tool?

12 Lessons from Failure for all of us by Bill Gross at LeWeb 2011 [VIDEO]

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I don’t think you have to be an Entrepreneur to be inspired by this presentation, I think there are lessons for all of us regardless of what we do in life. Please check it out and let me know what lesson resonates best with you. For me, I absolutely love lessons 2, 3, 5, 9 and 11.

Lesson 139

Creating Interactive Videos from Really Boring Talking Heads, Lectures and Demo Videos

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Play the lesson and see Troubleshooting. How does the world of video abundance impact the way we learn? We live in a world of so much abundance in terms of videos, whether it be corporate training or personal videos.

Weaving Stories and Factual Content for Seamless Lessons

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It is easier to present a lesson as a continuous linear and factual presentation and not bother with a story. However, discovering how to thread the two effectively can produce a seamless integrated lesson. Click here to see the demo.

Celebrating LearnDash’s 1-Year Anniversary with Exciting Updates!


For the past year, many of you have provided feedback in the forums and to our help desk about wanting to stylize the course content (specifically, the lesson and quiz lists). Expand and collapse lesson topics: Visitors can choose to view or hide the topics for the lessons.

Sample 229

Adobe Captivate: URLs to New Windows

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But after a learner clicks the object, the Captivate lesson will disappear when the target website opens. Besides losing contact with the lesson, learners will have to click the "Back" button on their browser to return to the lesson.

Adobe Captivate & RoboHelp: Incorporate eLearning within a Help System

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If you have created an eLearning lesson using eLearning tools such as Adobe Captivate, TechSmith's Camtasia Studio or Articulate's Storyline, you can insert the multimedia directly into RoboHelp Help Topics. Open or create a topic and choose  Import > Adobe Captivate Demo.

GOANIMATE: Character-Based eLearning Made Easy

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  I’ve been working more and more on ways to integrate GoAnimate with more traditional eLearning lessons and content. For example, I wanted to add a human, interpersonal touch to an Excel lesson. One of the hottest new tools for eLearning development is GoAnimate.

The Secret to Beating the Forgetting Curve


Is it better to binge on new lessons, or to learn incrementally over time? For content creators, this means you can help your learners retain your lessons through the following reinforcement tactics. Watch our demo video and see what CourseArc can help you create for your students!

Lesson 176

How I Created This Interactive E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

I created a demo course in Rise for a workshop. One of my goals with the demo was to show off different ways to add content and how the various blocks work and look in a real-ish project. There is one custom piece in lesson 6 where I inserted a Storyline interaction.

4 Ways Virtual Lab Environments Can Supercharge Your Sales Strategy


What if you could eliminate on-premise demos altogether? Using virtual labs, you can benefit from shorter sales cycles, less capital investment for dedicated hardware, the ability to capture insights from clients’ demo use, and a decrease in travel costs. The problem with traditional sales demos is that they don’t offer a hands-on experience. ERADICATE NEED FOR ON-SITE DEMOS.

How To Create Content Aware Sidebars for Your LearnDash Courses


Here is the LearnDash demo site sidebar: This configuration results in the following display: But there may be some situations where you want to differentiate what appears in this area depending on the course (or content) being viewed.

LearnDash Version 1.1.0 Release Includes Free Extensions!


As was mentioned in the preview , one of the most noticeable changes to the core functionality of LearnDash is the ability for you to determine if you want linear progression through your lessons. If they try to jump over lessons, they will be prompted to return.

Adobe Captivate 6: When It Comes to Video Color Mode, Every Bit Counts

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by Kevin Siegel    A student attending a recent  Advanced Captivate 6 online class  was lamenting the poor color quality in her Captivate lessons. She had recorded a lesson using a combination of the Simulation and Video modes. When she previewed her lesson to the class, we could clearly see a shift in color quality between the slides in the simulation part of the lesson and the video portion.

Top Ten Tips in Instructional Design


Storyboarding was first introduced by Walt Disney to sketch animations and widely used today to help visually organize a lesson outline. Before you decide how you are going to storyboard or template a lesson, you will need to identify the steps in your instructional process.

GOANIMATE: Character-Based eLearning Made Easy

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  I’ve been working more and more on ways to integrate GoAnimate with more traditional eLearning lessons and content. For example, I wanted to add a human, interpersonal touch to an Excel lesson.     Now, it’s one thing to simply embed a video into an Adobe Captivate slide as a stand-alone, and then go on with a standard Captivate lesson in the next segment. But I wanted a tighter relationship between the video and the Excel software simulation lesson.

Nobody Needs a Netflix for Learning

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What the actual lessons from Netflix and Quartz’s heavy investment in content production might be for L&D. Book a demo today

Learning & Development Resolutions for 2020

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Lesson of 2019: Sometimes imperfection is ok. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to Make More Videos —both professionally, (insight videos, how-to’s, and demo reels) and personally (travel, stop-motion). Henry Kingman Learning Experience Designer/PM.

Hands-On #1: Technique on Combining Factual Content with Stories

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How do you make sure that when using stories in your lesson, you still drill down to the details of the content? This WOW series explains an actual demo on a technical production content and how characters have a conversation.

A Quick Tour of Our Blended, Responsive Micro-Doing DemoFest Project

Mike Taylor

That will certainly be true for me and my first demo-fest experience. If you’ve ever thought about doing demo-fest and haven’t yet, I’d definitely recommend it. The general structure of each lesson/quest is: 2 minute-ish video. You never forget your first time!

Adapt Your Off-The-Shelf LMS To Your Business Requirements

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Overrides can be applied granularly to individual modules or lessons presented within a course with additional editable settings including passing score and number of attempts available at the student level.

eLEARNING DEVELOPMENT: How Much Time Does It Take to Create eLearning?

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If you’re creating soft skills content (lessons such as conflict resolution or onboarding), I've found that it could take between 1-2 hours to write a single minute of content.   Recording the Software Simulation or Video Demo. If creating a software demonstration in Captivate or Storyline, record the lesson and simply publish it without going from screen-to-screen and tweaking any of the timing or the text. Depending on the Tool, Go Demo or Sim.

ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Make Your Software Simulations Scorable

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It is part of the three-part formal software lesson: Demo, then Training (practice), then Assessment (test). you might say, “You know all of the answers because you are the one who created the lesson!” And by Jennie Ruby, CTT, COTP.

examples needed

Adobe Captivate

I have not looked recently, but know there have been past demo videos and examples of some of the features of Captivate. They want to see examples of videos/lessons using the Table Of Contents feature, knowledge checks during the lesson, quizzes that require viewing of the content before attempting the quiz, and getting a certificate at the end of the video/lesson.

How Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction Can Make Your Online Courses Better


By beginning new lessons with interesting questions, data, or case studies, you can help hook your students’ attention up front and give them a payoff to look forward to. To see what else you can create in CourseArc, watch our demo video.

ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Make Software Simulations Scorable

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It is part of the three-part formal software lesson: Demo, then Training (practice), then Assessment (test). you might say, “You know all of the answers, because you are the one who created the lesson!”. by Jennie Ruby, CTT, COTP.

How To Tailor Your LMS For Remote Workers


So, repurpose learning into bite-sized pieces — a five-minute video demo, for instance, or a three-minute read on how to do a task correctly. More importantly, they will be able to digest lessons easier.