Adobe Captivate: Video Demos and the Mouse

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Nevertheless, there's room in world for a different mode that gets little respect among Captivate aficionados: Video Demo mode. In my experience, you can create Video Demos  twice as fast  as either simulations or responsive projects. Sure the resulting published lesson/course won't be interactive (no quizzes, no learner interactions, no variables, no buttons, not click boxes. However, if you're trying to quickly show concepts, video demos work great.

Stop Hunting, Start Demo-ing with Virtual Classroom LMS Platform


As I’m sure you’re here after realizing the fact, that, it’s very important to invest in a perfect Virtual Classroom LMS Platform Demo , which suits your organization and fulfills all its requirements. It’s time to get demo-ing. But wait, it’s not the end of this blog, here I will help you stop your hunting for the most diligent and privileged Virtual Classroom Platform Demo , that will lower down your burden and immensely enhance productivity. .


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Adobe Presenter Video Express: Creating Software Demos

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I'm creating an update lesson, not a full how-to video. by Jennie Ruby. If you've tried Adobe Presenter with Video Express , you are probably aware that you can create a video of yourself as you present your PowerPoint slides, and then display either yourself, your slides, or both in the published project.

Ultimate Guide to Lesson Plans: Example Formats & Plans

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A lesson plan is an easy and effective way to decide what needs to be included in a course module to have the maximum impact on learners, help them achieve short-term & long term goals, and keep the engagement rate high from start to finish. What Is A Lesson Plan?

Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


You’ll learn the real-world details of how we did it and the key insights and lessons that any retail brand should heed: The legacy retail training and communication problems these two brands were dealing with (and many others still are). Understanding the Lessons That Emerge.

“Laptop Horror Story” - Record Retention Lesson Demo: A Conversion Into An Engaging Lesson (Only Available for 10 Days). - Tip #104

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Click here to preview the demo. Click here to preview the explanation demo. The demo provided here is her mini-project as a participant to the Story-Based eLearning Design workshop. From Very Dull Technical Content to an Engaging Story Lesson The small lesson is intended to help learners understand some basic concepts of the company’s policy and process on Record Retention. The demo lesson is only available for 10 days.

What Makes for Sticky Learning? L&D lessons from SaaS companies

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Lesson from SaaS companies: You need to solve your customers’ pain points. Lesson from SaaS companies: Use data to prove your worth. Lesson from SaaS companies for Measuring Sticky Learning: Multiple products create stickiness by meeting varying customer needs. Lesson from SaaS companies: Customers need frequent engagement to continue finding value in a subscription service. Any of these lessons will help improve the stickiness of your learning experiences.

6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14

Bottom-Line Performance

Here is a summary of six lessons we’ve learned. This lesson is a critical one. In my session: I will give Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Game Design on Wednesday, January 22nd from 1:15 – 2:15 pm. In a hands-on demo: I will partner with Steven Boller to give Powerful Learning Games You Can Build in a Day on Thursday, January 23rd from 12:55 – 1:25 pm.

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L&D lessons from learning games research

Sponge UK

For more practical tips and demonstrations of learning games visit our resources page for podcasts, case studies, guides and demos that will help you create more effective workplace learning with games. The post L&D lessons from learning games research appeared first on Sponge UK. Gamification and learning games are a popular way to make workplace learning more engaging, but what makes an effective learning game?

The Rise and Fall of 3D Learning – Lessons from Real Implementations

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Attendees were sold on all the aspects of 3D learning and went away awed with the demos. Effective Learning 3D Learning Learning Lessons Learned Simulations Virtual LearningOn being asked to write a blog post on my experience with virtual learning, our near obsessive interest, few years ago, with Virtual worlds and 3D Learning comes to mind. Second Life in particular had caught the imaginations of several different groups within our large global organization.

How To: Embed a URL within a lesson

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Just remember, make sure its informative or serves a concise purpose as you don’t want your learner wandering too far from the lesson itself. In this post, we explain how to embed URL’s within your lessons. You will only be able to provide hyperlinks or URL’s from within your lesson content. Write the following HTML template into your lesson where you would like the URL to sit. <a

Embed 40

Lesson design tips for e-Learning authoring tool?

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When it comes to designing lessons for your e-learning content, there are a few tips to ensure the effective transfer of information to your end user. Take advantage of demos and free trials. Many of the authoring tools you find will offer demos and free trials, so that the user can check out the software before they decide to purchase it. The post Lesson design tips for e-Learning authoring tool?

Kill Boring eLearning with Story-Based Lessons

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In developing a small story-based lesson, it has to be short, snappy, succinct, easy to follow and effective in engaging learners and imparting knowledge. Please preview this demo and then review the explanations below. This is only a small section of possibly several course lessons. There are seven parts of the small Story-Based Lesson. In the Story-Based Lesson we embed, insert, combine or fuse the technical content into the lessons.

3 Story Lesson Starters That Never Fail - Tip #119

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Here are a couple of examples I actually used in my lessons: In “ Hangover Joe ,” I stirred learners’ interest by posing the following questions at the beginning of the lesson: In " Laptop Horror Story ," I asked learners: Related tip: Tip #43 - How to Use Questions to Immerse Learners in Your Lesson 2. Examples of conflicting or problematic situations are: This is the first slide of a lesson on Kitchen Safety. Examples are: Watch demo here. Watch demo here.

11 Ways to Making HR Compliance Engaging - Live Demo

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How does the traditional and lengthy PowerPoint slideshow lesson compare to the Story-Based eLearning Design shown here? Click here to see the live demo. 11 Ways to Making HR Compliance Engaging - Live Demo 1. Turn learning objectives into story-based design Help learners focus on the impacts to show them the value of the lesson. Ask learners to reflect In the lessons, allow the learners to reflect.

12 Lessons from Failure for all of us by Bill Gross at LeWeb 2011 [VIDEO]

mLearning Revolution

I don’t think you have to be an Entrepreneur to be inspired by this presentation, I think there are lessons for all of us regardless of what we do in life. Please check it out and let me know what lesson resonates best with you. For me, I absolutely love lessons 2, 3, 5, 9 and 11. Master the Demo. LeWeb , Lessons , Entrepreneur.

Lesson 107

Creating Interactive Videos from Really Boring Talking Heads, Lectures and Demo Videos

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Play the lesson and see Troubleshooting. How does the world of video abundance impact the way we learn? We live in a world of so much abundance in terms of videos, whether it be corporate training or personal videos. Video abundance can either make the learners bored - because of too much content, or get them engaged - because it can influence interactivity. When learners are subjected to a very boring and tedious video, they either tend to daydream, not listen or even doze off.

Weaving Stories and Factual Content for Seamless Lessons

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It is easier to present a lesson as a continuous linear and factual presentation and not bother with a story. However, discovering how to thread the two effectively can produce a seamless integrated lesson. Too much downtime - an example and demo The example "Too much downtime" illustrates how two operations staff handle a challenge. Click here to see the demo. The next question for designers is where to link more lessons or information about the content.

Customer Education Through Learn-WiseGo


Lesson Plans and Library content can be set to automatically assign to all new User accounts created. Admin can run system reports and schedule lesson plans and library reports to come directly to any email address at any interval.

Elementor and LearnDash Collaboration


In fact, the LearnDash demo site uses it! These are templates for courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes. Lesson List – Shortcode: [ld_lesson_list]. Widgets for courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.

Celebrating LearnDash’s 1-Year Anniversary with Exciting Updates!


For the past year, many of you have provided feedback in the forums and to our help desk about wanting to stylize the course content (specifically, the lesson and quiz lists). Expand and collapse lesson topics: Visitors can choose to view or hide the topics for the lessons. Updated to flat design icons and Buttons: The lesson and topic icons, as well as some important buttons, have received a face-lift to a contemporary flat design. Brand New Demo Site.

Sample 171

7 Ideas for Running a Virtual E-Learning Event


Individual lessons are a premium offering, and one that many learners are willing to pay extra for. One-on-one lessons provide the opportunity. It also gives you a chance to vary up your demonstration, or make some extra income by demoing a task you might have been doing anyway.

Ideas 197

Q&A: Maryland Historical Society


Our Historical Investigations Portal (HIP) – an online curriculum offering interactive lesson plans – also allows students to analyze and synthesize historical documents, images and objects to draw conclusions about compelling historical questions. Furthermore, we have made all of our Historical Investigations Portal lessons fully accessible through direct links on our website! An example of a Historical Investigations Portal lesson, accessible online for all.

Adobe Captivate: URLs to New Windows

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But after a learner clicks the object, the Captivate lesson will disappear when the target website opens. Besides losing contact with the lesson, learners will have to click the "Back" button on their browser to return to the lesson. Of course, if the learner clicks around the website, it's going to potentially take several clicks to return to the lesson. Possibly worse, I've seen learners close the website, thinking they'd return to the lesson.

Custom fields in reports are here with a new look for reports!


Custom fields in user accounts can now be tracked on the following system reports: Login Report Lesson Plan Progress Sub Report Trainee Lesson Plan Performance Report Trainee Lesson Plan Performance Report With Groups Trainee Performance Sub Report. To schedule a demo of the Learn-WiseGo Platform click here: [link Learn-WiseGo is excited to announce new enhancements to our comprehensive system reports.

Adobe Captivate 6: When It Comes to Video Color Mode, Every Bit Counts

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by Kevin Siegel    A student attending a recent  Advanced Captivate 6 online class  was lamenting the poor color quality in her Captivate lessons. She had recorded a lesson using a combination of the Simulation and Video modes. When she previewed her lesson to the class, we could clearly see a shift in color quality between the slides in the simulation part of the lesson and the video portion.

Adobe Captivate & RoboHelp: Incorporate eLearning within a Help System

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If you have created an eLearning lesson using eLearning tools such as Adobe Captivate, TechSmith's Camtasia Studio or Articulate's Storyline, you can insert the multimedia directly into RoboHelp Help Topics. When the topic is displayed in a web browser, mobile device (iPad, iPhone, etc) or HTML Help, the lesson will play (and remain interactive). The perfect playtime for a typical eLearning lesson is 5 minutes (give or take a few minutes). by Kevin Siegel.

4 Ways Virtual Lab Environments Can Supercharge Your Sales Strategy


What if you could eliminate on-premise demos altogether? Using virtual labs, you can benefit from shorter sales cycles, less capital investment for dedicated hardware, the ability to capture insights from clients’ demo use, and a decrease in travel costs. The problem with traditional sales demos is that they don’t offer a hands-on experience. ERADICATE NEED FOR ON-SITE DEMOS.

GOANIMATE: Character-Based eLearning Made Easy

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  I’ve been working more and more on ways to integrate GoAnimate with more traditional eLearning lessons and content. For example, I wanted to add a human, interpersonal touch to an Excel lesson.     Now, it’s one thing to simply embed a video into an Adobe Captivate slide as a stand-alone, and then go on with a standard Captivate lesson in the next segment. But I wanted a tighter relationship between the video and the Excel software simulation lesson.

Navigating the Journey to Teaching and Learning Online: Step 3


You have successfully launched your lessons online. Start providing parents with a plan for each lesson or unit covered to give them a sense of what to expect and how they can help. A “Parent’s Plan” can include the following: Information not usually shared with students to guide the parent in the lesson. Think of the “Parent’s Plan” as being similar to a teacher’s lesson plan.). PK-5: – Free access to lesson plans, worksheets, and online games.

Teach 117

The Secret to Beating the Forgetting Curve


Is it better to binge on new lessons, or to learn incrementally over time? For content creators, this means you can help your learners retain your lessons through the following reinforcement tactics. when they’re first introduced, and then include them in subsequent lessons or chapters as a means of reinforcement. Introduce your students to the basics of a new concept first, and then build on it in subsequent lessons to show how the basics lead to advanced applications.

Lesson 132

Elon Musk’s Top Priority is the Starship Spacecraft – What’s Yours?


Ferrying humans to and from Mars, and to other locations around the solar system, might not seem at first glance like an urgent priority, but a recent tweet from Elon Musk might have you thinking again, and perhaps even give you some insight into your sales demo solution , believe it or not!

GOANIMATE: Character-Based eLearning Made Easy

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  I’ve been working more and more on ways to integrate GoAnimate with more traditional eLearning lessons and content. For example, I wanted to add a human, interpersonal touch to an Excel lesson.     Now, it’s one thing to simply embed a video into an Adobe Captivate slide as a stand-alone, and then go on with a standard Captivate lesson in the next segment. But I wanted a tighter relationship between the video and the Excel software simulation lesson.

How I Created This Interactive E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

I created a demo course in Rise for a workshop. One of my goals with the demo was to show off different ways to add content and how the various blocks work and look in a real-ish project. There is one custom piece in lesson 6 where I inserted a Storyline interaction. Like I mentioned earlier, the actual assets in this demo module are from NASA, so they get all of the credit. You’ll also notice animated.gifs in some of the other lessons.

How we made a language chatbot in just 3 hours

Mobile Coach

30-day user experience Over 30 days, Lang messages you once a day with a micro-lesson to learn two phrases and asks two quizzes to help you practice. Customized timing You’ll choose what time each day Lang sends you your lesson. Learn a language with Lang, a chatbot.

How To Create Content Aware Sidebars for Your LearnDash Courses


Here is the LearnDash demo site sidebar: This configuration results in the following display: But there may be some situations where you want to differentiate what appears in this area depending on the course (or content) being viewed. With this installed and activated, you can create custom course sidebars, lesson and topic sidebars, and even present unique content for a quiz.

LearnDash Version 1.1.0 Release Includes Free Extensions!


As was mentioned in the preview , one of the most noticeable changes to the core functionality of LearnDash is the ability for you to determine if you want linear progression through your lessons. Should you choose to, you can require your users to take the lessons in your course(s) in sequential order, providing you more control over the learning experience. If they try to jump over lessons, they will be prompted to return. in action at the demo site.