Building a better Jing.

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And, we need your help with some feedback about Jing ! Let us know how you're using Jing. We couldn't develop great products without you! Tags: Jing 24 61 At TechSmith, we love feedback.

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How Carrot Creative Uses Jing. Jing Art and more!

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I 'met' Chris Petescia, the VP & Director of User Experience at "Carrot Creative":[link] on Twitter when he was talking about Jing. The day we installed Jing was for Carrot, the day we landed in Oz and opened the door into so much vibrant possibility.

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Get Ready for Lion: Update your Camtasia, Jing, & Snagit

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Our superstar development teams have updated Camtasia, Jing, and Snagit to work on the soon-to-be-released Apple OS X 10.7 (aka Because there are serious incompatibilities between Lion and Camtasia, Jing, Camtasia Relay, and, to a lesser degree, Snagit. Photo credit: autan.

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6 Jing Videos in 60 Minutes. Jing Speed Series Has Begun!

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Cross posted from The Jing Blog. The Jing Speed Series has started! Can we pull off 6 Jing Screencasts in 60 minutes? Up first, we have David Moulton, Senior Web Designer, shows me how to turn an unused button on your mouse and making it a hotkey for Jing.

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Going from 0 to 60 - 6 Jing Videos in 60 Minutes

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which led me to thinking about Top Gun and then got me thinking about one of my favorite topics, screencapture and screencasting (yes, that's how my brain works)! ;-) It occurred to me that Jing is like the racecar of screencaptures and screencasting! "I feel the need. the need for speed!"

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Free-to-Use E-Learning Development 19: Techsmith Jing (Part 3) – Conclusions

The E-Learning Curve

Over the last few posts, I've been discussing TechSmith Jing’s capabilities. What did I think of Jing as a rapid e-learning content creation tool? Free-to-Use E-Learning Development 19: Techsmith Jing (Part 3) – Conclusions is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. Tags: e-learning Camtasia content development Jing multimedia rapid e-learning screen capture snagit techsmith Read on.

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Free-to-use E-Learning Development 18: Techsmith Jing Part 2 – Video Capture

The E-Learning Curve

Today, I will discuss the motion-based capture functionality of Techsmith Jing. Free-to-use E-Learning Development 18: Techsmith Jing Part 2 – Video Capture is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. Tags: e-learning Camtasia content development Jing multimedia rapid e-learning screen capture snagit techsmith

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Open Source E-Learning Development 5: Media Capture

The E-Learning Curve

Tags: asynchronous authoring tools content authoring digital media e-learning elearning content integrated develpment environment open e-learning environment open standards video editing application Jing media open source software screencapture

Capturing Video from Your Tablet

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Recently, I read a feature request in our online discussion community asking TechSmith to develop a Camtasia-like product for capturing tablet video. Camtasia Studio or Jing. Camtasia Studio Jing 26 24Hi everyone, my name is Kelly and I'll be your guest blogger for today!

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Dev Corner - Software Development Methodology

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For this week's Dev Corner, Randall Brown and Jared Wein caught up with Tricia Broderick, TechSmith's Director of Development. Tricia shares what she has learned about working with a variety of different software development methodologies.

Interview With a Lead Developer: Jim Dusseau

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I'm a lead developer currently working on Camtasia Relay. My manager at my previous company knew I really wanted to develop for the Mac platform. He was a Camtasia Studio user, found out about a mac development position with TechSmith, and let me know about it. Lead Developer?

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Bacon, 360|Flex and TechSmith

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I figured, it'd be fun for Brooks Andrus, our Senior Flash Developer, and I to take them down to Indianapolis for 360|Flex this week. Brooks and I interviewed a few Flex developers not only about the candy but also how they use Snagit, Camtasia Studio, and Jing.

Camtasia Studio + Camtasia for Mac = Cool on iPad

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Well, the good news is that is it possible to play Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac and Jing screencasts on the iPad! Mike Curtis, an Information Developer at TechSmith has created a screencast that will show you how to successfully create a screencast for your iPad. And, in case you're wondering, Jing Pro MP4 videos will play on the iPad. We recommend you use 1024x768 (hold control key for Jing to snap to the dimension). I may have a new addiction.

Working Remotely While Traveling the U.S.

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Michael was self-employed as a website development consultant and Crissa homeschooled the kids. When he needs to show clients how to do something within the CMS, Michael uses Jing to create a quick video tutorial. So when I need to show something to a client, I make a Jing video.

Screencast 4 Cash - MindBites Video Contest

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Hey Camtasia Studio and Jing users! software, development, or gaming), at least three minutes long, and meet the standard MindBites lesson guidelines. I would love to see a Jing or Camtasia Studio user win this contest! Are you up for a challenge?! I thought so!

Hunting Rabbits in Indiana!

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As you may remember , the Snagit Product Manager, Tiffany Wood, Kyle Mulka, developer of Twilk , Kathy Jacobs , and I had to drive from Lansing, Michigan to Austin, Texas (and back) in a Chevy Traverse ( made in Lansing, Michigan, our hometown! )

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Screencasting - What is the ideal length?

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One of TechSmith's Flash Developers, Brooks Andrus, has an interesting post on his blog proposing 120 seconds for video length. Tags: Camtasia Studio Jing Screencast 26 24 32

10 Top Tools to Develop First-Rate Product Demonstration Videos

CommLab India

As we understand the importance of product demonstration videos in closing a sales deal, let’s check the best tools available to develop them. ‘ Go Animate ‘ enables businesses and individuals develop demo or explainer videos quickly and easily.

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ScreencastCamper Profiles: Aaron Gulyas and Cathy Nagle-Ervin

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World, East Asian, American military, and Medieval European history as well as doing some part-time educational tech consulting for Mott’s Professional Development office. Snagit and Jing. News & Events Camtasia for Mac Camtasia Studio Jing ScreencastCamp Screencasting Snagit spor

Top 5 Free Screen Recording Tools for Mac and Windows

eLearning Brothers

Well, at least the most vital ones, those that an eLearning content developer uses in the process of creation.) Camtasia Resources Developer Resources eLearning Featured Instructional Design Resources ResourcesThere are plenty of commercial screen recording tools on the market today.

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ADDIE, Beware of the Video!

Learning Developments

Being the training developer, I have naturally become one of the leading advocates for getting the organization's training content online and available to employees. They use tools like Jing and Camtasia to create videos. Jing ADDIE LMS CamtasiaGetting other departments in my organization to get on board with e-learning is a goal of mine. It’s been a little over a month since my organization has been providing web based training through our new LMS.


A Toolkit to Develop E-Learning in an Open (XML) Environment

The E-Learning Curve

Returning from content development theory , the gratis/libre debate, and the pros and cons of each approach, this post will focus on the range of tools that you need to develop e-learning content in a (relatively) open environment.

ID and e-Learning Links (1/27/14)

Experiencing eLearning

Free eLearning Development Calculator. Calculate your time to complete development in Captivate. I’m familiar with Screenr, Jing, and CamStudio, but not BSRSoft, XVidCap, EZVid, BB FlashBack Express, or Rylstim. IDTopedia™. Glossary of instructional design and technology terms. tags: elearning instructionaldesign newid. The calculator is a free PDF download, but it requires registration. tags: e-learning captivate timeestimate. Your LMS Works, but is it Working for You?

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Dev Corner - Interview with Dennis Cornwell

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DC: My name is Dennis Cornwell, and I'm a Software Engineering Intern on Jing Team for the Windows platform. I am also the internal security liaison for Jing. DC: Mark Schall, a fellow Jing developer and MSU graduate, told me about who we are and how awesome TechSmith is.

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Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

Association eLearning

It’s also an opportunity to develop talent within training teams by cultivating skills with eLearning platforms and other technologies, at a reasonable pace. Create “how-to” webcasts or videos, using programs like Camtasia or Jing and upload them to YouTube.

Dev Corner - Cheevos

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This week's Dev Corner column comes from one of our lead developers at TechSmith, Jim Dusseau! After a lot of discussion, we decided to build Cheevos into Jing. Jim Dusseau is a lead developer at TechSmith.

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Learning Developments: I'm not yet Captivated by Lectora

Learning Developments

Learning Developments Thoughts and issues related to the development of eLearning content and general eLearning issues with an occasional diversion here or there. Im using Lectora to develop a SCORM package that will eventually be imported and used in the LMS. So far Ive found Lectora to be a good course development tool. For #2, it would be nice to have a Lectora developers guide that would list what Javascript calls I can make.

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Top Ten Tools for Learning 2011

Experiencing eLearning

As in 2009, I’m going to divide my list into personal learning and course development. Course Development. Jing is the best free tool for screenshots I’ve ever used. This is the fifth year that Jane Hart has been collecting lists of top tools for learning. The list will be finalized on November 13, but you can see the ongoing results in this list. I have contributed my lists in 2007 , 2008 , and 2009. You can contribute your top tools too.

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Tune in to The Forge - Live Today at 2pm EST

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Mike Curtis, Information Developer for Jing, will share his tips for embedding video. Mark Schall, Software Engineer for Jing, will talk about TechSmith's hackathon. Adam Marks, lead Snagit developer (Windows), will talk about TechSmith's Makerbot. You're in for a treat - We have a great line-up for The Forge today! Tune in on this blog post today at 2pm EST to see the live stream of The Forge!

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Dev Corner - Magic Numbers In Designing

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In XAML (and other interface languages) it seems to be easy to forget those simple rules for naming our values and to justify just why you set the margin to 4 vs 7 (Jing's standard margin is 7). Example XAML: In Jing we try to stick with 3 different standard margins: 4, 7, and 14.

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Top 100 Tools For Learning 2010 – C4LPT Survey

Upside Learning

On my list to try out soon are Jing, Glogster, Voicethread, Animoto, Zotero & ipadio. We have seen clients choosing rapid development tools over custom Flash built solutions purely for cost reasons.

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Using a screencast to personalize an online community

Spark Your Interest

I’ve volunteered to be a “community steward&# for an online community being developed by my local HR association. The other was a screencast that I made with Jing. The best news story is that one of the senior people for the assocation saw the value of using a tool like Jing for other communication and education purposes, so I know I have converted at least one person!

DevCorner: “Open Source” at TechSmith

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DevCorner is where we talk about all things software development-related from inside TechSmith. If Jing could upload images to Screencast, then Snagit should be able to as well. That allowed the developers to focus their attention on making code reusable.

7 Essential Skills & Training Tools For Trainers


Have you hired someone to develop online training programs for your organization? Maybe you develop training yourself and are wondering if you could improve a few of your skills? And, are there tools of training and development you should know about?

Getting Started With Prototyping

ATD Learning Technologies

Prototyping allows you to enhance your everyday development process during brainstorming and planning to test a concept, gather feedback, and iterate quickly to enhance your audiences experience prior to development.