LMS Wikis: Unharnessed Potential

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The Wiki is one of the most under-utilized and underestimated feature of an LMS. That’s because, most of us haven’t gotten around to realizing what the Wiki is capable of, and hence the potential of the Wiki feature is unharnessed. What’s so great about wikis anyway?

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The Division of Wiki Labor: Wikis in the Working World

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Whereas a hazy, half-developed understanding of something might be good enough to allow you to squeak by on your own, to be able to teach a topic requires all-around mastery of the material. . Wikis blended learning peer-to-peer learning Training Development user adoption

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Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

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I’m involved in several discussions around how to use Wikis as part of learning solutions. So, of course, I went to eLearning Learning and I looked at Wiki , Collaborative Learning with Wikis , Wikis and eLearning 2.0 , Wikis Corporate eLearning , Social Learning with Wikis , Wiki Security and a few others. Here’s some of what I found: Why a Wiki? I wanted to collect a few resources around this topic for use in these discussions.

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Why a Wiki?

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Our team uses a wiki to document our design and development processes, something I wrote about in a short column for the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions magazine. This weekend I was imagining a conversation between two people about the benefits of a wiki. I kept this conversation pretty generic; I think these reasons apply to documentation for any kind of group, not just instructional designers or e-learning developers. Posted in Wikis.

Doctoring the Informal Learning Environment

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Having said that, I think a big missing piece of this puzzle is a wiki or some other form of bulk content repository. A wiki enables the hospital to centralise that content so that it can be retrieved quickly, easily and on‑the‑job via a mobile device.

Social Learning Has Its Place…And Informal Learning Does Too.

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Social learning refers to a class of learning, which includes wikis, blogs, screen sharing, podcasting, photo sharing, social bookmarking, collaborative working, social networking, etc. It is our task as designers and developers of training to reach our audience where they learn.

5 Tips to Develop Blended Learning Programs

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How do you develop an engaging blended learning course that offers the best of both worlds to your learners? Here are five tips to help you develop courses that will seamlessly blend these two learning approaches. Is the course intended to help them develop a specific skill?

How to Reduce Your Course Development Costs By 90+ Per Cent

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They can turn to Blogs, wikis, social networks, video sites, etc. Traditionally, instructional designers and course developers create courses using third party authoring tools and import these into the LMS to deliver to learners and track their progress.

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Tips for Developing a Learning Culture


In other words, decentralize content creation so that people become personally invested in the training that is developed. Various forms of media should be used where applicable – such as videos, audio, blogs, wikis, webinars, and podcasts.

Digital classrooms

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Blogs and wikis and other social media made an appearance, even though at the time they were still fairly nascent in compulsory education. Probably the most important development I foresee though, is the emergence of student developed applications.

The changing Web

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Almost everyone, it seems, is using some element of social media in the planning, development, delivery, management or evaluation of teaching and learning. What roles will online games and mobile, personal technologies play in developing the skills young people need to study independently?

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An audience with.

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I did some early studies into the effects of this when I implemented a programme wide use of wikis in 2006. Technology John Dewey conference presentation academic writing graduate skill education Seymour Papert learning wiki. We learn best when we are fully involved in the process.

Wiki working

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I published two journal articles recently on the use of wikis in teaching and learning, and I'm making them available here on this blog. The second article was written from the same data, but this time with the emphasis on the use of wikis to promote quality academic writing.

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

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In this paper, having revisited my previous speeches I''m going to try to gaze once more into the near future in an attempt to determine what education might look like in the light of the technological developments that comprise Web 2.0. wiki YouTube

Social Media vs. Social Learning

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Here are a few things that have come to mind as I think about applying social media to my development for the purpose of collaboration: --1-- Encourage collaboration among learners who are geographically separated, but experiencing the same training. Many are using Microsoft SharePoint, which includes discussion threads, wikis, and blogs, or using other similar collaboration tools. By Dean Hawkinson.

Rethinking Professional Development with EdCamp

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How many times have you found yourself in professional development wondering who chose the topic for the day? So, how are teachers finding development opportunities which meet their needs? In 2010, there were eight events held in the US (according to the official EdCamp Event Wiki ).

Tips on Developing a Wiki Community

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Found via Stephen Downes - Tips On Developing A Wiki Community

Don’t Control Knowledge, Let the Base Free

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The best knowledge base in the world for internal uses is a wiki. Why are wikis awesome or terrible? What’s My Development Process? Learning Knowledge Knowledge Base WikiI tried posting this last week but I’ve been having a hard time, so here’s my second chance breaking my many week silence. Hopefully dropping some knowledge on the knowledge-base will open the flood gates.

Developing a Training Program: Have You Considered Going Digital?

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Digital Learning Content : Once you have decided to go digital for your training, you need to develop digital learning content. Not just that, you can also use the LMS to provide a collaborative learning platform in the form of discussion boards, groups and wikis.

Future directions

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Each Fellow was invited to give a 5 minute flash presentation addressing the question: 'What do you consider to be the most surprising development in e-learning over the last 5 years?'

Digital footprints

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Whether it is writing a blog, posting a video on YouTube, working collaboratively on a wiki, or simply bookmarking a site on Diigo or Delicious, students are leaving the digital footprints - evidence of their presence - all over the internet.

My History of Live Blogged Notes

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Because I have done so much live blogging, I was able to provide proof of my ongoing professional development efforts. Sakai 3 Development Process. Wikis for Improving Productivity. Wikis and Blogs and Tags: Oh Why? Wikis & Emerging Web 2.0

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Light the blue touch paper.

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Such problem based learning takes a little time, and with the addition of a shared discussion space, develops over time, but the understanding of the topic is ultimately far deeper than if students were served up the answers on a plate. Should teachers try to create order from chaos?

What The Sims taught me about design and development

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The Sims Wiki) ​The spell was broken once I started investing more time and effort into my sims’ lives than my own. ​ While I regret wasting all that time, I am now happy that it was spent engaging in what was one of the greatest training grounds for an elearning developer.

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Just Ask the Wiki … But Don’t Ask Too Much

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But getting information and developing understanding are two very distinct things. Its development provided a groundbreaking case study for the power of online collaboration. Much of what is taught in corporate training is basic and could just as well be posted to a Wiki as taught in a course. But if you’re at all involved in leadership development or succession planning for high potential talent, it has deep implications.

LTTO+ Professional Development Course for L&D by LearningCafe

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Learning To Teach Online (LTTO) MOOC has been developed by Simon McIntyre , Director, Learning and Innovation and Dr Negin Mirriahi , Academic Developer at UNSW and is available on the Coursera MOOC platform. LTTO is based upon the award winning* educational resources of same name developed by Simon McIntyre and Karin Watson. MOOCs usually comprise of online video lectures, online discussions, peer assessed assignment, course wiki and assessments.

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Freinet and social media

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Others support their students to develop apps or other digital stuff which can be sold online through established retailers. The benefits of blogging are wide ranging, and when it is developed into co-operative projects it can have a great motivational power.

Interview With a Lead Developer: Paul Middlin

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Paul Middlin, Lead Developer on Camtasia:mac. Everything is pushing towards that goal, so as a developer, I feel fully supported and given the tools needed to make that happen. Explain how your role as a lead developer differs from a regular developer.

Using Wikis to Stop Brain Drain

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Using Wikis to Stop Brain Drain by Jolene on February 23, 2010 in Wikis In his December Training Magazine article Training in a Web 2.0 My experience is that when implemented and administered effectively, wikis can essentially serve as an institutional knowledge reservoir and stop the brain drain, or at least slow it to a trickle.

70:20:10 For Trainers


Learning & Development Professional has been running a poll on the following question: Is the 70:20:10 model still relevant today? To help your audience remember, why not provide them with reference content in a central location, such as on the corporate intranet or in a wiki.

Wiki activities 5 stage model

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One of my papers will detail my wiki activities 5 stage model. I have tried to develop a model which describes how students are gradually drawn into deeper cognitive engagement with learning whilst at the same time they are gradually developing their collaborative strengths. See the wiki activities page of one online group for an example here. Tags: 5 Stage Wiki Activities Model online learning wikis

How to Harness Informal Learning

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a Ning network), using wikis and blogs. If a question is coming up again and again on a wiki or network, it can also help to identify areas where more formal training is needed, making that side of organisational learning more effective and responsive as well.