Are You Developing Global Leaders?

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It’s why learning leaders and executives at companies like L’Oréal and PricewaterhouseCoopers, as well as the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business said it’s critical that they place a high value on developing global leaders. Some point to a lack of soft skills development.

Employee learning and development: A new world


Employee learning and development: A new world. The source found that both the users who will be taking the courses and the leaders administering them are interested in selecting tech that actually fits the contemporary work style rather than forging ahead with less than optimal solutions.

GLD 2: Defining Leadership Across Cultures

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We’ve discussed distance in relation to a global leadership development program, but let’s take the discussion a little deeper. In the sense of training and development, a culture is the attitudes, experience, and work styles of any like group of people.

Managing eLearning: Fall Webinar Series

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Flexibility – Having the web as your work space means you can work on eLearning anytime, anywhere, on any device. Collaboration – As work styles have moved more toward teamwork and collaboration, using cloud authoring makes team collaboration on projects easier and more productive.

GLD 6: Obtaining Buy-In in a Global Environment

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All of your best plans for the creation of a global leadership development program may be meaningless if you do not obtain the buy in of key individuals or groups. You’ll need to obtain buy in from any individual or group who can push your global leadership development program forward.

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Cost of Training Vs. Cost of Not Training

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No matter in what stage your company is operating; whether it is a developed business, developing business or just a start-up; training is a fuel as like as a capital to take your company’s vision forward. Human resources are the drivers of organization’s business endeavors.

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Cost of Training Vs. Cost of Not Training

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No matter in what stage your company is operating; whether it is a developed business, developing business or just a start-up; training is a fuel as like as a capital to take your company’s vision forward. Human resources are the drivers of organization’s business endeavors.

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Employee Engagement ROI: Taking a Long-Term Perspective


workers are not engaged at work. Instead of focusing on the engagement scores sitting in front of them, they are taking a broader, deeper look at redesigning the employee experience to create a place where people want to come work each day. more often in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work.

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Starting Out With a Challenging Manager


A bad manager – someone who doesn’t provide helpful feedback, adds stress instead of helping relieve it, and isn’t focused on supporting his or her team reach personal development goals – stalls your professional growth. Talent Development community everwise answers mentor proteg

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How Do You Motivate A Team As A Peer?


Doing so can help you in two core ways: securing buy-in for your initiative and integrating this goal into your professional development plan. This conversation will also show you’re interested in developing your career within your organization.

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Dan Pontefract – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Dan is author of “ Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization ” and is currently at work on the follow-up book. He is Chief Envisioner of TELUS Transformation Office; a future-of-work consulting group that helps organizations enhance corporate culture, leadership, learning, work styles & collaboration practices. Could you allow us a brief preview of this work for our readers please? ABOUT DAN PONTEFRACT (Author, Speaker, Chief Envisioner).

How to Help Managers Avoid Burnout and Stay Productive


Managers lead teams and product development, project deadlines and communicate between departments, all while working to “meet the bottom line.” And in an age where technology has made the line between home and work life imperceptible, it’s difficult to disconnect and decompress.

Fastest Growing Jobs in America: Industrial-Organizational Psychologist


They apply psychological principles to your workplace to solve problems and improve the quality of work life. Synthesizing work styles. How Exceptional Managers Use Psychology to Develop Their Talent. Have you ever heard of an “industrial-organizational (IO) psychologist?”

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Microlearning: Fab or Fad?

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Microlearning fits modern work styles. During its development, learning objectives were set and agreed to. The design then grew around those objectives, and content was identified and chunked into manageable components that could be developed separately.

I Believe in the Value of Connectedness

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Each has its own culture that derives from its mission, vision, values, and the people who work there. Every employee has his or her own roles, responsibilities and work style, but he or she seldom works in isolation, even if working individually.

Cross-Generational Mentorship: Why Age Should Be No Object


You just started work at a fast-paced, growing company. With Americans staying in the workforce longer, chances are you work with as many as five generations. No longer do people need to work for many years to gain the skills to contribute in a meaningful way.

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Encourage Social Learning to Improve Corporate Culture

People who don’t trust each other will not work well together. Plus, they won’t enjoy working with each other and won’t go the extra mile for the team. And when team members help each other learn, they develop feelings of mutual good will.

How Workforce Dynamics is Changing Fundamentally and How You Can Be Ready


The day is not too far when the concept of a company campus or an office where everyone comes in to work and leaves during highly overlapping hours becomes a thing of the past. Strong trend of employers seeing flexible time as a direct influence on high productivity and work satisfaction and movement towards integrating these into their work style. Uncategorized business goals e-learning employee training learning & development Online Training

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I Believe in the Importance of Personal Knowledge Management

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The latter might be defined as, “the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organisational knowledge.” What works for me won’t necessarily work for someone else. They need to work for us, not someone else. Developing Knowledge.

How to Determine which Content suits your Audience?


With the right demographic analysis, you’ll be able to construct an imaginary environment in which this fruit seller works. By analyzing his or her WORK-CONTEXT , you will be able to gain more clarity on the way this fruit seller works—Is she self-employed?

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I Believe in the Value of Working out Loud

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We all remember teachers in early school years insisting that we show our work. Or were they making sure we actually did the work and not copy answers from the back of the book? In science and math, showing work was a disciplined way to solve complex problems.

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The Future of Work: As Gartner Sees It

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Earlier today, I stumbled on this bit of research on the Gartner site; while it dates back to August there’s some interesting speculation about the Future of Work. People will swarm more often and work solo less. They’ll work with others with whom they have few links, and teams will include people outside the control of the organization,”. “In Gartner points out that the world of work will probably witness ten major changes in the next ten years. Work swarms.

Top Practical Tips to Motivate People to Learn

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Instructors must show the learners how the class will help them to achieve their goals and improve their working style. Group activities help the learners to develop a host of skills which are required in the workplace. Stress on Career Development of Employees. ‘Corporate’ is a world where an individual or groups become united for a specific purpose. The corporate sector has to update itself from an inch of information.

Emergence of the Performance Catalyst

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I’ve worked in the field of Learning and Development (L&D) now for nearly two decades. I’ve been fortunate to have seen and work through some pretty big changes in approaches to workplace learning. Based on a work at

Informal learning: Why it matters to a business


According to CARA’s 2010 Survey on social media impact, nearly 70% of what is learned in life and at work happens through informal and social learning. For business owners, this can be a great opportunity to get in touch with employees and make work meaningful.

Emergence of the Performance Catalyst

Tom Spiglanin

I’ve worked in the field of Learning and Development (L&D) now for nearly two decades. I’ve been fortunate to have seen and work through some pretty big changes in approaches to workplace learning. Based on a work at

Why manager involvement is crucial for workplace learning


Without it, team members question its validity, priority and relevance to their job and professional development. What employees want to get out of workplace learning: To develop their skills and knowledge to get better at their jobs.

eLearning Outsourcing – How To Select A Vendor?

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An eLearning development vendor should have eLearning as its core (if not the primary) business. Check work samples to evaluate the quality of their output. Samples can provide insights into their expertise in learning design & development. Understand their working style.

The Switch

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When I was managing the training and development team of one of the biggest employers in our country, I remember how often our HR colleagues would think that we’re having a bit too much fun for their taste. Successfully hurdling through various working styles and viewpoints was key.

Five Signs Your Mentorship Is Working


How do you know that your partnership is actually working? And by having a regular meeting and marking it on the calendar, you’ll also provide structure for your relationship and minimize stress , so you can focus on what really matters: developing each other.

5 Tips For Amazing, Age-Diverse, Online Training


Understanding their key characteristics can help you develop content that is inclusive, as you’re able to include elements that resonate with them on a personal level. They are more focused on teamwork, and their objective at work is to succeed – which is often a relative term.

5 Ways L&D Can Adapt to the Evolution of Employees - Tip #197

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There’s an interesting book that talks about the future of work by Jacob Morgan titled The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization. In his book, he urges organizations to "rethink and challenge everything they know about work.”

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Rise of the Gig Economy


While we may lament the good old days of working at the same job for years and retiring with a gold watch, for many workers, today’s gig economy calls for a different working style and a diverse workforce that has the skills and talents required at any given time.

Are You Taking Time for a Second Look?

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The booming market of nontraditional and continuing education is filled with many people who are now working toward degrees because they got sidetracked earlier in their studies. CLOs can’t look at people, work styles, educational backgrounds or results in a singular way.

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Recipe For Disaster

Nick Leffler

To put this into context, imagine working with a new application being developed within an organization. What better way to look at the success a working out loud mentality can bring you than to look at the alternative. Work in Silos. What better way to make sure nobody knows what anybody else is doing than to separate everyone’s work? Make sure nobody has visibility into anybody else’s work, wouldn’t want to give away the surprise!