Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses

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They’ll get filled as you apply what you’re learning and gain more experience. General Thoughts on Rapid E-Learning. Three Things I Learned About Learning on My Deathbed : Motivated learners will learn. Here are some tips to learn how.


Want to Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro? Then Check Out All of These PowerPoint Tips

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They include tips on creating custom graphics, assembly of interactive elearning, and getting more out PowerPoint’s features. Tips on Creating Rapid E-Learning Courses in PowerPoint. Building an elearning course with PowerPoint is not the same as building a presentation.


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How to Create a Rapid E-Learning Tab in PowerPoint

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And that’s a pretty powerful feature, especially for rapid elearning developers. There are a number of features I use quite a bit when it comes to building elearning courses. My Favorite Rapid E-Learning Features. This week I’m at Devlearn in Las Vegas.

7 Secrets to Getting the Graphics You Need for Rapid E-Learning

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It’s always so much fun getting to meet the blog readers and learning more about what people do in the real world. Two things always stand out during these trips: There is no one way to do elearning. If you’re building rapid elearning courses, then most likely you’re using PowerPoint.

3 Ways to Define Interactive Rapid E-Learning

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There’s a lot of debate about interactivity in elearning. You have some people who think elearning is not valid unless it has a high level of interactivity. I was at a conference once where someone was demoing an elearning course. All E-learning Projects Are Not Equal.

eLearning Guild Releases Report - Rapid eLearning Authoring: Top Tools

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The eLearning Guild just released another report today: Rapid eLearning Authoring: Top Tools. The data that makes up the foundation of this report comes directly from the eLearning community. What rapid authoring tools do you use? Strategy devlearn elearning

Training: Making of the Best Soft Skills eLearning Course!

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Topic: Making of the Best Soft Skills eLearning Course! Date and time: Thursday, 17th January, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific Description: Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, eLearning DemoFest 2012 winner for Best Soft Skills Course, as she shares the secrets of creating an award-winning scenario-based course. eLearning Suite Extending Captivate How do I.

What Instructional Designers Don’t Want to Hear

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I love the weekly elearning challenges. Instructional Design E-Learning Challenge. Sometimes the elearning challenges poke a bit at what we do and not at how we build courses. For example, a recent challenge asked us to describe what elearning designers really do.

Your Favorite Rapid E-Learning Posts of 2010

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And as far as conferences, I’ll be at the usual ones like ASTD ICE and Devlearn. A Roadmap for Building an E-Learning Course. Here Are More Than 200 Free Rapid E-Learning Tutorials. Do You Really Need Instructions on How to Use an E-Learning Course?

Adobe Learning Summit is Back!

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We are thrilled to announce the Sixth Annual Adobe Learning Summit, co-located with DevLearn 2013 hosted by eLearning Guild in Las Vegas.

#DevLearn 2015 Sessions That Impressed

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I recently returned from the DevLearn 2015 Conference , which is always an incredibly inspiring learning experience. Also, challenges/obstacles and problems in current elearning/L&D. link] Brain Science and Learning: Seven Tips That Will Dramatically Improve Your Training Art Kohn I really liked his ideas on “boosting” learning – Post learning events that increase retention. DevLearn ISD

Free Images for Your Safety Training Courses

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Check out their service agreement to learn more. Click here to view the elearning example. E-Learning Jobs: Training, elearning, and instructional design jobs. Interactive Sliders in E-Learning (Recap #52). Two rapid elearning workshops.

Check out this award-winning interactive eBook!

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Last month at DevLearn 2013 conference, I participated in the 9th Annual eLearning DemoFest event and showcased an Interactive eBook for iPad on how to use Adobe Presenter to create eLearning courses. Adobe Presenter eLearning Suite Extending Captivate How do I.

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More Than 30 PowerPoint Tips from the PowerPoint Pros!

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A lot of rapid elearning hinges on PowerPoint. To help you learn more about PowerPoint I pulled together a solid list of PowerPoint resources. From The Rapid E-Learning Blog. 5 PowerPoint tips essential for effective rapid elearning.

Why Building Interactive E-Learning is a Two-step Process

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How do you define interactive elearning? It’s a question I ask clients when they tell me they want an interactive elearning course. Usually they define interactive elearning with what we normally consider the “bells and whistles.” Place their learning in a relevant context.

Save Time with These 3 Rapid E-Learning Tips

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The other day I was reviewing an old PowerPoint file that I used for the blog post on how to build simple interactive scenarios in PowerPoint-based elearning. If it was a real elearning course, it could have cost me quite a bit of time. Learn how to build a rapid elearning course.

7 Ways to Create Characters for Your Online Training Courses

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Create Custom Characters for Your E-Learning Scenarios. Sketching doesn’t need to be perfect and the organic nature of it provides a novel contrast to what we usually see in our elearning courses. Challenge Activity: Using Interactive Sliders in E-Learning (Challenge #52).

Another Free PowerPoint Template & Learning Interaction

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Here’s a template I created for a recent workshop on how to create an exploratory learning interaction. I used a flat UI design for the learning interaction. Since it uses a similar style to this previous template , the two learning interactions can be combined.

15 Free Display Graphics to Use with Your E-Learning Courses

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A lot of rapid elearning content finds its roots in repurposed classroom slides. You can download many of these templates (and more) from the E-Learning Heroes community. And many elearning courses use characters in front of projection screens.


More Answers to Your E-Learning Questions

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I’ve just finished a number of workshops and capped it off with a session at Devlearn. It was a great time of meeting many of you and learning more about what you do. Question: See any cool apps or sites lately that work for elearning? 7 Fresh E-Learning Examples to Inspire You.


A Three-Step Process to Create Hand Drawn Custom Characters

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In fact, there’s a lot of value in hand drawn characters because they add personality and stand in contrast to the more typical (and often sterile) characters used in a lot of elearning courses. I could see something like these characters and icons working in an elearning course.

How to Practice Visual Thinking Skills & Apply Them to E-Learning

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In a previous post, we discussed visual thinking concepts and where they fit with elearning design. The first step is to get a handle on the basics: Learn to capture concepts using Roam’s visual grammar or Gray’s approach to visualizing ideas. I ran into Kevin at Devlearn.

25 More Free Display Graphics for Your E-Learning Courses

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In a previous post, I share 15 free display graphics that are commonly seen in elearning courses. The cool thing is that all of these are created in PowerPoint; so you can learn to build your own. One of the things I love about the elearning community is the willingness to share.


Does Your Client Need to Know You’re Using PowerPoint?

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But there’s a difference between elearning courses and slide presentations. However, it never fails that once someone knows you’re using PowerPoint to build the rapid elearning course, they apply the same rules to your elearning course that they’d apply to presentations.

Here’s How You Can Help Fight Ebola?

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The elearning community’s weekly challenges are designed to be quick ways to build prototypes and practice new skills. The first demo was created by Jeff Kortenbosch of Serious Learning. Click here to view the elearning example. Click here to view the elearning example.

Here’s the First Step When Building Interactive E-Learning Courses

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On past projects, many of my customers would ask for interactive elearning courses. When I asked them how they defined interactive elearning courses they’d usually list things like fancy mouseovers, drag-and-drop interactions, and a host of other ways to interact with the screen.

9 Time Saving Tips When Building Courses

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Start by thinking through the various screens common to elearning courses and then build the core structure. Build an elearning starter course template. Here’s a post where I detailed the elearning starter kit. E-Learning Jobs: Training, elearning, and instructional design jobs.

DevLearn2011 I’ll Take My Rapid eLearning to Go

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One of the buzz words at DevLearn 2011 was ‘mLearning’ (mobile learning). Clearly there is a demand for people to be able to learn ‘on the go’. eLearning Development eLearning News eLearning Strategy Mobile Learning Articulate devlearn rapid authoring toolsShare. Tweet. Pin It. Accessing course content on smart phones, iPads and other mobile devices is appealing for a whole range of reasons.

Rapid eLearning – Catch your Learner – Hook, Line and Sinker

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The great challenge for eLearning designers and developers is to build interesting courses while working within a limited timeframe. With the rise of software like Articulate, we now have the tools to rapidly create good-looking eLearning courses without the need for programming expertise. Adult Learning Principles Articulate eLearning Design eLearning Development devlearn eLearning content instructional design rapid authoring tools

10 Tips to Help You Get Started

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I get lots of questions from those who are just getting started with rapid elearning. They want to know what they can do to build good elearning. The same goes for elearning. You won’t necessarily build world-class elearning the first time you build an elearning course.

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How to Create an Interactive Image Template

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As noted in an earlier post, an easy way to build interactive elearning modules is by choosing a single image and adding interactive elements to it. Here are some tutorials that walk through how I created the zoom in and out effect in this elearning template. Going to Devlearn?



Learnnovators, a leading provider of innovative learning solutions, has won the DevLearn 2015 Hyperdrive contest, for its Mobile Performance Support System (MPSS) solution. In addition to winning the DevLearn Hyperdrive Contest, MPSS also recently won Gold in the 2015 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in the ‘Best Use of Performance Support’ category. About the DevLearn 2015 Hyperdrive Contest. It also offers its own learning platform, Learnosphere.

9 Ways to Encourage the Adult E-Learners

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Recently I spent the day at the beach watching people learning to surf. One of the people learning to surf was a blind girl. It was very inspiring as she learned to balance on the board. Learning is a funny thing. That’s one of the good things about elearning.


3 Simple Ways to Measure the Success of Your E-Learning

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At a recent session someone asked, “How do I measure the success of my elearning?”. While we may all use words like “elearning” we don’t always mean the same thing. On top of that, just because it’s built with an elearning tool doesn’t mean that the output is really an elearning course.

How Good Graphic Design Helps Build Meaningful E-Learning

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Because of my job, I get to look at a lot of elearning courses. While these limitations are legitimate and present some obvious challenges, there’s no reason why you can’t take a step forward learning some basic graphic design concepts.


Create an Interactive Course Using a Single Image

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Simply click here , and you’ll be taken to the ballot page, where you can vote for Storyline 2 in the “Software – Learning/Workforce Dev” category by using the short code “G171M.” Download the fully revised, free 63-page ebook: The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro.

A Complete List of Free Stock Image Sites for E-Learning

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” This is great when I want to build elearning courses for my family’s safety training but pretty useless when I need to do anything work-related. Of course, the elearning community has all sorts of free stock images. Upcoming E-Learning Workshops & Events (2015).

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