My Top 10 e-Learning Tools

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DHTML authoring tool - My preference is OutStart Trainer (TrainerSoft). I expect either it or Yammer to play a larger role for informal learning at my company. Notepad - Editing XML, which is extremely useful in working with DHTML courses and sometimes Flash courses. Jane Hart is gathering top ten lists for e-learning tools. Thus far, 203 people in the e-learning field have submitted their list.

Writing & Grammar Workshop: Funny? Do You Think That's Funny?

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by Jennie Ruby What role, if any, should humor play in technical and training materials? " But in books like DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web, Excel Data Analysis, Illustrator, and even The Rough Guide to MySpace & Online Communities , humor and joking did not find a place. When writing training materials, I am always looking for new ways to introduce a lesson and keep the tone engaging.