Adobe RoboHelp 2015: New Book Now Shipping

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  "Adobe RoboHelp 2015: The Essentials" is a self-paced, step-by-step workbook that will teach you the essential skills needed to create and deliver user assistance (Help systems, policies and procedures, and knowledgebases).   You will learn to enhance your content with graphics, dynamic effects (DHTML), and multimedia (eLearning content created using Adobe Captivate). Adobe RoboHelp Adobe's Technical Communication Suite

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Adobe RoboHelp 8: eLearning & Help Join Forces

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by Kevin Siegel When I teach my RoboHelp class , one of the RoboHelp features that most excites my students is RoboHelp's ability to import eLearning lessons published by Adobe Captivate. and choose DHTML > Create Drop-down Hotspot and Text. Tags: Adobe's Technical Communication Suite eLearning RoboHelp

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Adobe RoboHelp 8: The Pros Have It, The Others Don't

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And you would generate FlashHelp if you were worried about DHTML limitations for browsers and platforms and high-security firewall issues. As I teach my RoboHelp students about the big three layouts on the Single Source Layouts pod (WebHelp, FlashHelp and Adobe AIR), the two Pro layouts almost always get the short end of the stick. Tags: Adobe's Technical Communication Suite RoboHelp

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