My Top 10 e-Learning Tools

eLearning Cyclops

DHTML authoring tool - My preference is OutStart Trainer (TrainerSoft). Adobe Dreamweaver - Still the best tool for creating web pages (I occasionally have to do that) and jerry-rigging the HTML in courses. Notepad - Editing XML, which is extremely useful in working with DHTML courses and sometimes Flash courses. Jane Hart is gathering top ten lists for e-learning tools. Thus far, 203 people in the e-learning field have submitted their list.

My e-Learning Toolbox

eLearning Cyclops

ToolBook authoring tool - this is the DHTML authoring tool used at my company, but prior to this I used TrainerSoft (now Outstart Trainer), which is my preference. Adobe Dreamweaver - creating web pages and occasionally jerry-rigging the HTML in courses. Every so often I see my fellow bloggers posting lists of what they have in their e-learning toolbox. These posts are always interesting and helpful.


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Writing & Grammar Workshop: Funny? Do You Think That's Funny?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

" But in books like DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web, Excel Data Analysis, Illustrator, and even The Rough Guide to MySpace & Online Communities , humor and joking did not find a place. by Jennie Ruby What role, if any, should humor play in technical and training materials? When writing training materials, I am always looking for new ways to introduce a lesson and keep the tone engaging.

View of eLearning Development Approaches - Ease vs. Power

Tony Karrer

Also since this is a picture and about half of the people who visit my web site come through search, I thought I'd include the text here so it can be found: Custom Coding, Flash, DHTML Rapid eLearning, PowerPoint + Audio + Interactions, Form-based Authoring (LCMS), Interactive PowerPoint, Simple HTML, Dreamweaver, CMS (Content Management System), RoboInfo, Simple PowerPoint, Wiki, Podcasts, Blog, Email, Authoring Tools, Lectora, Captivate


Adobe RoboHelp 8: The Pros Have It, The Others Don't

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Adobe AIR is a cross-platform format for building and deploying applications that connect the desktop to the web. You would go with WebHelp if you wanted a web-based or desktop Help on any browser and platform. And you would generate FlashHelp if you were worried about DHTML limitations for browsers and platforms and high-security firewall issues.

Adobe 130

Development Tools I Would Learn If I Were You - June's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

e-Learning web-based training (WBT) development tool : This will most likely be your "go to" tool for developing asynchronous online courses and/or assessments (OutStart Trainer, Articulate, ToolBook, etc., Keep in mind some may be DHTML output, others create Flash SWFs. HTML/HTML5 : Learning HTML will come in very handy, especially if your WBT tool creates DHTML files, which you may need to edit at times.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Open Laszlo Gets Its Own Track and Big Customers for the open source webtop platform

Mark Oehlert

OpenLaszlo uses Ajax techniques, along with otherelements, to support the creation of rich Internet applications.Furthermore, OpenLaszlo will soon support DHTML and, once certified, weplan to deliver a version of Laszlo Webtop that works with either Flashor Ajax." " and something for my peeps who have to make the case to the front office: "Web applications developed with Laszlo technology reached a record highrecently, serving 40 million people monthly in the U.S.