Privacy and Student Data

Ashley Chiasson

They had privacy concerns and were upset that there was no alternative considered for those who may not sign the consent form. In Canada, British Columbia and Nova Scotia have some of the strictest privacy regulations when it comes to storing student data.

This Week on #TalkTech: Going All Digital, Privacy Issues, and Automatic Content Recognition

Bottom-Line Performance

Will we ever go all digital? The author puts it bluntly: “This isn’t a new concept for a digital wallet. So my question is… do you ever think we will go all digital? All digital money, all digital resumes, all digital learning.

Data Privacy and Information Security Training


In today’s world, every organization stores at least some of their important information digitally. The post Data Privacy and Information Security Training appeared first on GO1 Learning. Compliance compliance data privacy information securityDo your employees truly know how to keep your company data safe? Technology offers businesses so many more opportunities and now there’s no need to keep files and files of hard documents lying around the office.

Privacy and Self-Presentation in the Digital Age

Web Tools for Learners

I have been inspired by reading danah boyd’s It’s Complicated to think about how we all, not just teenagers, behave, and perceive ourselves behaving in our digital environment

Digital Efficiency & Your Workforce


The word “digital” has been thrown around as the emerging core of how businesses will operate in the future. The word itself simply means information is recorded as a series of binary digits. Using digital applications can transform an instrument into a valuable tool.

Digital beings

Learning with e's

Today''s book recommendation is: Nicholas Negroponte (1995) Being Digital. Nic Negroponte''s Being Digital was groundbreaking. He begins with a sort of apology, pointing out the irony (before his critics can) of publishing a book about digital technology as an analogue artifact.

PeLC's digital footprint

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As part of my reflection on the event I have been looking at the digital footprint the conference has left on the Web. Privacy has gone by James Clay Don't feed the Pelicans by James Clay (includes a podcast and interviews) Taking a step back by Fleur Corfield Twitter is dead.

Our Digital Future 2: Smart clothing

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The Internet of Things , when it arrives (and some would claim it is already here) will introduce a new global digital infrastructure that features, among other things, ubiquitous sensors.

The EDEN Interviews: Yves Punie

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Yves is Senior Scientist at the European Commission Institute for Prospective Technological Studies, and is an expert in digital competencies. I have worked with Yves before and greatly respect his thinking and views on education in general, and on digital competencies in particular.

10 Tests of Good Digital Citizenship

Marcia Conner

What every student needs to know about online reputation management, digital citizenship and cyberbullying , does a terrific job coaching students through the gray areas of communicating online. Perhaps harassment, invasion of privacy, defamation, or cyberbullying?

Corporate learning in the digital age

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Some are ditching their training rooms in favour of digital delivery of content, and bosses that are forward thinking are investing in social learning, social media and mobile devices to support the learning of their employees. Learning in many organisations is going through radical change.

Interview with an Expert: Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI

Blue Sky eLearn

Emilio Arocho is a Washington, DC professional with over a decade of experience empowering nonprofit organizations by allocating their modest resources towards mission-focused digital transformation strategies. As Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI), he facilitates data-driven decision making across teams and tailors cloud architecture and business processes to anticipate and exceed stakeholder demands.

Snagit Clears Confusion in Digital Forensics World

Visual Lounge

And as the world becomes increasingly digital, so too does forensics. Jon Rajewski is a professor, consultant and digital forensics investigator using Snagit to provide information at court trials. Digital forensics is a little more than what we see on cop dramas and lawyer shows.

The Digital(K): Friend or Foe?

Learning Wire

From open chat rooms to private ephemeral pictures, there are over 99 ways of communicating with people thanks to the popularization of digital technology. Yet another challenge of the digital era, especially when dealing with groups of people who must work together towards a common goal.

Digital learning at PANDORA: the support for a rapid organizational expansion

Learning Wire

The data quality needed to improve with the team having to deal with privacy regulations of inside and external users throughout the world. Este artigo Digital learning at PANDORA: the support for a rapid organizational expansion foi publicado em Learning Wire.

New spaces, new pedagogies

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In this presentation I will argue that this rapid rise of user generated content is blurring boundaries between novice and expert, and challenging the traditional notions of knowledge, ownership, privacy and identity. wikis privacy digital identity

The importance of digital asset management


The importance of digital asset management. The evolution of digital content across all industries from health care and finance to publishing and education has increased market competition and prompted companies to modernize communication systems and processes.

Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Navigating the digital ecosystem, preselling, and the problems with the culture of free with Robin Harris in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. The digital ecosystem is all the pieces that play together for us to be online, be productive and have a business.

How to fix our senseless compliance training

E-Learning Provocateur

This does not make any sense, because the laws governing privacy, anti money laundering, OH&S, and all the other topics, are the same for both banks! All big organisations have a Learning Management System. It’s used to track and record the training that the employees do.

How does the digital tsunami is revolutionalizing the retail industry

Learning Wire

As digital technology gave the power back to consumers, the whole world is now using the web to stay informed on the best deals for the newest products via social media. Indeed, the digital moved the focus back to the people, which can only mean one thing: customer satisfaction.

GDPR: 5 Questions Answered


The GDPR: 5 Questions Answered In a rapidly evolving digital world, privacy issues are of concern to both businesses and individuals.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


Big Data refers to the large amounts of unstructured data flowing through numerous sources in our digital world every second. and not just digital ones! Wearable digital devices with an electronic performance support system can provide continuous learning and support for mobile workers.

Apple Initiatives in Education Domain

MagicBox Blog

Allows a number of different users/students to use the same device, while ensuring the user’s privacy, security and distinct personal learning experience. Digital Education apple classroom app apple education apple education features apple school manager digital education

Apple 56

Apple Initiatives in Education Domain

MagicBox Blog

Allows a number of different users/students to use the same device, while ensuring the user’s privacy, security and distinct personal learning experience. Digital Education apple classroom app apple education apple education features apple school manager digital education

Apple 52

Long road to ruin

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

eLearning Technology AI Artificial Reality David Hopkins Digital Footprint Education Education Technology Facebook Foo Fighters Happy New Year Higher Education Learning Learning Analytics Learning Technology Social Evolution Social Learning Social Media Social Network Twitter Virtual Reality VR

Just for me learning

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Clearly there are security and privacy issues to be addressed, but another trend is that learning is now becoming more untethered and we are witnessing a decline in the use of training rooms.

The drama of Facebook

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Because Facebook is generally a public space that can be manipulated and ''controlled'' by privacy settings, many Facebook users may indeed be in a more private space with their ''friends''.

Mike Rustici – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Tin Can doesn’t change that, and the same privacy and security practices that apply to any other industry apply equally to us. e-learning elearning Experience API Learning & Development Learning Standard Learnnovators SCORM Tin Can API xAPI ADL Digital Education Digital Learning E-Learning edtech eLearning Google Glass Internet of Things IoT Learning Records Store LRS Mike Rustici Online Education Online Learning Rustici Software Watershed LRS Watershed Method

ADL 100

Rewired, not fade away

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A recent article in the Telegraph asks ' Is the digital age rewiring us? ' The author makes his first mistake right at the start of the piece when he distinguishes between digital natives and immigrants. Marc Prensky's digital natives theory has been misappropriated anyway.

Brain 95

Show and TEL

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I went to a couple of sessions on podcasting and digital identity, which were short demonstrations of what lessons have been learnt so far during research and teaching fellowship activities.

How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


Rather, they are embracing new strategies to shift towards effective digital learning. Learning Analytics is not a new concept in digital learning. With digitization, there is a rising demand of familiarizing with cutting-edge technologies to be able to adapt them easily.

It’s Already on Your Permanent Record

CLO Magazine

“Do people want privacy?” In the first case, when individuals are splashing their “moments,” updates, preferences and all manner of information in prose and video across social media, the privacy regulations become almost silly. Like Musk, I believe privacy is gone.

Driving Lucrative Training Outcomes Through Mobile Learning


The millennials are also reshaping the face of digital learning from collaboration to innovation. With digitization, most of the companies are embracing the use of mobile technology to deliver efficient e-learning programs.

The interview

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We shared some useful resources, talked about our favourite blogs and books, and discussed the concept of '' e-learning 3.0 '', the digital natives and immigrants theory (don''t miss that bit!), We also tackled the thorny issue of privacy in the digital age.

Is Blockchain the Future of eBook Distribution & Sales?

Hurix Digital

Thus, digital content security is paramount for publishers. Today, encryption technology is making exciting new advances and a new digital asset security technology called blockchain is making waves worldwide. Digital Assets & Electronic Distribution: A Business Reality.

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