Top Ten Tools for Learning 2014

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Diigo is my social bookmarking option. Diigo automatically generates my ID and e-Learning bookmarks posts. People are sometimes amazed at how quickly I can find resources for various topics; Diigo is what lets me put my hands on links from my library in a hurry.

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Weekly Bookmarks (5/3/2010)

Experiencing eLearning

Make LinkedIn Help You Find A Job – Tips on using LinkedIn more effectively while job searching. tags : linkedin , career. Posted from Diigo. Phil Bradley’s weblog: Alternatives to Ning. Tools to create online communities, all probably benefiting from Ning’s decision to move to exclusively paid sites. tags : ning , tools , community. Seven sexiest alternatives to Ning.

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Are you looking to provide more effective ways for people to work together? If you don’t have the network tools within work then use Twitter , LinkedIn , Google +, Facebook or any number of sharing tools like Diigo or Blended & Learning Tech Effective Learning L&D Capability Learning Trends collaboration community social networks

ID and eLearning Links (3/5/19)

Experiencing eLearning

LinkedIn Niels Flor compares what he sees as the differences between instructional design and learning experience design. Posted from Diigo. As I read various sources online, I bookmark what I find useful.

ID and e-Learning Links (2/2/14)

Experiencing eLearning

Research on feedback’s effect on performance. The Effects of Feedback Interventions on Performance: A Historical Review, a Meta-Analysis, and a Preliminary Feedback Intervention Theory (Kluger & DeNisi, 1996) | Reading for Pleasure. Research on the effects of feedback interventions. Question on SCORM licensing | LinkedIn. Posted from Diigo. Whitepaper – Moodle 2 Repositories | Some Random Thoughts.

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Tony Karrer

Twitter as Personal Work and Learning Tool My LinkedIn Open Connection Approach - Treating LinkedIn like a massive, virtual cocktail party. I believe tap is the keyword flaviofusuma : @ tonykarrer Forums , Email , Linkedin. Linkedin. It's much more social than LinkedIn.

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The changing Web

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tools include popular applications such as blogs, wikis and podcasting; social networking sites such as FaceBook and LinkedIn; photo and videosharing services such as Flickr and YouTube; familiar utilities such as RSS feeds, social tagging (e.g.

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ID and E-Learning Links (8/21/16)

Experiencing eLearning

Best Practices for Effective PowerPoint Presentations Assessment | Think Outside The Slide. A lengthy and thorough checklist for effective PowerPoint presentations. Make Freelancing Great Again | LinkedIn. Posted from Diigo.