Weekly Bookmarks (9/19/2010)

Experiencing eLearning

Science Links Japan | The Durability of the Effect of an Optimal Spaced Learning Methode, the Modified Low-First Method: Demonstration and Development of a Predictive Model. Research summary on a specific model for spaced learning which the author found effective for improving recall. Abstract of neuroscience research attempting to determine why spaced learning is effective. Posted from Diigo.


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Are you looking to provide more effective ways for people to work together? Are you looking to improve methods of communication? If you don’t have the network tools within work then use Twitter , LinkedIn , Google +, Facebook or any number of sharing tools like Diigo or Del.cio.us Blended & Learning Tech Effective Learning L&D Capability Learning Trends collaboration community social networks

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ID and eLearning Links (3/5/19)

Experiencing eLearning

Instructional design is creating instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing.” ( Wikipedia ) “Learning experience design is the process of creating learning experience that enable the learner to achieve the desired learning outcome in a human centered and goal-oriented way.”… A learning experience designer combines these design skills, tools and methods with theoretical and practical expertise about learning.

ID and eLearning Links 8/13/19

Experiencing eLearning

Book — The Learning Scientists Quick summaries of key points from each chapter in a book on learning science and effective strategies (spacing, elaboration, concrete examples, visuals, and retrieval practice). It’s probably less important to teach the concept of mindset than to adjust methods of teaching and providing feedback. What the researchers found is that rewording and summarizing while taking notes is more effective. Posted from Diigo.

CCK09: Notes on Learning Networks and Connective Knowledge

Experiencing eLearning

I used Diigo to highlight and comment while reading. If you’d like to see my notes in context and don’t use Diigo, use this annotated link for the page. Cognitivist methods do have some research support, after all. Think multimedia learning, Clark & Mayer’s “ELearning and the Science of Instruction.&# ) But their methods could (at least sometimes) be right even if their explanation of the underlying mechanism is wrong.

Freinet and social media

Learning with 'e's

Here are five of his then radical methods placed into the context of social media: 1) The Pedagogy or Work. 2) Enquiry Based Learning Method. Learning by asking questions is not only fun, it''s effective. 3) Co-operative Learning Method. 4) The Natural Method. Facebook and other social networking tools are great for connecting people, and most students already have an account and can use it effectively to do this. 5) Democratic Method.