Learning’s Role in Innovation

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Provided that learning and development leaders could and should have a central role in innovation, what is the chief learning officer’s responsibility? Jennifer Magnani, senior director of Sanofi Pasteur Quality Academy, faces a challenge in aligning these two elements.

The Future Role of Learning & Development


The panel was hosted by Nathan Blaine, Executive Director at Corporate Executive Board, and included David Blake, CEO of Degreed, Stephen Bailey, CEO of ExecOnline, Sang Yoon, Head of Learning Strategy & Curriculum at Google, and myself as panelists. One particularly interesting discussion point touched on the future role of the Learning & Development (L&D) organization within corporations. I’ve just returned from the ASU GSV Summit this week in San Diego, CA.

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Is technology eliminating the Learning & Development role in corporations?

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Is it really a good news for the businesses or is it invisibly diminishing the learning and development role by providing employees technological ease & functionalities in their respective department? Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.–

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Want to help someone learn? Have them assume a role.

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Note: Some of these thoughts are based on a paper by John Rice, a school technology director in Texas. Assume a Role. A role-play that involves speaking to a nurse. To foster higher level skills, the player should assume a role during the game and not just play.

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Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

doing to be effective in her role. from the project management office director. Seven Simple Secrets to. Off-the-Shelf Course Success. By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning. Off-the-shelf (OTS) courseware is a growing market attracting both customers and venture. capital.

Learning Technology’s Role in Recruiting for Culture Fit

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The traditional recruiting process is built to gauge technical skill well, but it often does not take into account cultural fit, according to Bonnie Evans, global client services director at Xerox Global Learning Solutions. When you have the right person in a role,” Evans said.

Gamification in Workplace Learning: The Role of Play

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Mr. Betts is the Managing Director for HT2 and his big question for this month is “Does Gamification Have a Role in Workplace Learning?” Gamification definitely has a role in workplace learning.

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Managing Career Paths: The Role of CLO

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For some organizations, the shortage of skilled executives, middle managers and individual contributors in critical roles already is having quantifiable ramifications — from decreased production capacity to drops in customer satisfaction.

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Learning Conversation with Liz Griffin, Director, Global People Team, Ernst & Young – Part 2

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Currently, Liz is in a global organisational development internal consulting role based in Sydney. With a career in organisational development, learning and development, HR, line management and operations spanning 27 years, Liz’s experiences have encompassed the education, hospitality, airline and professional services sectors.

Transforming the CLO Role

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Saba CEO Bobby Yazdani discusses learning’s evolution and technology’s role in its future. From the early days of certification training to the blooming of the LMS market in the late 1990s into the social and collaborative enterprise, learning and development has shifted from a back-office function into a pivotal role at the vanguard of technology, innovation and globalization. How have you seen the role of the learning executive change over the years?

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Tips for Working Successfully with an eLearning Partner

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You might have a different person in each role or you may have a few people wearing multiple hats, but it’s unlikely you’re creating an online course alone. Three of the most common roles in any eLearning production are Project Manager (PM), Subject Matter Expert (SME), and Education Director.

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

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I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. Alok Asthana Director at Innovators and Leaders It has already been stated that all organisations will have different needs so we need to answer that question - What does ( or should ) a learning consultant do? Alok Asthana: The following comment captures the role of a consultant and added clarity to my thoughts.

Role of the Trainer: Engagement

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Remember that one of the trainer’s chief roles is to engage the participant. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.– Trainers can achieve engagement in many ways, from encouraging participation to sharing personal experiences and interactive activities. How the trainer encourages engagement is very important, but we can’t lose sight of the value this type of engagement brings to each training intervention.

Learners as producers

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Firstly, the traditional role of teachers is changing. As teachers switch from directors to co-producers, from pedagogues to co-learners, they begin to realise the power of peer production, and the deeper engagement students can achieve when they research and learn for themselves.

Role Models in Educational Technology on Ada Lovelace Day

Janet Clarey

Glenda Morgan , Director of Technology and Learning Initiative, George Mason University. Lauren Resnick, Director of the Learning Research and Development Center. Ellen Wagner , Director at Macromedia and Owner, Learnativity Alliance. Anne Bartlett Brown , Headshift Australia ,Managing Director. Linda Roberts , former director U.S. Marcia Conner , Managing Director of Ageless Learner, writer.

Empowering Learning Development Project Managers 

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But if the project is a high priority, you might be able to talk to those with positional power—the SME’s manager, the CEO, the training director—and they may be able to help dedicate the SME’s time. L&D Fundamentals Learning Development Roles Project Management

Learning Conversation with Liz Griffin, Director, Global People Team, Ernst & Young – Part 1

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Currently, Liz is in a global organisational development internal consulting role based in Sydney. Jeevan : Liz, let us now about the some of the challenges in your current role. We had an opportunity to talk to Liz Griffin about learning and the challenges it faces in a leading professional services company – Ernst & Young.

‘High Stakes’ Employee Training: The Crucial Role of Simulating the Consequences


Examples: During a simulated sale (say, a videotaped role play), if trainees don’t get the sale, they have to go tell your boss what happened. Meyer is CEO and Director of Learning and Development at the Rapid Learning Institute.

Are simulations changing the role for Learning & Development

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One such method that is changing the role of learning and development to a great extent is simulation, which we would be discussing in this post. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.–

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices | Social.

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Through an interview with John Congemi, senior manager of retail learning and development, we learn that all training initiatives at Best Buy now center on the three pillars of ROLE: freedom, co-creation and a robust library of learning content.

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices

Dashe & Thomson

Through an interview with John Congemi, senior manager of retail learning and development, we learn that all training initiatives at Best Buy now center on the three pillars of ROLE: freedom, co-creation and a robust library of learning content.

5 Non-Financial ROIs of MOOCs

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Encouraging skill development outside of employees’ defined roles. Forging a leadership role in employee training and development. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.–

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Lessons Learned From a Former Biotech Training Manager

Bottom-Line Performance

The subject matter is highly technical, there are many different roles to train and the industry is highly regulated. How did you end up in a training role at Envigo? The roles are extremely technical. Think back to when you were first starting out in a training role.

7 Benefits of Corporate eLearning

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Over the last 15 years in my professional career I’ve seen the benefits of eLearning in my roles as Director of Human Resources, Operations Director, and Training Manager.

How does customizing of learning help to improve competencies?

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In its sales and service agreements, the MNC was contractually bound to provide its customers with its own pool of technical advisors (TAs) and technical directors (TDs). The tool could accommodate as many job roles as needed. A robust backend to manage business units and job roles. •

Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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Once the learners presume an active role in a knowledge and skill reception, they would automatically enhance their possibilities at remembering it. [1] Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.–

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User generated content; The next trend!

Challenge to Learn

JD Dillon, Learning and Performance Consultant, and former Director Learning Technology and Development Director, Kaplan: “The trend towards user-generated eLearning content is inevitable and happening as information moves faster, and learning and development teams have to do more with less.

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

Performance Learning Productivity

There is widespread agreement amongst senior executives, line managers and HR directors that ‘breakthrough performance’ is needed to meet immediate business goals. The Concepts – answers to questions such as: What is expected of me in this role? Most people get it.

It’s All About the Brand, ‘Bout the Brand…

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Are we communicating to best of our abilities the role of learning in an organization? Do you think the Director of Marketing has the same view? Or the Director of Operations? Brands are all around us and at a glance we know what they mean and who they represent.

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Recruit, Select, Develop and Retain: A How-to Guide to Corporate Training

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As we examine training’s role in HR functions, let’s first take a look at why we would need or want to get involved when we have our own departments to manage. Now that we’ve taken a broad overview of the training role in HR functions, let’s move to recruitment.

RSDR 3: Employee Selection

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Moving from the actual training role, your department can also offer support. The one caveat to training involvement in selection is to remember that it really is an indirect, passive role. Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.–

3 Simple ways to gamify your online learning


The interactive historical game Medieval Swansea enables learners to take on the role of a detective to solve a mystery. Steve Penfold is Customer Success Director at Elucidat. 3 Simple ideas for elearning gamification (without the gimmicks).

The Virtual LMS Administrator

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Part One focused on the technical issues that an LMS Administrator will deal with on a regular basis, while Part Two takes an in-depth look at the larger role an LMS Administrator has in implementing and running an LMS.

RSDR 2: Recruiting

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Bryant Nielson – Managing Director of CapitalWave Inc.– eLearning Featured Featured Posts Learning & Development Talent Management Training and recruiting Training role in recruitingAn organization’s recruiters perform a vitally important job, especially in this environment.

KPMG Names New Chief Learning Officer

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In his new role, Muñoz is responsible for the professional service firm’s learning and development strategy and programs. Prior to his time at TD Bank, Muñoz was director of leadership and high potential development with BAE Systems. Corey Muñoz (PRNewsfoto/KPMG LLP).

The Role of the Learning Function in an Acquisition


It was an enormous opportunity for the business, and as the director of learning and development, I wanted to make sure the learning function contributed to the success of the newly acquired people. So what role does learning and development play in acquisitions? The role of the learning leader is to insert his/herself into the conversation and craft a plan for bringing these people together to learn what they need to learn in order to be successful in the new organization.

Are You Giving Employees Tools They Actually Want to Use?

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The chief learning officer has a pivotal role to play to help companies increase their organization’s capability, but the role is changing. The role of learning and development is shifting from a top-down approach to one that empowers employees to take charge of their own development.

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The Changing Face of Life Science Product Launch, Part 3: The Role of the Learning Team


In this final entry, Ann talks about the role of the Learning Team in product launch. Ann Stott is the Senior Director, Life Sciences and Advisory Services at Performance Development Group.

Editor's Letter: My Heroes and Role Models

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” As I got older and started playing sports more seriously myself, I realized the value in replacing larger-than-life heroes with real-life role models. Now, as a businessman, the way I define my heroes and role models has continued to evolve, and I use a different kind of scorecard to gauge who is worthy of admiration and emulation. These outstanding organizations qualify as inspiring role models for the industry, as do all the 2013 LearningElite finalists.