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Here’s How Subject Matter Experts Help Build Great Courses

Rapid eLearning

Subject matter experts play a key role in the success of our courses. This is part three of the series on how to work with subject matter experts based on tips shared by your peers. Help the subject matter expert understand the basics of instructional design.

Discussing the ASTD Handbook, eLearning, and Published Expertise with Elaine Biech

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Call me old fashioned, but I do still see the value in a thoughtfully constructed book curated by a trusted source and filled with vetted content from a wide variety of industry experts. The second edition ASTD Handbook is filled with great insights from industry experts.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


I think a good place is by asking 49 of the world’s leading eLearning experts the top 3 trends they predict for 2017. Here are the two most interesting takeaways from surveying 49 eLearning experts: Trend of Trends: 9 trends were picked by 10% or more of the experts.

From novice to expert

Learning with e's

Lave sees the social context of this kind of situated learning as vitally important, because novice learners can be closely supported by experts, and their behaviour and knowledge can be scaffolded by more experienced members of their learning community.

Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

Get a subject matter expert to film themselves giving a full explanation. Interview a subject matter expert, transcribe what they said and share the. concept – we’ve been discussing it for a while now – but it’s. We’ve just discussed the need for quick. experts.

An Expert’s View On The Transformation of Employee Training

WalkMe Training Station

In my upcoming book for ATD Press, “Learning in the Age of Immediacy: Five Factors for How We Connect, Communicate, and Get Work Done,” I discuss what I think are key focus areas for Learning organizations to be future-proofed and properly support the business and workforce of tomorrow.

Q&A with Storyline Expert Tim Slade

ATD Learning Technologies

Learning Technology Community Manager Justin Brusino talks to Articulate Storyline expert Tim Slade about what separates Articulate Storyline from the other authoring tools on the market. They also discuss the what participants will learn in the ATD Articulate Storyline Certificate workshop.

Expert panel joins debate on future for L&D

Sponge UK

NEWS: An expert industry panel will discuss how to equip L&D for the future during a special online event this month. I’m hoping the Hangout will generate some useful discussion and practical ideas for action.”

eLearning Student Considerations from MOOC expert—Tina Seeling

Coffee and Design

In a previous post, eLearning Principles from MOOC expert—Tina Seeling I discussed some “eLearning principles” from her mini lecture on course design that I think should influence how we design eLearning experiences.

Harnessing the Power of a Subject Matter Expert (SME)


What happens when you have a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and an Instructional Designer (or an eLearning program developer) in one room? The goal here is not necessarily to create compelling content with smooth slide turner interactions, but to work with the expert in order to really spin the program towards a very time and cost efficient direction. We all know the usual protocol to contact a subject matter expert.

Are You An Expert?

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Are You An Expert?: The event is back for another year of discussion with nationally recognized speakers on accelerating quality company talent. eLearning development process Jon Aleckson SME subject matter experts talent management teamwork Web CourseworksStereotyping the SME Tomorrow, I will be participating in the 2011 Midwest Forum on Talent Management right here in Madison, WI.

Excerpts from Experts


Over the last one year, team Raptivity delivered a plethora of exciting webinars featuring seasoned learning consultants who discussed the latest eLearning trends and technologies. So here are a few excerpts right from the experts: Webinar – Making Learning Stick April 2013 Jay Cross You tend to forget almost 50 – 80% of what you learn if you don’t revisit it within 24 hours of learning. eLearning eLearning Industry Experts eLearning Influencer Free webinar

7 Ways to Encourage Experts to Share Knowledge

Growth Engineering

A system that allows knowledge sharing takes some of the load off by letting learners with questions find the experts with the answers. The principle of connecting learners and experts is sound, but in practice, engaging experts with the L&D programme can be challenging.

Getting to Know Your Subject Matter Experts


Your subject matter expert, or SME, is a valuable resource—and an essential part of the e-Learning development process. Today, we have 4 tips to help you get to know your subject matter expert: 1. Your SME knows a ton about the topic—he or she is the expert! Discuss visuals.

Expert Interview Series: Kieran King on New Approaches to Learning and Talent Management


In this podcast, Kieran King discusses the changing HCM industry. learning strategy

eLearning Principles from MOOC expert—Tina Seeling

Coffee and Design

Online students should introduce themselves to the class in an innovative way other than just a thread in the general discussion area to get the creative juices flowing and a means of connection beyond superficial facts. Online lecture material should be supplemented and supported with additional external resources, readings, and online discussions to broaden and deepen the learner’s experience with learning the content. Can you teach creativity? Can you teach creativity online?

Involve your experts


We instructional designers all know the importance of a good and smooth collaboration with clients and subject matter experts (SME's). I am the professional on the instructional and educational design of the e-Learning and my SME is the pro concerning the content.

Expert panel debates workplace learning trends in 2017

Sponge UK

NEWS: The direction of workplace learning in 2017 will be discussed by leading figures in Learning & Development in a special online hangout this January.

Role of a Learning Consultant: Insightful discussion imported from LinkedIn

ID Reflections

I am copying a discussion we have been having on LinkedIn as a part of the Training&Development group. I started this discussion to understand the roles (tacit and explicit) that a learning consultant plays. The discussion that evolved has been one of the most insightful for me and I thought it should be shared with those who may not at present be a part of the T&D group on LinkedIn. Learning Strategy Expert It depends on the need of the organization.

10 hot tips for moocers

E-Learning Provocateur

Now that I have participated in a mooc, I am naturally qualified to dispense expert advice about them. Participate actively in the discussion forum. I found it helpful to use the discussion forum to post preliminary drafts of my ideas, refine them, then blog them.

Tips 123

Exciting 3D Event to Discuss Virtual Clinical Trials

Kapp Notes

Join an esteemed panel of industry experts and technology innovators to discuss the current and future state of the Virtual Clinical Trial. Innovations in Clinical Research Workshop. As Life Sciences organizations look to reduce the costs of global clinical trials, innovations in technology, delivery and partnership models are taking shape to “virtualize” important components of the clinical trial process.

4 Super Tips From Experts For Better E-learning Design – Part 1

CommLab India

Here are a few practical tips from some of the experts in e-learning to overcome these problems. In any project, all of us arrange a project kick-off call and discuss with the customer regarding their requirement and how we are going to take the project further.

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Are You Using the EdTech Technologies that the Experts Assume You’re Using?


Are you currently using, or planning to use, the trends that the expert panelists working with NMC are expecting you to use or implement “soon” (meaning, within the next one year)? can be separated from informal learning (discussion, independent research, group activities, etc.).

New! Weekly meet the experts Q&A session on easygenerator by KasperSpiro


During the session Kasper will discuss questions of the participants and will show the solution to those questions in Easygenerator. If there are questions where Easygenerator does not have a solution for yet, we will discuss the requirements. We really appreciate it if you could also add the questions/topics that you would like to discuss. Weekly meet the experts Q&A session on easygenerator by KasperSpiro appeared first on Easygenerator

An Interview With An Expert: Our Chat With Brian Westfall


Brian is in a unique position to discuss the trends he’s seeing in the industry. We give the option to purchase training by one of our experts , if this is required, as well as having an extensive database of articles to refer to.


eLearning Glossary Part 2: More Commonly Used Terms

Association eLearning

SME- Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) provide the content that makes a course informative. Your SME knows what learners need to know to be experts. Instructors learn to lead discussions, listen effectively, make accurate observations and help participants to link training to their jobs.

eLearning Book Review: The Accidental Instructional Designer

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The book takes on various topics from the perspective project managers, subject matter experts, designers, writers, and other stakeholders whom are necessary to create eLearning products. Cammy uses this approach as a launching point for a discussion of best practices in a variety of areas.

Five Reasons to Apply for eLearning Awards

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You are rolling the dice concerning which expert judges evaluate your technology. The award criteria provide an excellent framework for pre and post mortem team discussions on our software use cases and feature specification.

Vision 2016 - An Interview with Desiree Pinder


Desiree] I can see how this could be very beneficial to have shorter courses, but our clients aren’t asking for it…or say “no thank you” when we give it as an option when discussing what they want/need. elearning 2016 eLearning experts micro-learning vision 2016

When Misused Buzzwords Attack

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A non-interactive version might be a recorded lecture of an auditor discussing how to conduct an audit. Interactive. Immersive. Innovative/ Creative/ Different. Effective. All of the above. These words get thrown around a lot.

Working with SMEs


Many instructional designers find working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) challenging. In this article, we will look at seven ways to work effectively with Subject Matter Experts. Many Subject Mater Experts are busy with their jobs, think that they know it all, and feel territorial about their work. Not all Subject Matter Experts know exactly what needs to go into the training course. Instructional Design Uncategorized online learning subject matter experts

Top 5 Things Associations can Learn from Corporate Training Departments

Association eLearning

When it comes to designing learning, associations often look to their volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs) to provide webinars, workshops, etc. Most associations have provided some degree of member education as part of their mission.

Strengthening Social Learning In the Workplace

Social Learning

If we decided, for the purity of social learning, to have end users separate into self-organized groups and begin discussing how to use a new piece of software that most of them have never seen before, it would be a complete waste of time.

Hiring a Technology Consultant

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The consultant will probably need to research outside initiatives in the same or other industries; may need to ­locate other resources; or to coordinate and facilitate open discussion. Finding the Right Hired Gun: A Conversation with Elaine Biech.

How to revamp your learning model

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Core component #2: Discussion forum. The secondary component of my ILE is an open discussion forum. A discussion forum enables the learner to post a question to their peers, thereby leveraging the collective intelligence of the organisation.

Are you playing the role of the Subject Matter Expert instead of the Instructional Designer?

Janet Clarey

Community&# in the middle and blogs, wikis, discussion board, social bookmarking, and user-generated content surrounding it.). The blogs were everyone’s - novice, expert, course vendors, and Learning & Development. Many of these discussion flowed from monthly webinars.