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When I first became involved in learning technology research in the early 1980s (it was called 'educational technology' in those days) personal computers were in their infancy, and multi-media was breaking as the next 'big thing' in education. I spent my time developing software packages for 'computer assisted learning' which were text heavy but interactive, and then assessing how effective they were as tools to engage learners. That's why I'm a researcher in learning technology.

WebTools For Teachers 01/01/2009

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Learning in Hand Blog by Tony Vincent. SILENT BLOG: Downes Future of Learning - A summary. A Summary of Stephen Downes on the Future of Learning. tags : downes , education , learning. tags : Downes , education , distance_learning. tags : Downes , learning , education , Wikipedia. World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others | Edutopia - Annotated. tags : collaboration , technology , learning , edutopia.

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Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

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So, here's the hot list for April 1 - April 11 via eLearning Learning. Although everyone learns most from their mistakes, it does save a lot of money if you keep some tips in the back of your mind. Building Better Learning Games - Learning Visions , April 9, 2009 Interested in building casual games for your learners? Learning results in physical changes to the brain and these changes are unique to each individual. What is an online learning community?