Distance Learning Software To The Rescue: How Can Teachers Use It Effectively?

Dan Keckan

Discover 7 tips on how to better organize and maintain remote education with various kinds of distance learning software. eLearning Software Distance Learning Editors' Choice Educational Technology Tools Learning Technologies

Moving from distance learning to learning distanced: Building human capabilities in times of disruption and social distancing

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The critical need for social distancing forced organizations to adopt newer technologies and use old modalities in new ways. With classroom delivery not being an available option, many organizations scrambled to provide learning to either partially remote or entirely remote workforces.


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5 Distance Learning Lessons for Higher Ed from the Business World


In-person classes were hastily converted to remote formats, policies were changed, and professors quickly learned to use whatever technology would let them complete their classes. What can colleges learn from the corporate world?

The persistence of distance (learning)

Learning with 'e's

In a formal sense, distance learning has been a familiar concept since at least 1837, when Sir Isaac Pitman began teaching his shorthand system using typed instruction cards mailed through the universal Penny Postal service to his students across England. Some would say formal distance education was established much earlier in the Americas. Earlier still, were the cave paintings of early man a primitive form of distance education?

Coping With Remote Learning

Dan Keckan

Learning is a communicative process and is much enhanced if given priority and opportunity. Educational Technology Distance Learning eLearning Solutions Learning Styles Learning Technologies

5 Ways VR Gives Students New Ways To Learn

Dan Keckan

Education is one of the newer fields that it is being branched into, and there are a lot of different ways that Virtual Reality can enhance a student’s learning experience. Emerging Technologies Distance Learning Learning Technologies Virtual Classroom Virtual Reality

9 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About the History of Online/Distance Learning


Over the course of history, online/distance learning, or eLearning, has grown to epic proportions. What began in 1728 as the first distance learning course ever to be offered has flourished into a $107 billion market. Are you familiar with the history of online learning? 9 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About the History of Online/Distance Learning. One of the best ways to understand online learning is to become familiar with its history.

What is normal?

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9 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About the History of Online/Distance Learning


Over the course of history, online/distance learning, or eLearning, has grown to epic proportions. What began in 1728 as the first distance learning course ever to be offered has flourished into a $107 billion market. Are you familiar with the history of online learning? 9 Amazing Things You Don’t Know About the History of Online/Distance Learning. One of the best ways to understand online learning is to become familiar with its history.

Digital Badges for Educational Achievement

Web Courseworks

Learning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. If you’re an association education or technology director, you might be intrigued by the possibility of bringing badges to your members. The good news is that the technological barrier is much lower than it used to be, although a certain amount of savvy is still required. The latest version of Blackboard Learn as well as recent versions of Moodle and our own CourseStage all have badging capabilities.

Learning Technologies: Simulation based learning with UCL

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At Learning Technologies, Lynsie and Alan provided an overview as to why they wanted a simulation, how the project was delivered and its impact. As Alan discussed “the loneliness of the long distance learner” was a real issue.The target audience was busy full-time professionals, many of whom had families. They’ve transferred the learning from the activity to the assessment and the pass rates reflect this. “If

In conversation with: Maren Deepwell (@MarenDeepwell) #altc

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Spice Up Your Webinars: Webinar Digest

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The goal is to receive meaningful feedback by asking good questions based off a strategy of what you want to learn from your audience. Technology. Identify roles – Identify roles in managing technology. Webinars can have too much technology for the subject matter expert to have to manage with everything else they need to focus on. You should have someone who can be their aid to help troubleshoot and manage the technology while the presenter is giving the webinar.

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eLearning Book Review: The Accidental Instructional Designer

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Instructional designers and eLearning managers can learn something from Cammy Bean’s book. Cammy’s message fit well with the theme of her new book, The Accidental Instructional Designer: Learning Design for the Digital Age , which is an important read for both managers and instructional designers alike. The accidental aspect of our careers is symbolic of the life-long learning journey most adults should ready themselves for.

The Virtual LMS Administrator

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Learning News Learning Technology Strategy Managing eLearning Assocations association distance learning elearning LMS Technology Web CourseworksLMS administrators are a necessity for the successful implementation and upkeep of an LMS. Last year, we talked about the Anatomy of an LMS Administrator as a two-part series, where we got a day-in-the-life glimpse of what an LMS Administrator needs for success.

What is learner autonomy?


Learner autonomy can enhance a learning strategy and act as a driver of learner engagement. With an autonomous learning approach , autonomous learners are often better prepared for their job function and life in general. Motivation to learn is an intrinsic value, with a personal payoff.

The University of tomorrow is …?

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A world in which most of our learning is more self-directed and practical is, in many ways, a return to an apprenticeship model that existed before industrialization.” eLearning Digital University Distance Learning Education Technology Educational Technology Learning Learning Technologist Learning Technology MOOC Online Course Technology University University 2.0


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I was building an interest and understanding of my role (learning technologist), my work place, and the kind of ‘things’ I needed to understand. I would not have produced, managed, edited and published four books , nor would I have gained the peer-reviewed CMALT qualification, the invitation to be a trustee for the Learn Appeal charity , or the various accolades I’ve collected over the years. Conversations are powerful learning opportunities.


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My last post was all about the ways in which familiarity can bring a sense of consistency to not only delivering online learning content, but also designing and developing it. This time I want to look at the way in which distraction can prevent the well designed and impeccably delivered learning materials. How do you work or learn in a distracted environment? We have to respect that and enable the learning to fit around their existing lives.

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Change the title, change the work?

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Have I had it wrong all these years … is not been about me being a Learning Technologist (LT), I’ve actually been an Instructional Designer (ID) instead? Bear with me here … This reflection is the 18th entry in my ‘what is a learning technologist’ series. All posts currently part of the What is a Learning Technologist series can be found here. Good with technology. Instructional Designer or Learning Designer (or something else entirely)?


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Following on from my two previous posts which cover my thought process about familiarity in learning design and how distractions can affect both our work and learn environments, I wanted to write about instruction. Even with new technologies I usually like to read a little of the instructions to get me started, at least to the point where I know how to charge it and when it’s ready to use.


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Is it the same with our learning? Authenticity and credibility in online learning Click To Tweet. There are so many options and ways to learn online, sometimes the number of courses on a similar subject exist. The cheapest one, or the one that has been developed and delivered by the best team possible, therefore giving you the best possible learning experience?

Designing Synchronous e-Learning Courses

Bottom-Line Performance

We’re continuing our discussion of synchronous e-learning (aka. distance learning) this month. Today, I want to talk about how to actually design synchronous e-learning courses. There are many elements of course design that need to be taken into consideration for synchronous e-learning. Technology. Is the technology that we’re using stable and robust enough to allow for interaction? Are the facilitators comfortable using the technology?

How Technology Brings Inquiry To The Forefront Of Learning— Especially In A Crisis

Dan Keckan

All the theory about innovative methods in education is now called to action, at least for those of us who have the privilege to implement distance learning programs. Schools have been closing, one after another; for most of us, this is a very strange reality.

ReD is Dead

Rob Hubbard

Technology has moved on and so has my thinking on design. Plus I wanted to develop another open course (or two) in a goal-based learning format. ReD will eventually have two children; Digital Learning Design (DLD) and Digital Learning Production (DLP). In Digital Learning Design I want to cover the strategic design of a learning or performance solution – essentially, what I do when we’re commissioned to undertake a project.

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Mobile Learning: e-learningnext

ID Reflections

Why Mobile Learning The strongest Value Proposition for mobile learning comes from connecting people with ideas, information, and each other—anytime, anywhere! Ten years back, Clark Quinn’s statement about mobile learning seemed wishful thinking. Today, mobile learning is no longer a buzzword. In ten years, mobile learning moved from being a “buzz word” and “yet-another-technology-hype” to a medium of learning and performance support that is here to stay.

Mobile 144

How to Use Sales Training to Solve Major B2B Pain Points


But with those pains come an opportunity to ease them with effective sales training and a strong learning strategy paired with a great learning platform. Organizations can solve some of their B2B sales pains by investing in learning and development, which goes well beyond the annual sales kickoff meeting or new product release training. Both information and up-to-date demos and product feature content can be uploaded and accessed anytime through a learning platform.

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Back to Basics – What is eLearning?

Rob Hubbard

This was one of my friends, a nurse, on Facebook last week, venting her anger against learning technologies. This is still such a common perception of elearning; dull, mandatory training, done on your own, using technology that doesn’t quite work properly. Such a shame, when there is such a wonderful, eclectic, creative and interesting wealth of approaches and technologies out there. Learning resources can include things like web articles.

Welcome to Synchronous E-Learning Month

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And we’re making some significant changes to our Lessons on Learning blog! July’s focus is on Synchronous e-Learning, better known as distance learning. Synchronous E-Learning Defined. You may or may not be familiar with synchronous e-learning. It’s simply a form of distance learning in which both the instructor and participants are in the session “live&#. workers participated in a distance learning course in 2005.

Fears about Technology Enabled Learning

Your Training Edge

Although we see a strong push for incorporation of technology in educational and training settings, and availability in the hands of students and teachers, many fears regarding its implementation are still evident. Let’s start our discussion with one of the natural fears people might have for incorporating technology enabled learning. We can say, this is the biggest fears about technology enabled learning that is innate in human nature.

COVID-19 and Its Lasting Impact On Education

Magic EdTech

This shift towards distance learning, engaging students without grades, and developing/maximizing active use of technology will certainly change how we educate our K-12 students in the future. Technology also helped spur the flipped classroom movement.

All change

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In April, 2007, I joined Bournemouth University as Learning Technologist. This was the start of my journey in learning technology and working in an academic environment. Working closely with academics from different departments the challenges were the same, the technology (for the most part) the same, and the support and camaraderie equally as inspiring and engaging. Distance learning never looked so promising, interesting, engaging and worthwhile!

What’s the Difference Between an LMS and an LXP? [Buyer’s Guide]


In the last three years, learning experience platforms (LXPs) have grown in popularity due to the shifts in how we live and learn. As a relatively new product, however, LXPs lack the same awareness that learning management systems have in the L&D industry.

Customer story: An International Maritime University & eFront for education


They decided that in terms of cost savings and ease of use and control, eFront was the best tool to use in engaging online distance learning. Instructors are now more adept at developing digital course content and have learned how to set, mark and record student progress online.” eLearning Learning Partner story Resources education learning management system Learning Technology LMSWhen the John B.

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Hands down, our learning technology “predictions” list is our favorite post to develop each year. Rather, they are educated guesses about learning technology trends, based on our continuous market research, our consulting interactions with countless LMS buyers and sellers and more than 20 years of experience we’ve accumulated in the learning industry. 11 Get Ready to “Right Size” Your Learning Solution. 8 Adaptive Learning to Improve.


Learning with 'e's

I was approached by the editor of the journal after my presentation in London at the Learning Technologies annual conference. The first was when I was working as a manager in the National Health Service and heard about a new university project that placed new and emerging technologies into the hands of local communities. It was 1996, and a period of great technological transformation, and the project aimed to set up distance learning centres in hard-to-reach rural areas.

Speexx to Present Smart Learning Solution at LT Awards Showcase in London


On March 29, Speexx will attend the eLearning Network's LT Awards Showcase event for the winners of 2018's Learning Technologies Awards. The event is held in London, where Speexx presents its award-winning language learning solutions, discusses the challenges facing the e-learning industry today and explains how it overcame these challenges to win Gold for Best Online Distance Learning Programme.

Competition Finalist 1: John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime Uni. Case Study


Being the only maritime university in Philippines and the first maritime university in Asia, the JBLFMU is committed to the development of a culture of excellence in maritime education and training, and responds to the need of time by acknowledging the practical and operational advancement of Online Distance Learning (ODL) mode of delivery. Learning modules, study guides with instructions and other materials, including video and audio tapes, are provided. Lessons Learned.

21 top elearning communities

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Join thousands of other L&D professionals who are learning from each other in these elearning communities. Learning and Skills Group. Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals’. Learning design. Technology in Education. Work learn mobile. 3 Learning and Skills group. Focus : organisational learning, learning technology. 6 Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals’. 14 Adapt learning community.

Distance Education in transit? #EDENchat #EDENchatUS

Learning with 'e's

What will distance education look like in the future? Distance education has been with us for a long time. Some would argue that the first instance of distance education occurred in the first century, when Saul of Tarsus, otherwise known as the Apostle Paul , sent letters of instruction (epistles) by courier to the fledgling Christian church scattered across Asia Minor and Southern Europe. What will be the future of distance education?