The Best Places to Find Off-the-Shelf eLearning Content


With so many different learning agencies, available courses, and eLearning marketplaces out there, knowing where to start to find the right fit for your eLearning needs can be complicated and overwhelming. So you can find the marketplace and courses that are right for you!

Buy, Build, or Blend? Use Cases for Off-the-Shelf and Custom eLearning


In our article Comparing Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom eLearning Solutions: Which Is Best? , we took an honest look at the benefits and potential pitfalls of buying a ready-made eLearning solution versus building something from scratch with a custom eLearning solution provider.


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Workplace Diversity Training Best Practices

Infopro Learning

The way we work and interact has changed rapidly over the course of the year. The spread of Covid19 caused a significant number of employees to move into remote roles working from home. The global workforce and number of distributed teams is still growing exponentially.

eLearning Brothers Rocks Compliance with Traliant and Diversified Cutout Collection

eLearning Brothers

Corporate Learning Leader Further Extends Its Vision for More Effective and Inclusive eLearning. AMERICAN FORK, UTAH — July 29, 2021 — Leading learning technology provider eLearning Brothers today announced its partnership with top compliance training company, Traliant.

9 Warning Signs Your Employees Need Language Training

Most global companies are diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, and yes, language. Language barriers can compound existing communication problems, often resulting in business losses. Learn the 9 warning signs your employees need language training today!

Language Matters - How to Better Engage Your Global Workforce

InSync Training

How can learning leaders and other stakeholders better engage their global workforce? The language used to share corporate updates, train new skills, and clarify company values can fundamentally change how the target audience receives the message.

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What Change Does Diversity Training Bring to Business?

Infopro Learning

The modern workplace is rapidly changing. Due to advances in technology and current events the global workplace is expanding. In a world where distributed teams work across the globe on projects often serving communities in different nations all the time.

Change 353

How to Support Diverse Learners in Global Classrooms

InSync Training

A Modern Learning on the Air Interview with Beth Yoder and Peter Byebierggaard. Bersin research confirmed what many of us already know: global teams define the modern workforce. Our organizations include diverse teams, connected by innovative technologies. Organizationally learning functions now work in a new standard: multicultural classrooms. Learners bring unique and varied viewpoints to our training events. Global Virtual Classroom

Global 100

Global eTraining Announces Sponsorship by Dell, Intel, and Nvidia

Global eTraining

Edmonton, Alberta – Global eTraining is excited to announce a new sponsorship from Dell , Intel , and Nvidia – world-class leaders in technical innovation and digital transformation. AutoCAD 3D: The Complete Guide. AutoCAD Advanced Concepts: The Complete Guide.

5 Training Strategy Tips for Global Organizations

Infopro Learning

The role of HR professionals is rapidly changing. Many of the traditional HR functions and tasks have become automated giving human resource professionals’ new advisory roles that provides them the opportunity to productively contribute to organizational growth and transformation.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

12 Ways to Get the Most. this ebook to help you cut through the. We know that the plethora of options out there. can make the process of choosing an authoring. what you need and make the decision easier. the latest Performance Management Maturity Model.

The Adapter’s Advantage: Ryan Thompson on Driving Diversity & Fueling Growth


Welcome to The Adapter’s Advantage : Breakthrough Moments that Lead to Success. And the more you understand about someone or something different than you, the more you can connect with them. Episode 50: Driving Diversity & Fueling Growth | Ryan Thompson.

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Global eTraining Announces Corporate Sponsorship of Women in BIM

Global eTraining

Global eTraining is excited to announce themselves as the new Women in BIM Corporate Sponsor! Women in BIM (WiB) is a diverse network of female professionals within the AEC industry dedicated to supporting women in BIM related roles for skills, education, and career progression.

Expert Guidance: Diversity & Inclusion in Training

InSync Training

Global organizations are the norm now. The boundaries constraining corporate success and competition no longer fall along state, national, or continental borders. Education serves as the true competitive differentiator. Can your learning function adapt to more diverse and international workforces faster than the competition? Modern Learning Modern Workplace Modern Learning on the Air Diversity & Inclusion

Expert 139

Learning Pool ‘Top Content Providers for Diversity and Inclusion Training’ 2022

Learning Pool

As providers of one of the most feature-rich open-source Learning Suites on the market, Learning Pool is thrilled to have ranked second place on the 2022 list for ‘Top Content Providers for Diversity and Inclusion Training’ by eLearning Industry.

Diverse Characters In Learning Scenarios

Experiencing eLearning

In response to my post on Name Generators for Learning Scenarios , someone asked, “Does it really matter if we choose John instead of Bob?” “For example does the name have to be of a certain neutrality or a certain ethnicity? What are the latest trends and best practices in regards to gender roles in instructional design materials?” ” I would argue that the diversity of our characters and visuals should reflect the diversity of our audience.

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Global eTraining Presents Limited-Time ‘GeT More’ Promotion

Global eTraining

Edmonton, Alberta – Global eTraining is excited to announce the launch of their brand-new ‘GeT More’ promotion! This promotion will be running for a limited time only, and will allow new or current Global eTraining customers to ‘GeT More’ bang for their buck than ever before.

Staff Education Challenges for Global Business

Your Training Edge

Global expansion is a strategic objective for many businesses and a reality for others. Having business locations in numerous regions helps increase business reach, influence as well as revenues while bringing diverse perspectives and values into the mix. Here arise the challenges associated with the global workforce management, with staff education and training as the key one. Staff Education Challenges are Leading to Global Training Need.

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Exploring a Global Leadership Approach – Mindset, Behavior and Process

Infopro Learning

In response to this growing need many organizations have put leadership development programs in place to equip their high potential employees with the leadership skills they will need for success. The future of leadership development will need to focus on developing global leaders.

Global eTraining Announces ‘New for Revit 2023’ Training

Global eTraining

Edmonton, Alberta – Global eTraining is excited to announce the launch of the ‘ New for Revit 2023 ’ course into their award-winning ‘GeT Everything’ library. Allowing learners to access the most recent, industry-relevant information on their favorite Autodesk softwares.

Culture and Language Diversity in Online Learning Environment


If there is one dimension that needs careful planning when designing an online learning program or a course, this is the culture and language diversity. Global migration has become an increasingly common phenomenon. While they all may speak the commonly spoken English language, they may decipher certain phrases and concepts differently. This loss of knowledge defeats the purpose of online education! Opinion eLearning instructional design

Building geographically diverse teams

Your Training Edge

Geographically diverse teams are not a recent phenomenon. In more modern times, one company which has morphed to keep up with opportunity and change, is North America’s oldest company, the Hudson’s Bay Company(HBC). Set up in 1670, 99% of the employees were involved in the fur trade and therefore worked in various locations in North America although it was headquartered in England. Solving the Puzzle. This is one of the wrongest notions.

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Global eTraining Launches ‘New for Inventor 2023’ Course

Global eTraining

Edmonton, Alberta – Global eTraining is excited to announce the launch of a new course, ‘ New for Inventor 2023 ’ into the ‘GeT Everything’ library, authored by long-time GeT Course Author and Industry Expert, Mike Thomas. – William Myers , Global eTraining CTO.

Diversity in the New Normal


Post-2020, COVID changed the world. Responsibilities equally split between members of the family. Firms worldwide shifted to the telecommute mode to curtail the spread of the pandemic. And surprisingly, issues related to diversity began to raise their ugly heads.

10 Diversity and Inclusion Issues

Ed App

Promoting diversity in a workplace is very rewarding but it also comes with diversity and inclusion issues that can disrupt the smooth functioning of an organization. Diversity and Inclusion Issue #1 – Language and Communication. Issues: Diversity without inclusion.

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Your Organization Needs Better Diversity and Inclusion Training Now


These days, a lot of social issues have been driven to the forefront of pop-culture and politics. Now is not the time to hope for the best—now is the time to take action. What we do in our company trainings has wide-reaching implications that we must be prepared for.

Staff Education Challenges for Global Business

Your Training Edge

The age of Artificial Intelligence has arrived and while most of the businesses are focused on how it will affect their operations like R&D and manufacturing, only a few are wondering about the other crucial business areas such as learning & development (L&D). So, how can you make the most of AI technology to boost your next L&D strategy? The AI Learning Solutions. The AI’s Impacts on L&D in Companies. Learning Styles.

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Diverse Characters In Learning Scenarios

Experiencing eLearning

Why create diverse characters for learning scenarios? Our characters should reflect the diversity of our audience. When in doubt, I tend to err on the side of being more diverse in my representation rather than more homogeneous. Global audiences.

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Global eTraining Announces New Leadership and Business Skills Premium Content

Global eTraining

Edmonton, Alberta – Global eTraining (GeT) is excited to announce the launch of a new premium content bundle, the ‘Leadership and Business Skills Series’. For a complete list of the courses included in this bundle, please see out course list. About Global eTraining.

Use Of Language In eLearning That Encourages Diversity And Inclusiveness

Tesseract Learning

Summary: Language has the power to promote workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI is becoming more intrinsic to the corporate world. This article will explore the use of language in corporate communication and training programs to encourage DEI in the workplace.

What is Diversity Training? and Why It’s Important

Infopro Learning

Consider the Following Scenarios: Scenario 1: Austin is a project manager who is tasked with choosing a team for an upcoming project. This project has tight deadlines and will require members of the team to work late hours. Austin first chooses two team leads, Mike and Jeff and asks them for their suggestions on the other team members. When they come up with the list, Austin sees that they have left out women from the teams. What is Diversity Training?

10 Best eLearning Development Companies


Top eLearning companies provide great service to training companies, enterprises, and training managers with their eLearning development solutions. These solutions include: eLearning authoring tools. online courses and templates. learning management systems.

Global eTraining Launches New COBie, IFC, & Classification for Revit Courses

Global eTraining

Edmonton, Alberta – Global eTraining is excited to announce the launch of eight new courses into the ‘GeT Everything’ library with a focus on COBie, Industry Foundation Class (IFC), and Classification for Revit. Director of Operations, Global eTraining. Learn Faster.

Global eTraining Announces The Launch of New Civil 3D Courses

Global eTraining

Global eTraining is excited to announce the launch of ‘Infraworks to Civil 3D Roundtrip’ and ‘Survey Database Setup and Use’ courses into their award-winning ‘GeT Everything’ library. Both of these courses are already live and available in the ‘GeT Everything’ library.

Your Organization Needs Better Diversity and Inclusion Training Now


Introduction What is a Diversity and Inclusion Training Program? Your Organization Needs Better Diversity and Inclusion Training Best Practices Why Mentoring is Crucial to Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Next Steps Conclusion.

Managing cultural diversity in today’s workplace

CLO Magazine

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way that we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others,” said author and coach Anthony Robbins. Communication across the globe now happens within a click.

Top 10 Diversity Training Courses

Ed App

Varying backgrounds, conflicting viewpoints, and generational differences can bring unintended misunderstandings within the team, which then become barriers to innovation and success. Diversity Training Course #1 – Diversity and Inclusion.