ABOUT DR. STELLA LEE: Dr. Stella Lee brings over 20 years of international experience in e-learning, blended, and distance learning strategy, design, development, project management, and implementation. THE INTERVIEW: 1. What is the current landscape of learning analytics?

10 Best Online Teaching Tools of 2022


Choosing the best online teaching tool is one of the many prerequisites in today’s time. . Which solution is going to help me teach the learners effectively and seamlessly? ” or “ which virtual classroom is going to be the most fun to teach in?


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How Gen Z Is Changing Your Business


Long before the term ‘influencers’ was coined there was this cool generation of people who had a totally different approach towards creating trends and interpreting them. According to Forbes, they are the “ most extroverted generation.” . Active online network .

The 7 top employee skills for your 2021 training


Technology has long changed the way we work, creating the need to cultivate people-focused skills through additional employee training. And now, 2020 has brought another major change in the workplace culture. The employee skills your workforce will need in 2021.

Top Benefits of eLearning (With Examples)


eLearning has continued to gain popularity in the twenty-first century simply because it is a medium to engage learners and help people retain what they learn better than any other method before. So that is the biggest benefit of eLearning , but why is that the case? [sg_popup What is eLearning? The physical presence of a teacher was the holy-grail of earning, until computers and the internet happened, bringing in is wake e-learning.

10 Essentials for Developing Virtual Leaders

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The number of virtual teams is growing in every organization as technology and communication make it easier for team members to collaborate and work together across regions, diverse geographies and time zones. There is a strong business case for augmenting your leadership development programs with training targeted for virtual team leaders because of the special challenges they face. The essential leadership difference can be summed up in one word – planning.

Top Benefits of eLearning (With Examples)


eLearning has continued to gain popularity in the twenty-first century simply because it is a medium to engage learners and help people retain what they learn better than any other method before. So that is the biggest benefit of eLearning , but why is that the case? [sg_popup What is eLearning? The physical presence of a teacher was the holy-grail of earning, until computers and the internet happened, bringing in is wake e-learning.

Popular ID Principles For Mobile Learning: 5 Trends That Spell Success


With the advancement of mobile technology and hardware in the last decade, mobility of learning has also become increasingly popular. While traditionally, technology-aided learning existed only within two separate spheres: classrooms and at learners’ residents but now the availability of technology is perpetually available. The good news is that design principles for mobile learning development do not have to be created from scratch. m-Learning

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How to create an inclusive workforce – without breaking the bank

Engage in Learning

But, focusing on the tough topics can seem overwhelming and, at times, a bit like a minefield. Here are some sure-fire ways to help create an inclusive workplace, and you guessed it, without breaking the bank. . Diverse employees are a key part of an inclusive workplace.

Benefits of Education Streaming Platforms to Students and Tutors


eLearning platforms may not be a new concept among students and tutors worldwide. Millions of learners and instructors have been using them as an additional learning system apart from their main education delivery systems. But 2020 has totally changed the scenario.

10 Tips for Using Synchronous E-Learning


10 Tips for Using Synchronous E-Learning. Synchronous e-learning can deliver incredible results with learners enjoying the experience and you achieving your training goals. As with most training strategies, however, you must make sure you use best practices when deploying synchronous e-learning courses. Below are 10 tips to help you get the best possible result when using synchronous e-learning. What is Synchronous E-Learning?

Remote onboarding: How to make it work

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Even as the restrictions introduced to combat the pandemic begin to be removed, it’s likely that working from home or outside the main office will continue. The technology that enables working at a distance has been stress-tested and generally stood up well.

In our hybrid world of learning, it’s time to enable better choices

CLO Magazine

Imagine a new leader joined your organization during the pandemic. They’re mid-career, juggling the demands of family life and managing a team whom they’ve never met in person. But after reviewing the various ways to engage in learning, suddenly these myriad choices feel overwhelming.

10 Challenges of a Virtual Team And How To Overcome Them


The challenges of working in a team are always there, no matter where it is located. Specifically, the top virtual team challenges that companies often face relate to collaboration across different time zones, communication gaps, building relationships, and lack of team engagement.

12 Steps to Creating Awesome Live Classes in 2021


Since early 2020, the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many educational institutions to close. During these circumstances, many teachers turned their teaching online. But how easy is it really to start teaching live classes online successfully?

Selling Learning Communities – Not Everyone Will or Wants a Group Hug

Tony Karrer

Jack Merklein from Xerox Global Services did a really great presentation at LearnTrends 2009 entitled - Common tools for Diverse Communities at Xerox Global Services. You can find the LearnTrends 2009 Recording including Jack’s presentation. Jack is responsible for the development, care and tools for learning communities and knowledge sharing initiatives. In practice this means a lot of different things and across many different learning communities.

What is a Learning Management System? Who uses LMS?


Education, in recent times, has undergone an e-learning revolution. What started as a mere venture to facilitate distance learning has become no less than a phenomenon in the education industry. Learning Management System, popularly known as LMS is one integral component of this new cultural shift in learning. Today we shall explore the different facets of LMS and understand who the potential users are. Let us first start with the vital question-.

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Creating Courses that Foster Innovation


Digital education has essentially disrupted old methods of learning in the K-12 sector , giving way to entirely new formats and methods of instruction. Setting itself apart from the established methods of instruction, e-Learning introduces innovation in education. By encouraging the use of educational technology (EdTech) to disseminate knowledge, it’s pushing innovative courses on an unprecedented scale. Creating innovative e-Learning courses.

How to enable innovation and creativity in remote teams


Even in a forward-thinking workplace where your colleagues are constantly learning and evolving , it’s easy for employees to fall into a rut. However, in the increasingly popular remote working landscape, the same kind of creative boost is harder to come by. The good news?

Don’t Underestimate the Effects of Poor Communication

CLO Magazine

The workplace is increasingly connected, with 24/7 email, instant messaging and phone calls pulling employees into work matters both during and after work hours. The study “Communication Barriers in the Modern Workplace,” conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Lucidchart , has taken stock of communication in the workplace today, and the results suggest leaders have some work to do.

Micro learning – the big wave of mobile education


My first computer was a Pentium 3 and took almost all the dorm table. It is also the case with how we learn. Micro learning is already established as the wonder child of the online education industry. A normal response to the spectacular growth of mobile learning and an antidote to lack of time and resources in the workplace, bite-sized learning can prove the perfect solution for employees.

Important Employee Training Considerations for Engaging a Multi-Generational Workforce


Among the many challenges businesses face today is engaging an increasingly diverse and multi-generational workforce. Training people from different generations is often an especially tricky area. You don’t want to design separate training programs for people based on age but it’s often difficult to come up with methods that work for everyone. Let’s look at some tips to help you design a training program that engages people of all ages.

Free L&D webinars for March 2019

Limestone Learning

If you have a case of whiplash because February went by like a blue streak, join the club. Let’s hope the new crop of March webinars will help us catch up… Spread out over 31 days, there’s a huge selection. This webcast will help you navigate the crowded landscape, focus on the leadership development activities that will have the greatest impact, and learn how to incorporate them into your regular routine. Who should pursue the certificate?

Making Sense of the World

Jay Cross

The process of seeking out and sharing meaning is a responsibility of enlightened social citizenship. Work-life was much simpler in the last century. Learning leaders must deal with situations that aren’t in the rule book. Concept work relies on pattern recognition, tacit knowledge and the wisdom borne of experience. The workplace has changed. Learning and work are converging. Let’s engage in a little over-the-shoulder learning.

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If you haven't practiced, you haven't learned anything

The Learning Circuits

And please, please read this post, not just the headline, before commenting.) If you haven't practiced, you haven't learned. To paraphrase Abe Lincoln, who said "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe," I would say, "Give me six hours to learn something and I will spend the last four practicing." There is significant work in transferring that skill to the real world.

Leadership Qualities of a Millennial Leader

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Although the prospect of baby boomers retiring has been delayed by the recession, it is coming. According to a survey of 578 companies by the Boston College Center on Aging and Work, only 33 percent of organizations have analyzed workplace demographics and made projections about the retirement rates of their workers. These results are promising for adult learning advocates. Gen Xers learned to use one at school. Most millennials don’t remember learning.

Building a Performance Ecosystem

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By combining the power of the human brain with technology in a way that facilitates work, collaboration and communication, leaders can turn learning into multifaceted performance support. The competitive landscape is more dynamic than ever, and the defining success factors have shifted. Things are moving faster, and organizations have to be more nimble, responding to changes in their audiences, competitors and the context of work.

Listen: Upwork’s Zoe Harte makes the case for freelancers as core part of talent development strategy

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Simply put, the incentives to do so no longer exist. So why wouldn’t you consider freelancers when designing your learning and development programs? In this episode of the Chief Learning Officer Podcast, Zoe makes the case for crafting targeted programs to onboard and develop them as part of your learning strategy. Just like everyone else, they need to understand the purpose and mission of your company in order to do their best work.

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