Why Your Organization Needs Collaborative Learning


The “lone wolf” figure is all very well for Westerns and Jason Bourne movies, but when it comes to learning and development, a classroom — whether physical or virtual — full of enthusiastic participants is always a better bet. What do we mean by collaborative learning?

Prepare the future of Learning for the Genz

Learning Wire

This generation, now reaching college age, was born between the mid 1990’s to roughly 2010 and is so new that there is not a clever, catch all phrase to describe them. This generation is also growing in diversity. Large, diverse, and what else what makes them special?

danah boyd on teens and 21st century work

Jay Cross

danah boyd opened ASTD TechKnowledge 2013 with a keynote on teenagers, networks, and work in the 21st century. She reminds me of Temple Grandin, the autistic horse whisperer who looks at the world from the animals’ perspective. Learning is experiential.

Free L&D webinars for July 2018

Limestone Learning

With the rainy season seemingly behind us, summer tempts us outdoors. How do you curb the impulse to play? Or do you work like a maniac so you can take a longer stretch of time off? You won’t feel like you’re slacking off because you’re learning!)