Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in E-Learning & M-Learning


We have been doodling about leveraging the possibilities these quirky square codes offer while developing cost effective and powerful mobile performance support solutions. What are the possibilities these offer to make e-learning and m-learning effective and powerful? QR Codes serve as one of the most effective and intuitive ways to input our request to our mobile devices. THE JOURNEY: We at Learnnovators have always been excited about Quick Response (QR) Codes.

Top Ten Tools for Learning 2014

Experiencing eLearning

Google Docs is where I keep track of my time spent on projects , create quick drafts, and other tasks. Almost all of that is helping clients use Moodle more effectively. Jane Hart is collecting her eighth annual list of top tools for learning.

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Transcript Formats Explained

3Play Media

Things like conversations, speaker identities, and non-verbal sound effects like a doorbell ringing would be included in the body of a transcript. Possibly the most common type of file formats, plain text is simply the text version of video or audio content. txt), Word doc (.doc),

Top Project Management Online Platforms For Distributed eLearning Teams

Adobe Captivate

The free version is specifically targeted for students and teachers to collaborate. Google Docs. Google Docs is one such tool. This means team members don’t have to keep uploading new and improved versions.

How to Distribute eBooks on Online Platforms


DOC,DOCX: Microsoft Word’s proprietary format is widely used for documents in older versions of Word. Files in doc format are reflowable and can be easily converted into ePub. LibreOffice files can be easily edited and written out to html,doc,docx,rtf etc.

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5 types of software needed for a remote workforce


Aside from guidelines for everything from setting acceptable working hours to how to control an influx of email communication, remote work places need specific software and business solutions that will allow them to work effectively from locations all across the country or world.

Low-Cost Test and Quiz Tool Comparison

Tony Karrer

He helped me pull together the following evaluation of a few different solutions: ClassMarker Quia ProProfs Google Docs Forms Creator, and Quibblo. It is good at supporting accessibility with its one question per page to make the use of a screen reader more effective. It has a free and a low-cost version. Weaknesses Free version comes with Ten free grading reports - paid versions can have unlimited reports. All quiz results are available in the free version.

Being clear on collaboration

Clark Quinn

It’s like a shared whiteboard, with technology support to facilitate things like editing, formatting, versioning, and more. When we can jointly create our shared understanding, we’re developing a richer outcome that we could independently (or by emailing versions of the document around). Google Docs), but it’s central. Twice recently, I’ve been confronted with systems that claim to be collaboration platforms.

Minecraft, Preparing Your Workforce, and Style Tiles:This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

When I downloaded the iPad version of the game, I couldn’t even figure out exactly what I was supposed to do. #BLPLearn is our way of saving all of the great content our team curates… and sharing it with the wider community.

The Year in Learning—Top Learning and Development Articles from 2018

The Learning Dispatch

Glenda Sims and Wilco Fiers have released their long-awaited white paper (NOTE: Google doc) with their discussions and recommendations. In some ways, a single training session is the easy way to address the problem—is it the most effective?

Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide


Google Slides is free to use (along with other G Suite offerings such as Docs, Drive, Sheets and more) as long as you have a Google account – which is also free. Once open, you can rename your new Slides doc any time by clicking the Untitled Presentation box in the top left.

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

3 - Google Docs/Drive. So rather than passing around a number of Word documents and trying to collate the results manually, using a collaboration tool like Google Docs makes this an easy process. But there’s lots more you can do with Google Docs too.

PD with Pictures: Using Screencasting to Save your Sanity!

TechSmith Camtasia

Check out these 5 ways screencasts have saved my sanity: Better How-Tos with Google Docs. If you’re a Google Docs user, you probably know you can’t embed videos into a document. I find the effect is more than explanatory.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Whether you want to learn more about awesome eLearning authoring tools, communicate more effectively with your learners, or organize your time better, our list of useful eLearning tools is sure to help. Google Docs. Google Docs provides an alternative to Microsoft Office.

Q2 update and Q3 preview

Unicorn Training

All our GRC courses that were updated in Q2 have also now been converted to the improved version of our authoring tool - eCreator 2.0. Bookboon have also launched a Spanish version of their soft skills content.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

Mike Taylor

BBC Sound Effects Archive Resource — Explore a weird and wonderful collection of noises & download more than 16,000 free sound effect samples. Chart Chooser by @juiceanalytics – This free, online tool helps you identify the right chart based on what you are trying to show, and then lets you download the Excel or #PowerPoint version of that chart to help you get your job done. Rivyt is a nice option for sharing a distraction-free version of YouTube videos.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


Google Drive is useful for ensuring that team members have instant access to the most recent version of a file, avoiding the delay and potential confusion of email chains. Because files aren’t located on individual desktops, you can be confident you’re using the most recent version.

15 Important Digital Tools for University Students

Ed App

GD is a more seamless and simplistic version of FaceTime and Skype, whereby users can video call people in their contacts via high definition and smooth video. Duolingo is the most effective and revolutionary way to learn a language.

Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

eLearning 24-7

Thinking Worlds - offers a free version (lame) and a commercial version (better) – create sims and 3D games publish to iPad (have to purchase the TW Pro + iOS edition), very slick. Add lessons – seen in the education versions. Tools these days come in three flavors.

Challenging Trends: Data, Learning and the LRS

HT2 Labs

So it might be more cost-effective to just buy the plugin from us. Generally speaking, the plugins we’ve made cost something and you need to need to be on the Enterprise version of Learning Locker to use them.” “We offer a service to connect an AWS Kinesis stream to the Learning Record Store, allowing you to effectively firehose any other AWS service. You can check out the docs for the REST models and others here.”

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The Top 5 Free Learning Management Platforms

CommLab India

Blackboard is one of the most popular names in the learning management software market, and this is a free version of their commercial product, Blackboard Learn. Some of the key strengths of this learning platform are: Seamless integration with Google Docs.

The Top 7 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools


And creating great learning experiences requires an effective training toolkit for creating quality content, communicating with learners, planning and managing learning activities and presenting expert guidance on user-friendly platforms. Some training tools are fun, but not effective.

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Flipped Classroom Model: The Future-Present of Blended Learning

Leo Learning

and how effective great classroom training could be with its human contact. After consulting Jon Bergman directly, by 2013 I’d developed my own version of a flipped learning model and was using it with good effect for my learning consultation work.

Mobile Learning Moves the Evolution of Authoring Tools

Association eLearning

So, simplicity was there for the author, but at the cost of effective learner engagement. With the latest version of Digitec’s Knowledge Direct® learning management system, we’ve integrated Direct-to-WEB into the platform. To provide more functionality, Direct-to-WEB also enables the author to insert “Do-It Doc” free-form document creation during the module. With the growth of tablet devices, authoring tools are having to re-invent themselves, yet again.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


Google Drive is useful for ensuring that team members have instant access to the most recent version of a file, avoiding the delay and potential confusion of email chains. Because files aren’t located on individual desktops, you can be confident you’re using the most recent version.

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


More specifically, it allows you to share photos and videos that are accompanied with cool special movement effects and music accompaniment. It is important to note that the free version of this tool allows up to 1 minute and 30 seconds of movie creation. In this interactive environment, you can add short texts, images and photos, sounds, video and a range of special effects that are necessary to create an online multimedia presentation. Google Drive & Docs.

LMS Review: Litmos

Talented Learning

For this review, we evaluated the Pro version and not the Salesforce nor Training Ops version of Litmos.). Premium Salesforce integration version. Supports multiple formats — avi, wmv, mpg, mov, flv, m4v, ppt, pptx, pdf, mp3, zip, doc, or swf.

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Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

An example of that is the adoption of Distributed Content Editing via an agreed to technology such as Wiki, Shared SharePoint Documents, Google Docs, etc. There is a network effect with the adoption of discussion groups.

Streamlining Your E-Learning Production Process for Efficiency—Q&A

E-learning Uncovered

How to create systems for effectively managing production. Q: Can you shoot emails from Google Docs [QA Spreadsheet] to people to let them know a task has been added? that might make sense to make available for individual versioning. Online QA spreadsheet (Google doc).

Best Practices: Working with Text-Based (PDF) Courses

360 Training

Each day, thousands of students sign up and acquire required skills easily and effectively with the help of elearning courses. As online course developers, our primary motive should be to present an effective training course while keeping the cognitive load to a minimum. If your files lack consistency, create a standard course material template in a Word doc, add the text, make necessary adjustments, and then export it into a PDF format to be used in the course.

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February 2014: Creation Spaces

Jay Cross

My colleague Charles Jennings says that to support learning effectively and engender behaviour change, we need to create environments where emotional responses , rich experiences and social learning are at the forefront. DOC SEARLS | THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2014.

BuzzWord: Adobe’s online word processor

Saffron Interactive

So how user-friendly and effective is BuzzWord as an online word processor? Around the document the menu and submenu bars have been updated to provide controls to handle fonts, paragraphs, rules, lists, tables, images, version control, and comments. The export options currently include PDF, DOC, XML, RTF, ZIP, TXT, ODT and EPUB, which should be enough to cover most situations.

LMS Review: Adobe Captivate Prime

Talented Learning

Content can be presented in up to 10 languages, and administrators can conveniently manage localized versions of a single content item — which is a huge time-saver for global content management. You upload and name the doc, then specify how many minutes to complete and hit “save.”

Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

eLearning 24-7

To hold photos, images, media files – eventually moved to word docs. Why are people using such products as Google docs? What makes Dropbox so effective? Free version offers 2GB of storage, paid version goes as high as 100GB. What always stuns me are vendors who state they know what their learners want, but in reality have no clue, because they themselves do not see the technology and its usage among the masses. 2011.


With a little help from our friends: the services we use to build our business


S3 and Cloudfront are not that easy to work with, compared to Rackspace’s Cloud Files solution, but they are much more flexible and cost-effective. G Suite – Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar. Software directories can be an effective way to promote your products.

Catching up…

Clark Quinn

Having your social network on tap on demand really augments your ability to work more effectively. Skype), Twitter or equivalent, Facebook and/or LinkedIn, Google Docs, etc, you really do need to get that experience going to really understand the opportunities. It becomes ever clearer that the old way of doing business, even enlightened versions, are just not going to cut it.

Text To Speech Synthesizers

The eLearning Coach

TTS can also be effective as the voice of an avatar or guide, like the Ben character from MediaSemantics above. You connect through their API using a few lines of code and you’ve got a spoken version of your text. NaturalSoft makes the NaturalReader software that comes in several versions, including a free one. The Professional version is most relevant to online learning as it converts files to wav/.mp3 There’s a free version and a paid upgrade.