3 New Ways Docebo Supports Personalized Learning With Artificial Intelligence


“liked” content, either formal or learner-generated ( social learning ). Docebo’s 7.7 TRY DOCEBO FREE FOR 14 DAYS. The post 3 New Ways Docebo Supports Personalized Learning With Artificial Intelligence appeared first on Docebo.

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LMS Review: Docebo 7

Talented Learning

The Docebo LMS has come a long way since we first reviewed it in 2014. Here was my assessment at that time: Docebo is an excellent option for your first or second internal or extended enterprise LMS. Docebo has built a pure cloud LMS that now supports over 1200 customers. (By

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How Docebo LMS is Compliant With GDPR


Here’s how Docebo LMS Complies With the Regulation’s Requirements. Docebo is fully aware of the GDPR requirements and restrictions and will be fully compliant with the regulation when it comes into effect on May 25. How Docebo LMS is GDPR Compliant. GDPR is coming!

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Docebo’s Mobile App Makes Learning Better


Put The Power of The Docebo Learning Platform in The Hands of Your Learners, Literally, With Go.Learn. Docebo has some big news that we’re incredibly excited to announce: the latest version of our mobile app is here. Access the Docebo Platform Directly From Your Mobile Device.

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Docebo Launches Major Mobile App Feature Update Borne From Customer Ideas Portal


Docebo’s award winning mobile app now supports course catalogs, in which learners can self-enroll, and deep linking. This latest update includes mobile app support for course catalogs, which were previously only visible in the Docebo desktop application.

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What analysts say about Docebo’s approach to social learning


Here’s what top learning management system analysts are saying about Docebo’s approach to social learning. To this end, Docebo has been taking design cues from the commercial app world. Docebo put a lot of thought behind the user interface/experience on this.

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New to Docebo LMS: 9 ways to supercharge your online training platform


9 New ways to supercharge your online training platform with Docebo 6.9. Our team is thrilled to announce that we’ve begun rolling out Docebo 6.9, Docebo 6.9 Docebo 6.9 Read on to learn more about each: Docebo Coach and Share. Docebo Mobile.

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The Docebo Discovery Lab: Embracing Continuous Learning Ourselves


Embracing Agile Methodologies is one of the many exciting things helping spur Docebo’s exponential growth, but to understand how we use these today, we must first explore what happened in the past. Innovation is at the heart of everything Docebo does.

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ATD 2016: How Docebo is leading the conversation around 70:20:10


ATD 2016: How Docebo is leading the conversation around 70:20:10 for online training platforms. In terms of addressing the 70:20:10 learning model with an online training platform , Docebo was an early adopter. There’s still plenty of time to connect with Docebo at ATD 2016.

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ATD 2016: Visit Docebo to see the latest in online training software


Stop by Docebo HQ to preview the latest in online training software. Meanwhile, our team is already busy sharing what’s new on the Docebo platform with clients and visitors from across the globe. Are you at ATD 2016? Denver, it’s so good to see you!

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See Learning Content From a New Perspective


Let’s go back to that question – “Does Docebo offer learning content as well?”. It’s now easier than ever to get high-quality, engaging and mobile-ready material in front of your learners, sooner and without the hassle with Docebo Content.

Learning Technology: How it can support workers to deliver results


And, as the 70:20:10 model would dictate, it’s important for learners to be exposed to a combination of formal, social, and experiential learning. Using Docebo Coach & Share, associates can use mobile devices to capture videos of what they do and share this on the learning platform.

In Summary: E-Learning Trends for 2020


As we move into 2020, we enter into a new era of e-learning, and we at Docebo have compiled all of the important e-learning trends set to impact the year ahead, so you can be ready. The post In Summary: E-Learning Trends for 2020 appeared first on Docebo. Can you believe it?

Give It 70%: Rethinking Modern Learning with Docebo

eLearning Brothers

The good people over at Docebo recently put out a white paper titled “ Beyond the LMS: Modernize Your Corporate Learning Programs with Social and Informal Learning ,” exploring the way we think about learning in the modern age.

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6 benefits of social & collaborative learning


Learning from one another is what people have always done throughout human history, so ‘social and collaborative learning’ as a learning method is likely to be the oldest one in existence. If social learning has been always there, why has the focus on it increased now? Docebo Blog ELE

Social Learning & The Benefits of Employee Generated Content [Customer Story]


Patrick Veenhoff, head of Learning & Development at Swisscom, showcases social learning’s benefits. In June 2017, Swisscom Enterprise Customers switched from a top-down L&D content generated approach to a social learning marketplace.

What is Social Learning (And How to Adopt it)


Social learning can help today’s organizations keep up with the pace at which their business moves. More and more, organizations are turning to social learning to deliver exciting e-learning experiences to their employees, customers and partners. What is Social Learning?

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What Does Social Learning Look Like? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Uncover the value of social learning in the workplace in this infographic. Learning from your peers while carrying out tasks is what we call social learning and research shows retention rates as high as 70% when social learning approaches are employed.

Is Formal Learning Still Relevant?


Central to this is a new understanding of the power of social and informal learning that is undoubtedly influencing the role L&D needs to play today. Ready to make the move to informal and social learning experiences? Schedule a demo of Docebo Coach & Share today.

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Formal, Social and Experiential: Corporate Learning looks forward to the Future


Veronica Pastaro of ESTE, discusses the future of corporate eLearning with Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo. New technologies, social interaction and the sharing of experiences are just some of the tools Docebo is deploying to deliver the most comprehensive eLearning platform on the market.

How Docebo 7.7 Helps You Amplify Digital Learning Experience to Produce Better Learning Outcomes


In October 2018, Docebo went all-in on Artificial Intelligence (AI) , with the ultimate goal of producing completely personalized and automated learning experiences for learners, while enabling L&D admins with the intelligence and functionalities necessary to make it happen. Docebo’s 7.7

Future Proof Your Business by Upskilling and Reskilling Your Workforce


The post Future Proof Your Business by Upskilling and Reskilling Your Workforce appeared first on Docebo. Of all the things that occur in the world of business, change is constant. But with change comes uncertainty.

Elearning Trends 2016: Social and mobile features are top priorities


New Brandon Hall Group study found companies want an LMS with social and mobile features. In many learning and development departments, the study showed social and mobile functions as the top two priorities among companies. In the excerpt below, Brandon Hall Group examines why it’s more important than ever for companies to implement an LMS with social and mobile capabilities in 2016. Social and Mobile Technologies are the Biggest Priorities.

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GDPR: Docebo is ready – are you?


Is Docebo GDPR compliant? Docebo is fully aware of the GDPR requirements and restrictions and will be fully compliant with the regulation when it comes into effect May 25. In this scenario, Docebo plays the role of Processor by providing the use of the LMS platform.

20 Key Takeaways from ATD 2019


The post 20 Key Takeaways from ATD 2019 appeared first on Docebo. ATD 2019 , the world’s largest, most comprehensive event for talent development and learning professionals, is in the books and what an insightful four days it was in Washington D.C.

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3 Ways Docebo Makes Knowledge Sharing Simple & Seamless


Docebo’s Coach & Share module facilitates how people learn in real life, where learners and experts can join forces to create best practices and curate knowledge capital in an easy-to-access environment. . Here are 3 ways Docebo makes knowledge sharing simple and seamless: 1.

The Docebo Discovery Lab: The Experience Is Everything


Uncover how Docebo’s unparalleled product experience comes to life. The goal is to create a consistently positive experience and at Docebo , this task is handled by a team of product experience designers led by Head of Design, Andrea Biraghi. “We Design Thinking At Docebo.

Myth #5: Social and workplace learning are the same as 70:20:10


Those actively applying 70:20:10 models are using more social learning tools such as communities of practice, encouraging sharing of user generated content and are facilitating the use of social media for learning. Docebo Blog Learning & eLearning ELEL

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Kicking Off 2019 Strong: Introducing Docebo 7.6


Docebo’s 7.6 product release elevates AI, social learning, privacy and course management functionalities. A new Webhooks function that makes it easier than ever to write third-party integrations with the Docebo learning platform. Docebo 7.6 support for GDPR ), Docebo 7.6

Your life now vs. your life with AI


The post Your life now vs. your life with AI appeared first on Docebo. Can you imagine your life without your coffee machine? Or your Netflix account? Or (God forbid) your phone? What would you do if you suddenly had to go out to bars to meet potential matches rather than just swiping right?

Say Hello to Artificial Intelligence-Powered Enterprise Learning, The Docebo Way


After years of market research and development and experimentation, Docebo is excited to announce that its 7.5 A lot has changed since Docebo got its start, but the company’s goal has always remained the same: to change the way people learn – and by using technology to do so. Docebo’s skills management system, Perform, now answers the question, “who in my organization best fits the skills required for this new open position, what are the gaps, and can we close them through learning?”

The Docebo Discovery Lab: Building A Smarter Learning Platform with Artificial Intelligence


Get a first-hand look at innovation as it happens at Docebo. Innovation is at the heart of everything Docebo does. The Docebo Discovery Lab explores the technology (and the people) behind the projects guiding us into the next generation of learning technology. .

DoceboInspire Award Winners: Best use of Social Learning and Best Achievement in Mobile Learning


Today, we’re focusing on the winners of two categories – Best use of Social Learning and Best Achievement in Mobile Learning – Cineplex and ASM Assembly Systems, and how they used the Docebo Learning Platform to reach their goals. Social Learning Ecosystem.

Investing in Social and Informal Learning Klass Capital Acquires Controlling Stake in Docebo

Training Industry

Last November, Klass Capital its acquisition of the controlling stake in Docebo from Principia SGR. The private equity firm made its first investment in the company in February of this year; the initial $3 million in growth equity was raised by Docebo to accelerate the growth of its Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise e-learning platform. We also believe that Docebo is in a strong position to address the social and informal learning management needs that exist in the market.”

The ROI of DoceboInspire 2019: Here’s What You Can Expect to Take Away


Share knowledge and best practices with a community of Docebo users, learn how other teams stay ahead of the learning curve and uncover ways to stay competitive by connecting with professionals with similar use cases. Sync Your Future L&D Strategy with Docebo’s Product Roadmap.

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How to pair social learning with your LMS for a more engaged workforce


What is social learning and how can it help develop a culture of learning? Social learning is a theory by psychologist Albert Bandura that suggests learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context and can occur purely through observation or direct instruction, even in the absence of motor reproduction or direct reinforcement. Social learning is the 20% within the 70+20+10 learning model. This is social learning at its core.

Why is Social Learning the new Watercooler?


Learn why 73% of the companies expect to increase their focus on social learning. A research conducted by ATD states that “social learning approaches have a 75:1 ROI ratio over web-based training”. Social numbers and statistics. Man is by nature a social animal.