eLearning Outsourcing: Why Consider It?

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Some months back I had posted (based on a research report by ValueNotes ) about eLearning outsourcing to India doing well and looking to grow handsomely in next 3-4 years. Last year we were recognized as an emerging leader in training outsourcing. Why outsource?

eLearning Outsourcing: 5 Keys To Make It Work

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Some months back I wrote a couple of posts about elearning outsourcing focusing on why to outsource elearning and how to select a vendor. This post focuses on how to make outsourcing work for you. This applies to eLearning Outsourcing equally well.

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eLearning Outsourcing – How To Select A Vendor?

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In my last post on eLearning Outsourcing, I mentioned the various advantages of eLearning outsourcing. Most people get the benefits part pretty easily however, identifying whom to outsource to is not as easy. So, how to select a vendor for elearning outsourcing?

Tips to Efficiently Manage Outsourced E-learning Projects

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If you’ve made the decision to outsource your e-learning projects considering the benefits outsourcing provides and have made your choice of vendor after going through a checklist , you are well on the road to successful e-learning implementation.

Overcoming 4 Common Concerns of Outsourcing Training

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According to the 2015 Training Industry report , the year saw a slight increase in the average expenditure for training outsourcing: $306,683, up from $303,833 in 2014. Here are four objections you may face when outsourcing training and ways to overcome them.

How to Write a Business Case for Outsourcing E-Learning Development


How to Write a Business Case for Outsourcing E-Learning Development. If you have responsibility for training in your company, one of the best ways to convince senior management to outsource e-learning is to build a business case.

Deriving the Best out of E-learning Outsourcing: Creating Impactful Courseware


With the growing popularity and success of e-learning in the corporate circles, the need for high-quality course-ware development is ever-increasing. But the quintessential question that they have to ask themselves is how will it impact the quality of the course-ware? Looking into our rich and varied experience, we bring forth some ways that the e-learning vendor can ensure content quality – considering large volumes and strict timelines.

Why You Should Outsource E-learning to India

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Outsourcing the development of e-learning courses is the way to go for most organizations. With outsourcing, you don’t have to deal with staffing issues. It is tried and tested that outsourcing can make your training development a smoother process. Quality Output.

8 Crucial Points To Consider When Outsourcing E-Learning ProjectsTo India

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Are you outsourcing your e-learning project to India? India, with its large number of English speaking professionals and ability to offer a better turnaround time has emerged the preferred destination for outsourcing e-learning projects. eLearning Design e-learning outsourcing

Why more businesses are outsourcing digital content creation


Why more businesses are outsourcing digital content creation. Companies need to focus less on promotional materials and more on quality storytelling to engage and attract readers. Benefits of outsourcing content creation.

Let Go Through BPO for eLearning

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As such, associations are beginning to look outside their own organization for help with service management , or outsourcing the business process (BPO). These companies help other organizations maximize processes in terms of efficiency and quality.

6 Tips for a Successful Offshore E-learning Partnership

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Many of them are opting to outsource their e-learning design and development requirements to an offshore vendor. Outsourcing your e-learning requirements brings you many benefits. What qualities should you look for? eLearning Design eLearning Outsourcing

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Printing and its Impact on the Environment

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A study in 2016 showed that 80% of UK businesses print documents only so they can be signed. Use electronic signing systems for your official documents. Nevertheless, there are many ways to electronically sign official documents with methods that are legally compliant.

Comparison Guide: Find the right type of course for your training needs


Purchasing outsourced custom courses. Sometimes the team member or members’ time is too valuable and it is better to outsource. Outsourced Custom Courses. Outsourcing custom course development will cost more than an internally produced course.

Elevate Your Management Skills: Quick Start Guide to Training Your Employees Yourself


The benefits of informal training include ramping up the number and quality of conversations surrounding improving performance, streamlining processes, and getting results. And When it’s Time to Outsource Training…. There are definitely times to outsource training.

New Corporate Structure for New Economy

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Much of the work that these companies used to do by being vertically integrated can now be done by outsourcing and using contingent workers. See the following table from a WordPress marketing document.

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Best Practices in Editorial Project Management for Publishers

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Copy Editors: Many companies prefer to outsource their copy-editing and proofreading requirements. Create a Work Definition Document: Clearly explain and document the scope and objectives of the project and also responsibility for each task.

3 ways to reduce training costs while improving outcomes

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However, as a way to save money, some organizations attempt to reduce training costs by cutting training staff, decreasing the amount of training provided, or by outsourcing training efforts. Usually, these decisions result in diminished training outcomes, and/or an overall increase in organizational costs, since a lack of quality training reduces employee effectiveness. To overcome this, some companies purchase external training content, or outsource training activities.

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Improving law firm performance through content technology


As technology continues to accelerate companies' ability to deliver faster, higher quality services, customers' expectations are growing. Or they can limit internal support and risk creating a larger room for error, slower turnaround and lower quality. Document review technologies.

Go Global by Thinking Local: Delivering Online Training Courses in Multiple Languages


Fully immerse learning experiences may require any special objects integrated in the training—documents, video, audio, and graphics—to be localized, too. Or, go full tilt and outsource to a company that specializes in localization services.

How to Select the Right Corporate Training Company for E-learning Development

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What do you do when you wish to outsource your e-learning project to an offshore online corporate training company? Developing e-learning does not mean just publishing your existing PowerPoint presentations, MS-Word documents, or PDF files, online. Quality Assurance process.

Translation for Training Purposes: 101


To achieve this, you can outsource your corporate training or develop e-learning modules in- house, but when it comes to translating them, you should assign the task to a professional.

Benefits of a Digital Library for Associations and Non-Profit Organizations


A digital library , also commonly called an electronic library, is a vast repository of documents and files in categorized digital form, available over the web or on hardware storage devices like memory disks, flash drives, etc.

Is Your Vendor Qualified to Convert ILT Material to E-learning?

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I’ve listed the 5 must-have qualities such an e-learning vendor must possess. Here are the 5 qualities: 1. Having a robust, documented project management process ensures precision, dedication, passion, and the ability to complete the project within the stipulated time.

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Is Building eLearning Internally the Right Strategy?

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This three-part series will help you ask the right questions about building eLearning internally vs. outsourcing. Conversely, the volume and quality of training they create determines if you’re justifying the expense.

6 Smart Steps for Successful E-learning Implementation

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This includes the cost of a vendor, new infrastructure or IT systems that may be required, and additional human resources required for phases such as implementation, documentation, or certification. Instead, you can outsource your e-learning development to a vendor.

XML Workflow: The New Content Process Publishers Need

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XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a set of rules for encoding documents. There are many collaborative tools for editing XML content that track changes and allow editors to work on documents simultaneously.

The New 508 Compliance Rule – What it Means for Video in Higher Ed

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Given the era, this mostly applied to physical buildings, work spaces, and hard-copy documents. The most recent rules apply to information and communications technology (ICT), which include lecture videos, websites, learning management systems (LMS), social media, digital documents, and more.

What It Takes To Become A Top eLearning Content Development Company

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eBridge – our proprietary Project Management platform designed to meet corporate quality standards (we are a CMMI Level 3 certified organization) for communication and review. Implementation of standard organizational practices to develop the solutions and documentation.

SME Interactions Simplified


For instance, reviewing documents can take up long hours. Instead of the SME going through the entire length of a document, one can have a summary reviewed. Another way is to highlight only those portions in a document that require reviewing, keeping the rest of the document in grey – to make sure that a quick look into the highlighted portions is all that is required. When maintained well, it ensures the quality and effectiveness of any learning course.

8 Skills You Must Have To Become eLearning Master


Copywriting The majority of e-learning courses are based on traditional classroom learning, which involves the use of textbooks, technical documentation, worksheets, and much more. Luckily, there are a variety of options to help you ensure the quality of your visual presentations.

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How ePUB Solutions Can Streamline Large Scale Digital Publishing Projects

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Getting together a team – With digital publishing platforms , publishers no longer have the luxury of producing quality content every month. 7 Factors to Consider While Outsourcing Publishing Services.

5 Tips For Finding (and working with) An eLearning Development Company


Fortunately, thanks to the growth of the eLearning market, it’s quite easy to outsource eLearning content development to an eLearning consultant or firm — and there are plenty of eLearning development companies to choose from.

New technologies for internal trainers


Outsourcing this project to third parties. This option means having an external company responsible for digitally documenting the knowledge of internal experts and transforming it into digital resources of all kinds: courses, work instructions, rapid learning, videos, etc.

What If Your Association Can’t Afford an Instructional Designer?

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Among the many benefits of outsourcing instructional design is their expertise in creating courses that provide engaging and effective learning experiences. If your team can’t deliver a course that meets those standards—or the quality level of your competitors’ course—it won’t be worth the money you might have saved designing it in-house. You’ll also need documentation of instructional design principles and practices so you’ll have them as a reference in the future.

14 Best Practices for Successful E-learning Implementation

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Have a formal process to collect and document e-learning needs. To identify the e-learning needs, you must have a formal process of collecting and documenting the training needs. If you have decided to outsource your e-learning, choose a reliable custom e-learning solutions provider.

How to Make Educational Videos


Think of it as your draft document. Any material you use needs to be put under the magnifying glass before it can be presented as high-quality content. Although it may seem expensive, every penny you pay into this, it’s worth it as it offers incredible quality for $435 per license.