The case for clip art and stock photography

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In the perfect situation you'd have unlimited time and money available when creating a presentation, print document or online learning materials. That's when I turn to clip art and stock photography. And there's a lot of poor clip art and stock photography out there which is horribly cheesy and, worse still, over-used. You'd be able to call in whatever specialist expertise you wanted and have the time to wait while they delivered the goods.

Holiday Wish List for Corporate Training Professionals: Part 4 - Software for Content Creation


These apps are even common amongst technical writers, and other document/media creation professionals. Stock Photo Subscriptions. Up your image game significantly by applying stock photos to all of your work. Introduction to Scaling Up Knowledge.

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Clive on Learning

For $1 a time, I've been able to download masses of fantastic images for blogging, print documents and presentations. I really can't see any snags at this price, which from what I can remember is a tint fraction of what you used to have to pay for stock photography. For some reason it's taken me ages to catch on to the potential for finding and sharing photos on the web.

Really…Were These the Best Images We Could Find?

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There are tons of stock photography sites online. Launch Document/Job Aid. JOIN THE CRUSADE…NO MORE CHEESY, ANIMATED CLIPART! How many times have you seen images like these? Images are an important part of online courses. The trick is that the images we use must enhance the instructional qualities of the content. The images must also look professional and give the learner confidence that the material is accurate.