9 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Digital Content Testing

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It also contributes to a better quality of work, thereby decreasing the need to fix glitches after release, leading to reduced project costs. Increased test coverage, in turn, leads to testing more features and a better quality of the application. We respect your privacy.

7 Reasons LearnDash Is the Best LMS for Developers


If you’re on a hosted platform and your site performance is too slow, or if you have concerns about their privacy or security practices, there’s little you can do to fix the situation. LearnDash provides extensive documentation and world-class support if you ever run into difficulties.


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The Role of OCR Converters in Digital Publishing

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The source of conversion can be a photo, text within a photo, scanned document or any text superimposed on an image. The document to be digitized is first scanned using a digital camera or scanner. Making electronic images of printed documents searchable. We respect your privacy.

3 Types of Copy Editing that Make it a Core Editorial Service

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Nowadays, with the evolution of digital technology, copy editors edit the content in a word document or in a PDF with the ‘track changes’ feature. Language editing involves editing the content by reorganizing or restructuring a document. We respect your privacy.

Printing and its Impact on the Environment

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A study in 2016 showed that 80% of UK businesses print documents only so they can be signed. Use electronic signing systems for your official documents. As mentioned earlier, lots of unnecessary printings in lots of businesses are caused by the printing of documents only so people can sign them. Nevertheless, there are many ways to electronically sign official documents with methods that are legally compliant. Businesses can avoid printing documents “in-house”.

Digital Prepress – Simplifying the Workflow for Publishers

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It is possible to send and exchange documents electronically, eliminating time and costs of physical delivery. Proofreading: This is the penultimate step taken before a document is published. This step also ensures the document adheres to the design/layout style guide.

How E-learning for Health Changed After Covid-19

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My google search presented documents and literature reviews that amongst other challenges cited. Yet, can e-learning provide a viable, quality learning experience to be a solution? Or that have high confidentiality or privacy requirements.

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3 Critical Questions To Ask A Learning Technology Vendor


Make sure your vendor has a wide set of well-documented REST APIs to ensure the possibility of creating an integration with any proprietary information systems you may have in place. Ensure your vendor regularly undergoes independent verification of security, privacy, and compliance controls and has achieved certifications against global standards. Win over IT leadership when building your business case for learning technology.

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6 Ways to Improve Efficiency and Save Costs with RPA in Higher Education

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It acts like a virtual employee that supports the faculty and staff to provide students with a high-quality education. By leveraging RPA, they can immensely improve the quality of their operations and enhance the efficacy of the services offered. We respect your privacy.

The Smart Worker : shares what s/he learns

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We need to ensure that the materials are of professional quality. In fact, the research shows that in terms of video, quality is less important when you are enjoying what you are watching. We need to ensure the privacy and security of our organisation’s content. Tweet. This is the 4th in a series of posts about how L&D departments can move forward from their traditional role of creating, delivering and managing formal learning.

Best e-Content Development Tools in the Business

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With a basic e-content development tool, you can create a simple MS Word document; the more complex and sophisticated ones allow you to manipulate digital media, text and interactions to create highly immersive content, lessons and courses. We respect your privacy.

Why We’re Excited About Open edX Hawthorn


Optimized video quality with adaptive video streaming. While you were able to deliver video content via S3, you were stuck delivering them at only one resolution quality. You would have to decide whether to optimize for high quality (720p, 1080p) if your users are predominantly on high-speed internet connections, or low quality (360p, 216p) if your users are on low-speed internet connections. Here’s the the documentation for this weekly highlights email feature.

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How to Grab and Keep Interest in Any Presentation

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Instead of bland text-filled slides, my presentations were suddenly vitalized by high-quality edited images and effects. To both maintain privacy and add interest, I am able to cut just a portion of the document and edit, annotate, and highlight the important aspects. For years, students have commented on the quality of my presentation images, so when I hold trainings on making presentations come to life, Snagit is at the forefront. David A.

Three graphic design tools to help you create superb learning assets

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If you’re looking for a simple design solution that will enable you to create impressive, professional-quality graphic designs, this is a good choice. Privacy and safety. Document templates.

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The Best Way to Add Voice Over to PowerPoint

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Audiate makes recording and editing your voice as simple as editing text in a document. And, what about employees, students, or others who have to share technology or who may not always have access to high-speed internet or the privacy necessary to meet at the appointed time?

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Tools to maximize your sales enablement strategy


With a connected content management system, anyone — sales, marketing, and service — can access and update assets as usual, while maintaining quality, compliance, and privacy standards across the board through automatic syncing. Document automation.

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How to Offer CPE Credits & Compliance Training Online (2020 Guide)


Data privacy such as GDPR-related training. In most cases, 1 credit corresponds to 50 minutes of training, which can be delivered through video, a certain amount of text documentation, presentations, live teaching, or combinations of the above.

How to Edit a Screenshot

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Whether you are using screenshots for help documentation, on your website, or for internal training, there are some situations when a simple edit or small tweak will do the trick and save time! Here are a few examples: You have recently created technical documentation, but due to a recent user interface (UI) update , need to update the screenshots.

How to Edit a Screenshot

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Whether you are using screenshots for help documentation, on your website, or for internal training, there are some situations when a simple edit or small tweak will do the trick and save time! Here are a few examples: You have recently created technical documentation, but due to a recent user interface (UI) update , need to update the screenshots.

Scalable Web Meeting Solutions made Possible with LMS Webex Integration


Delivery of presentations, sharing of documents, demonstration of application interfaces, controlling of desktop or passing control to other presenters… this and many other feats become duck soup with the LMS Webex integration. With the meeting center, you can meet the team in HD video quality, while sharing the content side by side with the video.

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Performance Support Tools – The Just-in-Time Learning Aid

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Kevin struggled to handle this request because he was unable to recall the exact steps of the process and the list of required documents. What if Kevin had a tool that could help him recall the process steps and the required documents instantly? Improve quality.

The Best Enterprise LMS 2.0 for Training and Knowledge Retention


Enterprise learning management systems (LMS) are where enterprise companies keep and use all training and education documents and courses. For example, you probably don’t want employees handling sensitive client information without an in-depth understanding of your privacy policy and NDAs.

Close Healthcare Compliance Gaps with Online Training

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Risks can be broadly classified as follows: Risk of data or privacy breaches when using electronic health records. Lack of knowledge of quality requirements among employees. Risk of data or privacy breaches by employees. The report also observed that organizations need to invest time and efforts to educate employees on how to avoid privacy and data breaches. Lack of knowledge of quality requirements among employees.

Overcoming 4 Common Concerns of Outsourcing Training

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Even though the market for learning and training outsourcing is doing quite well, organizations still hesitate to outsource their training requirements due to various reasons such as concerns on: The quality of work. Information privacy and security. Uncertainty about the Vendor’s Expertise and Quality. You can ask the training vendor for sample courses to assess quality. Data Privacy and Security Concerns.

The Essential Guide to Learning Analytics in the Age of Big Data

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They can help you assess the quality of your courses and the effectiveness of your training modules. Quality and impact matter more than the number of learners or quantity of training sessions. Take this entire guide with you!

10 Low-Cost Ideas for Employee Training

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

INTERACTIVE DOCS + FLIPBOOKS Have you ever thought about adding a little kick to your documents? Documents for Days A great way to do that is by designing an interactive document that allows you to embed pictures, videos, fillable boxes, buttons and more. You can create solid rapid instructional videos that are quick and easy to produce, that still maintain professional quality. If you think training and development is out of your reach, think again.



Despite COVID-19, Kickstart has received high-quality applications from over 55 countries and overall there has been a significant increase of deeptech ventures with the appetite to scale in Switzerland,” explains Katka Letzing, Co-Lead of Kickstart.

Use your Training Intake Process to Improve Alignment and ROI

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The volume, the variation in type and quality, and the myriad ways the requests arrive can make each day a challenge. Formalize the process and forms or tools Document and share the process steps, decision points, criteria, and forms you use. We respect your privacy. If your L&D organization is like most, requests for training arrive in the inbox all the time.

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How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?

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Too many customers still struggle with a jumble of illogical phone trees, frustrating chatbots, glitchy apps and disorganized online documentation. It’s also about adding value by increasing the quantity and quality human time available to strengthen customer relationships. Every digital transformation roadmap requires a rock-solid commitment to protect customer data privacy and security.

How to Build Compliance Training in 5 Easy Steps


Here’s a handful of examples: Medical Information Privacy: Regulated by US Health and Human Services (HHS). Download this document to use directly or as a model for a spreadsheet, shared Google doc, or whatever will best suit your project! Concerns about product quality, warranties, and return rates. Documentation can also supply an answer to one of the first questions an incident investigator will ask: ‘Did the employee receive adequate training to do the job?’”.

Hottest 2018 HR Headlines: Harassment, Health and How to Get Along


Paperless storage of documents. Multiple teams share and alter a single document in a meeting, clients receive forms and contracts via secure email and employees contribute to a greener, less cluttered office by using less paper, ink, and toner. It also removed privacy, decreased productivity and increased noise levels. Chemical storage, cleaning products, air quality, lighting and alternative transportation to work are staff concerns.

Learning Systems RFP and Tier4 NexGen

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Templates (can be edited) for Terms of Use/Privacy terms/Etc. Mobile app checks bandwidth speed and will modify for optimum FPS (Frames Per Second) and Quality of Content . End user (the learner) can change optimum speed or quality if they want to (does not need Admin approval). System can scan documents, courses, content, audio and video files and produce text results in a transcript or similar items. EXTRA! EXTRA!

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Office 365 Video: Your Corporate YouTube

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Putting work training videos online was never an option, there are just too many things that would be exposed to the outside world – internal url’s, names of people and documents, etc… A few years ago I experimented with putting a few videos on SharePoint, but at the time it was a really cumbersome, and browser support was limited. It’s privacy and security features are likely to be key for Companies trying to keep their video content confidential.

Encourage Employee-Sourced eLearning Video Content


Let’s take a look at eight effective approaches to gathering more high-quality and highly-relevant training video material than you have ever dreamed of. This could easily be the first time some of your employees have ever pointed a web camera at themselves so privacy and decorum are surprisingly important during the introductory phase. For our final tip, let’s acknowledge that not all videos will be equal in either quality or content.

How to revamp your learning model

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A wiki can contain – or point to – all manner of media, such as text, graphics, documents and multimedia. The most obvious example is compliance, eg privacy, trade practices and OH&S. Then there are formal training events like courses and workshops that are important and require documentation, and some people want their informal learning (eg reading a book) recorded too. In my articles Online courses must die!

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