10 free social learning platforms

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This award-winning tool is completely free and offers a full set of social functions, including discussions, video conferencing integration, forums, and gamification. It includes features like chat, forums, assignments, a calendar, and quizzes. 7) Dokeos.

Open Source LMSs Facts and Insight

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Then there is Dokeos, which doesn’t offer anything free. Dokeos’s listing updated in 2018. Support can be found on the main page and consists of articles, documentation, forum. . Support – Active forum, use the search function to find additional items. .


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10 best LMS software of 2020

Ed App

Sakai software includes many options for course development and organization of course management system, as well as for document flow management, forums, chats, and online testing. 6 Dokeos.

Best LMS For Teaching Courses Online

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It comes out of the box with a lot of great teaching tools (forums, assessment, calendar, grading, evaluation, surveys, syllabus, file storage and a lot more). Dokeos : Is another open source learning platform.

Teach 80

5 Advantages of an Open Source LMS for Software Training


Dokeos. A quick post on a forum is often better than sitting in a support queue. For many businesses, training is baked into technology. Whether learning is captured on mobile devices to provide “on-the-go” experience and knowledge bases, or it’s done in a classroom behind computers, the training ecosystem in business is hinged to technology. So, most companies utilize learning management software (LMS) to provide crucial functionality to tech-based training.

Open Source life, LMSs beyond Moodle

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One area that naturally caught my eye was e-Learning , given an unusually prominent position as the second section under content management, after blogging , but ahead of illustrious app categories such as forums and wikis ! Dokeos Interestingly OSLiving doesn't even list educational establishments as the potential userbase for this LMS. The demo site of Dokeos set up by Kineo featured a chat room and even a virtual classroom.

Moodle and eFront side-by-side


Yes, there are many others, such as Atutor , Dokeos and Sakai , but they just haven’t had the same impact as Moodle. Moodle assignments) or forums sit outside of the lesson structure. This article has been reposted from the Wyver Solutions blog. The original article may be found here: [link]. With eFront’s recent string of awards , I thought it was about time I took a look at this relative newcomer to the open source Learning Management System market.