Download Free Lectora Templates

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If you are a Lectora developer or designer looking for Free Lectora Templates then you are in the right place. So sit back relax and download these free assets. By the way, we are also giving away free Cutout People Images too. To download these free templates, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Sign-up for a free account. Free Lectora Templates. Free Lectora Templates.

Product Launch Training Template (Free Download)

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The worksheet is available for free download here. ACCESS THE TEMPLATE. If you have spent much time developing training to support product launches, you know that the need extends far beyond a single launch meeting. For sales reps to be successful, you need a plan before and after the launch meeting that teaches and reinforces key knowledge and skills. This is why we frequently design product launch curriculums using a three-phased approach.

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The Safety & Compliance Lookbook (Free Download)

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To reduce costs, we’ve designed safety curriculums and created the first few courses then provided the client with templates and a style guide for their internal team to continue development. Click here to download the lookbook. Compliance Training e-Learning Safety Training free download safety safety & compliance Safety & compliance training is required by law, but it can have a greater purpose besides simply meeting a requirement.

Free PowerPoint Templates for eLearning

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Today we are giving away four PowerPoint Templates and a few other goodies for your eLearning. The best part of these eLearning Templates is they are free. These PowerPoint Templates can be used in all your standard eLearning authoring tools (iSpring, Snap, Articulate Presenter, and Adobe Presenter). Here is what you get with today’s Free Templates: A Conversational Scenario Template. 2 Page Layout Templates. Free PowerPoint Templates.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

This is where themes and templates come in. you configure with them as a template. This template contains all of the branding and. that template within a matter of seconds. for a free trial so that your team can test how easy it is. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Free responsive captivate course template download from

Adobe Captivate

Hi, Everyone, here is the latest free download from for captivate users. We call it Mountains, it is a short responsive template package, and includes text & image, hotspot, single choice, course starter and course end, as well as menu and help template. A few screenshots: Here is a captivate guide on how to use templates: [link]. Here is the source file: Mountains_Free_template.cptx.

Simple Template for Planning Your Training Program (Free Download)

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To get you started, we’ve created a simple template for planning your training program. It’s available as a free download below. Our template includes a list of suggestions for each of the three types of training to help you gather ideas. Suggestions for reinforcement methods are included in the template. Our template will help you generate ideas. Download the Template. Download the Resource.

Free Lectora Game Template

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Looking for a Free Game Template for Lectora? The Trivia Game Template is one of the most popular games in the Template Library. Team this template up with the power of Lectora and make eLearning awesomeness for your learners. If you want to download this free template, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Sign-up for a free account. Free Lectora Game Template.

Free Articulate Template for Quizmaker

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Looking for a free multiple choice Quizmaker Template? Here is an Articulate Template you are going to love. This template works in Articulate Quizmaker ’13. One of the neat features of this template is it has three multiple choice type questions. This template is available to download to help you speed up your development. If you are interested in this free template, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account.

Free Articulate Storyline Template Interaction

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We loved this Articulate Storyline Template so much we decided to make it free for anyone to download. Yes, I said FREE! This template is based on a conversational scenario. You even can choose how you want your users to interact with the template because we give you the source files. So don’t wait, get this template today. Here is how you download this Articulate Storyline Template: 1. Sign-up for a free account.

Free Responsive Captivate 8 Templates

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Are you looking to spruce up your Responsive Captivate 8 Templates? We have an eLearning Game Template and an Interactive Scenario template that are fully adaptive to the device of your learners. Plus, we added a very special Instructional Design Storyboard Template. If you are interested in downloading these free templates, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Sign-up for a free account.

Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario

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We are excited to announce our Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario. This template comes with, you guessed it, responsive mobile technology. More information to come about responsive templates. The template we are providing for free is perfect for your new Captivate 8 course. We’d also like to invite you to test out our free templates to see how they can help you streamline your eLearning development. Get Free eLearning Templates.

Free eLearning Game Template: Reindeer’s Revenge

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Then download and play Reindeer’s Revenge. If you are interested in downloading this free game, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Sign-up for a free account. Free Flash Game Template Happy Holidays from all the eLearning Brothers and Sisters! The post Free eLearning Game Template: Reindeer’s Revenge appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Happy Holidays from the eLearning Brothers team!

Free Articulate Presenter Template: Player Skin

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Today I want to show you our free Articulate Presenter Template. I think you will really like this template. If you want to download this free template, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Sign-up for a free account. Free Articulate Presenter Template. Free Articulate Presenter Template Player Skin. Note: You must sign up as a Free Member to access free templates in the library.

Free eLearning Templates for Lectora

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Today we would like to give you Free eLearning Templates for Lectora. This is such a powerful tool that you are going to need awesome templates to boost your creativity and development time. So in this post I am going to show you some of the free eLearning Templates that you can use with Lectora. Before I show of these free templates, remember to sign up for a free account. Get Free eLearning Templates. Free Illustrated Images.

Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0

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Want Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0? We have 30 Free Lectora Templates ready for Lectora Online V2.0. We also have 126 eLearning Templates for Lectora Online V2.0 But if you’ve never used Lectora Templates before, we’d like to invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Sign up is easy, and best of all, who doesn’t like FREE Lectora Templates? Here’s how to download them: 1.

Understanding E-Learning Templates

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Templates offer a lot of value and power in your e-learning course design. The main benefit of a template is saving time. But templates come with constraints and when attempting to customize them you may be robbed of the time saved. Or… Create your own templates.

Free eLearning Templates

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Are you looking for some free eLearning templates? Our eLearning Template Library now has a “freebies” category. Once you create a free user account, you’ll have access to download any free templates that we release. Just visit the Freebies section of the library every so often to see what new templates we’ve released. Here is a list of the free templates that we currently offer: Cutout People Images.

The best free PowerPoint templates online


When creating presentations in PowerPoint it’s important to have a template to ensure design consistency, but it takes time, effort and skill to create high quality templates and masters. Of course, there are lots of places you can get free PowerPoint templates, but are they any good? Well, we’ve done the legwork for you and have collected a few of the best free PowerPoint templates online. These slides are from the Start Up template.

eLearning Brothers Revamps the Free eLearning Library

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We all love free stuff, especially when it can be put to good use! eLearning Brothers has always given and will continue to give out free assets that are beneficial to eLearning developers and presenters alike. Over the past few days, we at eLearning Brothers have completely refreshed our Free Library with over 95 new templates, stock assets, custom resources, and even a course from our new Customizable Courseware offering. Create Free Account.

Free Microlearning Template

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Here’s a free microlearning template I created for a workshop on interactive e-learning. The template uses the popular overhead desktop theme. Example of Free Microlearning Template. Here’s an example of the template in action. How to Edit the Free Microlearning Template. What makes this microlearning template work is that it’s really easy to use and modify. Download the free microlearning template here.

Free Mobile Compatible Edge Animate Templates

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Welcome to another Free eLearning Templates blog post. This post will highlight three Adobe Edge Animate Templates that can be used for mobile learning. You can easily edit these templates directly using Edge Animate software. Some of my favorite features of these templates are the HTML 5 output and the iBooks Author export capabilities. We hope you enjoy these mobile friendly templates. Sign-up for a free account. Free Edge Animate Templates.

Material Design Free Template

Adobe Captivate

Free to download and customize as you wish. Download Template Here. The post Material Design Free Template appeared first on eLearning. Showcase Styles Themes/Templates showcase styles Template themes/templatesIf you have been in Android App development then Material Design is not a new term to you.

Free PowerPoint Template to Manage Free Fonts

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There are tons of free dingbat fonts available for download. Here’s what you already know: How to find and downloaded a bunch of those free dingbat and icon fonts. How to convert free those fonts to editable vector shapes. Here’s an easy way to manage all of those free fonts and preview the ones you want to use to create graphic and icon files for your courses and presentation. Free PowerPoint Template. Free E-Learning Resources.

E-Learning Example: Leadership Training Template

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In a recent challenge on course starter templates for leadership training , community member, Andrzej Jab?o?ski Look at what he did, find an image, and see what you can do to apply similar effects for your own template design. Download the fully revised, free 63-page ebook: The Insider's Guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro. Free E-Learning Resources. Check out these articles and free resources in the community.

Free PowerPoint Template

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We thought it would be nice to start the New Year by sharing with you a sample PowerPoint Template…for FREE. That’s right, click the link below to go to our eLearning Templates website and download this free template. Free PowerPoint Template. eLearning Featured Freebies PowerPoint Twitter Feed freebies Instructional Design Tips powerpoint Templates

Free Download: Lectora Puzzle Interaction


Download the Photoshop template files in the Trivantis Community to create single-drop and multi-drop puzzles with your own images in your eLearning course today! Download Single-drop Interaction. Download Multi-drop Interaction. The post Free Download: Lectora Puzzle Interaction appeared first on. Blog Free DownloadsNeed an engaging way to introduce new content to your learners? One that will get their brains thinking… and not snoozing?

Free Template for Captivate 8: Mobile Instructional Design Storyboard

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The first Mobile Instructional Design Storyboard Template for Captivate 8 is now available for download ! You may be asking yourself, can I use this Captivate 8 Template for any mobile design project? We think most ID’s will appreciate this awesome and timely Responsive Storyboard Template, no matter if you use Captivate 8, or not. . Here is how you get this template: #1 Sign up for a free account to get this template. #2

Camtasia Templates in Action

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Here at eLearning Brothers we love how creative people are, and that is why we make our templates fully editable! Thinking of how to use a Camtasia template with your project may take some time. Not all templates will fit your exact need the way they are, and you may need to make some adjustments. When you first download a template and place it on your timeline, it looks something like this: This is a layout from the Pulse theme.

Free Articulate Storyline Game Template

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Today we’d like to share one of our Articulate Storyline game templates for FREE! Download this template for free! Note: You will be asked to create a Free Account in our Template Library to gain access to all of our free templates.). Did you know that our eLearning Template Library is loaded with over 20 Articulate Storyline game templates ? eLearning Featured Freebies free storyline

Serious Game Evaluation Worksheet (Free Download)

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We’ve put together a template for you to download so you can do your own game evaluations. Download the Game Evaluation Worksheet. Fill out the form below to download the Game Evaluation Worksheet for yourself. Use it to evaluate game mechanics and game elements for use in your own serious games: The post Serious Game Evaluation Worksheet (Free Download) appeared first on. A lot of people want to design learning games, aka “serious games.”

Free Download: Course Development Plan Template

Ashley Chiasson

I’ve been working in higher education for awhile now, and one thing that I always found helpful when working with faculty is to provide them with a template to guide their development. This template would at least inform that with regard to what I needed from them to facilitate putting their course online. With that being said, I thought I would share a free course development plan template! Click the image below to download the template, or click here.

Course Review Tracking Template

Experiencing eLearning

Most of the time, I use a spreadsheet based on the revision tracking template below. If you use continuous numbering throughout the course, you can also probably use a simpler formula than this template. Feel free to copy this spreadsheet and adapt it for your own use. You can also download it for Excel. How do you track revision comments in your e-learning or online courses?

Track 257

Free PowerPoint Template: Conversation Interaction

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Here’s a free PowerPoint template I built for a recent workshop. This free template could be used as a way to share manager/employee information or perhaps as an FAQ interaction. In either case it’s free for you to use as you wish. Below is an example of the template in action. Click here to see the free template demo. How to Edit the Free PowerPoint Template. Download the free PowerPoint template here.

Free eLearning Game Template for Edge Animate

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Need a free eLearning Game Template made in Adobe Edge Animate for your eLearning course? The Explorer eLearning Game Template is great for a learner that wants to explore their surroundings. This template comes as a fully editable Adobe Edge Project file. If you are interested in downloading this free template, we invite you to get a Free eLearning Templates account. Sign-up for a free account.