Thu.Jun 02, 2011

Virtual College Tour at Air Force Academy

Kapp Notes

Here is a great 3D tour created in a virtual world of the Air Force Academy. I really like the mini games. 3D worlds virtual immersive environment

Understanding how the new Quizzes work in Adobe Captivate 5.5 [VIDEO]

mLearning Revolution

I hope you are enjoying learning more about our new Adobe Captivate 5.5 and Adobe eLearning Suite 2.5 releases , and also that you have had a chance to download the trials and take the new features for a spin. One thing I’m really excited about is our new Quizzes in Adobe Captivate 5.5

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Rethinking the Article as the Basic Unit of Journalism

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

A spate of recent blog posts have, independently it seems, questioned the traditional preeminence of the article as the basic unit of journalism. The first of these, chronologically, is a liveblogged review by Adam Tinworth of a News:Rewired conference session on liveblogging. In it, Tinworth summarizes a point made by presenter Matt Wells of the Guardian : “Matt thinks that liveblogs are one of the best ways of covering stories that don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end.

Learning In The Future – Exploring Five Themes

Upside Learning

It’s been a trying time of the year; erratic schedules, vacations and finding time to introspect has meant I’ve not blogged over the last month or so. As I get back on track, it’s time to start blogging in earnest again. We’ve gone from attending eLearning conferences to mLearning conferences; it’s just around the corner from mLearnCon 2011. As mobile computing becomes mainstream, it is worth thinking about the nature of learning in the future.

2017 Customer Training Benchmarks Study

What are the baseline metrics for a successful customer training program? Find out in Skilljar's inaugural customer training benchmarks study, which includes an analysis of completion rates, course duration, and more. Click to download.

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The Pains & Gains of Higher Education: Is College worth It?


For most high schoolers today, college is the obvious next step. But a recent Pew study gives us pause: is college really worth it?

Adding Tension to eLearning Stories to Engage Learners

Vignettes Learning

Synthesis Using eLearning stories with varied elements of tension is an effective way of helping learners focus their attention on learning what they need to learn.

Voice 19

Writing & Grammar: Department of Redundancy Department

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Jennie Ruby. How many redundancies can you spot in the paragraph below?      You walk up to an ATM machine and enter your PIN number. While you are there, you print out a hard copy of your statement so you can check on the past history of your account. The reason you need a printout is because your total balance seems too high, and you want to make absolutely certain your rent check has cleared.

Sound 18

3 Ways Managers Can Teach Without Telling


In today’s service economy, organizations need employees to constantly learn, share information, coach each other and think on their feet. The more employees know (and how to use what they know), the better they can respond and perform in a changing workplace.

Teach 15

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Being Savvy About SAVI (and Accelerated Learning)

Social Learning

A couple of months ago I posted a blog about Accelerated Learning, and my experiences with it, before I even knew such a thing as Accelerated Learning existed.

mLearnCon Speaker Prep: Insights on Presenting from Nancy Duarte

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

You might be getting yourself ready for mLearnCon this week. For some of you that means getting presentations ready. For others, preparation means picking out sessions to attend. I would argue that BOTH of you should take a look at this interview on presenting.

Training at its Basic is a Positive Impact Caused by Learning

Big Dog, Little Dog

The WSJ recently ran an informative article, Lessons Learned that discusses the importance of the need to create a workplace environment that actively encourages people to change.


Updated Classic: Peter Block's Flawless Consulting by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

Success in business is the result of paying attention to and understanding the emotional and personal dimensions of our workplaces. This goes doubly for consulting, whether as an internal agent of change or an external advisor. Peter Block shows you how to get there. Design Strategies Getting Started Management Strategies Professional Development Project Management

3 Ways to Create a Best in Class Customer Training Plan

Looking to improve your training plan for Q4 and beyond? Download this guide to learn how the right goals, education, and tools can help.

Talent Development Reporting Principles Part 3: The Three Reports


Last week I introduced the three statements recommended as part of the evolving standards for L&D called Talent Development Reporting Principles (TDRP). Those three statements are business outcomes, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Let’s stop discriminating against mothers

Jay Cross

MoveOn founder Joan Blades is incensed that mothers take the shaft in the workplace. More info at MomsRising and The Custom-Fit Workplace. Just Jay

Twitter Digest for 2011-06-02

Jane Hart

Tweet. “increased employee engagement improves business performance, but the inverse is not true.&# [link] #. The Four Stages of Teaching Yourself to Cook (and How Cooking Can Change Your Life) [link] <cd be The 4 Stages of Learning #. Virtual Worlds: Immersive Training, Collaboration and Meetings fm WebWorker Daily [link] #. How Twitter Works as a Q&A App [INFOGRAPHIC] [link] via @ mashable #. Check out my @ twttimes newspaper: [link] #.

#lrnchat coup d’état

Jay Cross

#lrnchat is a weekly gathering of learning and development professionals on Twitter. This evening, our hosts did not show up. After fidgeting a while, the lrnchatters took matters into their own hands and began posting. Our topic was innovation in learning, and the responses were nothing if not innovative. Here’s a partial transcript, although it’s first-in, last-out, so you’ll have to read it backwards if you’re interested in the flow of the conversation.

How to Select an LMS for Customer Training

Finding an LMS suitable for customer training can be tough. Check out our guide to learn about some key considerations for selecting a customer education platform.

Tackling ethics in business

Unicorn Training