Sat.Mar 19, 2011

GoTo Meeting, Centra, Wimba, and other Web Conferencing Solutions…Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Kapp Notes

PowerPoint is slowly starting to broaden its capabilities and will, I predict, soon infringe on some well known software applications in the field of e-learning such as…web conferencing tools (and others).

RFPs: Eliminate the Agony, Embrace the Success

eLearning 24-7

Three letters. For some people, creating a RFP can be an exciting experience unmatched in the annuals of time. I haven’t met those people yet, but I’m sure they are out there. For the rest of us though, just the thought of having to create one, instantly screams, “Tums&#. It is a necessity to identify the vendor that is going to provide you with the best system for your solution. So, with that said, why do people create or use ones that do just the opposite?

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E-Learning and compliance training

e-Learning Academy

I had the opportunity this week to be a participant in a ‘think tank’ discussion on the role of e-learning in compliance training (e.g. Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy etc). This was especially timing, as a client and I have been investigating how successful e-learning is in informing staff about their rights and responsibilities. I [.]. Changing practice Compliance Reflection Strategy E-Learning design